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All abstracts by Kai Uwe Totsche in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Combining C1s STXM and Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) to Study EPS in Biofilms
Eusterhues K, Liu X, Thieme J & Totsche KU

(2015) Formation, Properties and Mobility of Submicron-Sized Organo-Mineral Associations: A Combined Spectro-Microscopic and Experimental Study
Totsche KU

(2015) PLFA Spatiotemporal Patterns for Characterization of Microbial Communities in Limestone Aquifers
Schwab VF, Roth V-N, Nowak M, Gleixner G, Küsel K, Trumbore SE & Totsche KU

(2015) Ammonia-Oxidizing Thaumarchaeota Form a Large Fraction of the Archaeal Community in Pristine Limestone Aquifers
Lazar C, Herrmann M, Lange P, Totsche K-U & Küsel K

(2015) Microbially Driven N Turnover Processes Contribute to Carbon Autotrophy in Limestone Aquifers
Herrmann M, Opitz S, Kumar S, Schwab V, Totsche KU & Kuesel K

(2014) Reconstitution of Cutin Monomers on Smectite Surfaces
Olshansky Y, Polubesova T, Chefetz B, Totsche K-U & Eusterhues K

(2013) Investigation of Reactive Transport with Closed-Flow Column Experiments and Parallel Factor Analysis (PARAFAC) of Fluorescence Data
Ritschel T & Totsche KU

(2013) Depth-Dependent Links between Surface and Subsurface as Reflected by Microbial Community Structures in Limestone Aquifers
Kuesel K, Herrmann M, Rusznyak A, Akob D, Risse-Buhl U, Opitz S & Totsche K-U

(2013) Impact of Phenanthrene on the Formation of Microbial Habitats in Soil
Hanzel J & Totsche KU

(2012) Synthesis of Mn Minerals at Ambient Temperature and Pressure
Handel M, Rennert T & Totsche KU

(2012) Characterization of EPS Fractions Before and after Adsorption to Goethite
Liu X, Eusterhues K, Thieme J, Hoschen C, Muller C, Kogel-Knabner I & Totsche KU

(2011) Characterization of Pedogenic Mn Concretions and Coatings in Redoximorphic Soils
Händel M, Rennert T & Totsche KU

(2011) Iron Species in Soils on a Mofette Site Studied by Fe K-Edge XANES
Rennert T, Eusterhues K, de Andrade V, Prietzel J & Totsche KU

(2011) Biogenic Mn Oxide Formation at pH 5.5 and 7 by New Mn-Oxidizing Bacteria from a Former U Mining Site
Akob D, Beyer A, Schäffner F, Händel M, Merten D, Büchel G, Totsche KU & Küsel K

(2011) Composition, Structure and Shape of in situ Precipitated Fe-Oxide Nanoparticles from a Soil Effluent
Fritzsche A, Wieczorek AK, Rennert T, Händel M & Totsche KU

(2011) Polysaccharide Fractionation of Soil Organic Matter due to Reaction with Ferrihydrite
Eusterhues K, Neidhardt J, Rennert T, Kögel-Knabner I & Totsche KU

(2011) High Degradation Efficiency of Deicing Chemicals Affects the Natural Redox System in Airfield Soils
Lissner H, Wehrer M & Totsche KU

(2011) Scanning Transmission X-Ray and Atomic Force Microscopy Mapping of Exopolymer Fractionation in Bacillus subtilis Biofilms on Goethite
Liu X, Eusterhues K, Thieme J, Kuesel K & Totsche K

(2011) Primary Shape and Nanomechanical Properties of Natural Fe-Colloids Studied by AFM and SEM
Wieczorek AK, Fritzsche A & Totsche KU

(2010) A Combined AFM and FTIR Study of EPS-Coated Goethite
Liu X, Totsche K & Eusterhues K

(2009) High Reactivity of Nano-Sized Iron Oxides in Microbial Reduction
Bosch J, Fritzsche A, Totsche KU & Meckenstock RU

(2009) Surface Passivation Does not Impede Biotransformation of Fe Oxides by Shewanella oneidensis
Eusterhues K, Friedrich MW, Thieme J, Prietzel J, Keller T, Grundmann G, Salomé M & Totsche KU

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