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All abstracts by Christophe Tournassat in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Selenate Uptake by Green Rust
Grangeon S, Orucoglu E, Greneche JM, Bourhis E, Warmont F, Wille G, Tournassat C & Marty N

(2023) Coupled Processes at Clay Mineral Surfaces: At the Crossroads between Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Geophysics
Tournassat C & Steefel CI

(2023) Acid−Base Properties of Cis-Vacant Montmorillonite Edge Surfaces: A Combined First-Principles Molecular Dynamics and Surface Complexation Modeling Approach
Gao P, Liu X, Guo Z & Tournassat C

(2023) Multi-Component Reactive Transport in a Claystone: Insights from a Ten-Year Alkaline in situ Injection Experiment
Debure M, Claret F, Gaboreau S, Steefel CI, Linard Y & Tournassat C

(2023) Chemical Controls on Microstructure and Swelling Change in Compacted Montmorillonite
Dong W, Koishi A, Tournassat C, Steefel CI, Zheng L, Zhu C & Gaboreau S

(2023) Antimony Cycle in Wetland Under Climatic Events: Role of Fe Oxyhydroxides and Organic Matter
Ratié G, Battaglia-Brunet F, Freslon N, Vantelon D & Tournassat C

(2023) Experimental Investigation of Uranium(VI) Adsorption onto Montmorillonite at Elevated Temperatures
Urick B, Tinnacher R & Tournassat C

(2023) Probing Redox Potential of Clay Minerals Using Organic Contaminants
Chevrier L, Tournassat C, Le Milbeau C & Grangeon S

(2023) Changes in Uranium(VI) Solution Speciation and Adsorption Behavior with Increasing Temperature
Tinnacher R, Urick B & Tournassat C

(2022) Effects of Temperature on uranium(VI) Solution Speciation and Sorption Behavior
Urick B, Tournassat C & Tinnacher R

(2021) Clay Mineral Reactivity in the Critical Zone: Exploring Emergent Coupled Processes Using the Reactive Transport Code CrunchClay
Tournassat C & Steefel C

(2021) Microscopic Scale Modelling of Fluids and Solutes Confined in Unsaturated Clays
Marry V, Le Crom S, Tournassat C & Robinet J-C

(2021) Effects of Temperature on uranium(VI) Solution Speciation
Urick B, Tournassat C & Tinnacher R

(2021) Molecular-Level Insights on Uranium Surface Speciation in Engineered Barrier Systems
Bhattacharyya A, Massey M, Grangeon S, Tournassat C & Tinnacher R

(2020) Characterizing Uranium Surface Speciation on Na-Montmorillonite
Tinnacher R, Massey M, Bhattacharyya A, Grangeon S & Tournassat C

(2020) Sorption of Uranium(VI) onto Montmorillonite in the Presence of Calcite
Urick B, Shaw A, La DQ, Gutierrez Diaz A, Tournassat C & Tinnacher R

(2019) Surface Complexation Models for Prediction of Radionuclide Adsorption on Clay Minerals
Orucoglu E, Tournassat C, Robinet J-C, Madé B & Lundy M

(2019) Ion Exchange in Fougèrite: Influence of Crystal Size and Structural Defects
Agnel MI, Grangeon S, Fauth F, Elkaïm E, Claret F, Roulet M, Warmont F & Tournassat C

(2019) Modeling of Coupled Processes in Nanoporous Media. From Molecular Dynamics Information to Reactive Transport Modeling
Tournassat C & Steefel CI

(2019) Pore-Scale Investigation of Precipitation Driven Diffusivity Change at Column-Scale
Deng H, Molins S, Claret F, Tournassat C & Steefel C

(2018) Simulation of Uranium(VI) Speciation and Sorption in Montmorillonite Clay in the Presence of Calcite Impurities
Pistorino J, Tournassat C & Tinnacher R

(2018) Effects of Calcite Impurities in Bentonite Buffer Systems on Uranium(VI) Solution Speciation and Sorption Behavior
Tinnacher RM, Pistorino JC, Hall NG & Tournassat C

(2018) Molecular Dynamics Study of Unsaturated Clay Pore
Le Crom S, Marry V, Tournassat C & Robinet J-C

(2017) Diffusion in Clays. Continuum and Micro-Continuum Approaches
Tournassat C, Steefel CI & Gaboreau S

(2017) Kinetics and Mechanisms of Ni Sorption by Nanocrystalline Vernadite
Grangeon S, Fernandez-Martinez A, Claret F, Marty N, Tournassat C, Warmont F & Gloter A

(2017) Redox Potential Measurements in a Claystone
Betelu S, Ignatiadis I & Tournassat C

(2016) Diffusion in Clays: Molecular Scale View, Continuum Scale Modeling and Importance of Microstructure
Tournassat C

(2016) Reactive Transport Modeling for Evaluation and Optimization of Architected Materials
Steefel C & Tournassat C

(2016) Spectral Induced Polarization of Na-Montmorillonite Dispersions
Leroy P, Mériguet G, Huisman S, Zimmermann E, Weigand M, Tournassat C, Bizi M & Kemna A

(2015) Retention Processes in Clay-Rocks
Tournassat C & Grangeon S

(2015) Anion Exclusion in Hydrated Smecites Studied by Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Holmboe M, Bourg IC & Tournassat C

(2014) Reactive Transport Benchmarks for Multicomponent Diffusion and Electrical Double Layer Transport
Steefel C, Alt-Epping P, Rasouli P, Mayer U, Jenni A, Rolle M, Tournassat C, Navarre-Sitchler A & Beisman J

(2013) Thermoddem: An Example of Alive Thermochemical Database
Lassin A, Blanc P, André L, Marty N, Parmentier M, Moyard S, Azaroual M, Piantone P, Gaucher EC, Kervévan C & Tournassat C

(2013) Chemical Homologue Speciation in Natural Systems: A Key to Understand the Anthropogenic RN Fate
Claret F, Lerouge C, Grangeon S, Sato T, Schäfer T, Giffaut E & Tournassat C

(2012) Modeling the Dioctahedral Smectites CEC Variation Versus Structural Iron Reduction Level
Hadi J, Tournassat C, Ignatiadis I & Charlet L

(2012) Modelling Water/Rock Interactions in Clay-Rock Formations: A Synthesis
Tournassat C, Gaucher EC, Vinsot A, F.J. P, Wersin P, Claret F & Altmann S

(2012) Redox and Ca/Mg/Fe Ratios in Clay Formations
Lerouge C, Tournassat C & Gaucher E

(2011) Anions in Clay Materials: A Case Study for Multi-Scale Modeling Approaches
Tournassat C

(2004) Influence of pH on the Hydration State of Ca-Montmorillonite: XRD Profile Modeling Vs Chemical Modeling
Ferrage E, Tournassat C & Lanson B

(2004) Specific Sorption of Fe(II) on Synthetic Montmorillonite in Anoxic Conditions
Géhin A, Grenèche J, Tournassat C & Charlet L

(2004) Interactions of Fe2+, Zn2+, and H4SiO4 at Clay/Water Interface: Distinguishing Competitive Sorption, Coadsorption and Surface Oxidation Phenomena
Tournassat C, Charlet L & Greneche J

(2002) The Sorption of Ferrous Iron onto Clay Minerals: Could Aqueous Fe(II) Outcompete with Radionuclides for Immobilization?
Tournassat C & Charlet L

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