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All abstracts by Thomas Trainor in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Antimony Fate and Transport in Shooting Range Soils
Barker A, Douglas T & Trainor T

(2018) Soil and Critical Zone Evolution in the Coastal Temperate Rainforest of Alaska
D'Amore D, Dere A, Lybrand R, Trainor T & White T

(2017) Microscale Spectroscopic Imaging of Interfacial Fe Redox Reactions in “Hard-Rock” Systems
Templeton A, Ellison E, Mayhew L & Trainor T

(2015) Attenuation of Lead and Antimony in Shooting Range Soils by Iron Amendments Using Simulated Rainwater and Soil Columns
Barker A, Douglas T & Trainor T

(2015) Stream Chemical Signatures of Rock Weathering and Contribution of Organic Acids to Charge Balance in the Perhumid Coastal Temperate Rainforest of Alaska
D'Amore D & Trainor T

(2012) Identity of Oxidation Products on Surface of Metallic Antimony
Majs F, Ilgen AG, Barker AJ, Douglas TA & Trainor TP

(2011) Olivine and Pyroxene Surface Reactivity during H2-generation
Templeton A, Mayhew L, Trainor T, Eng P & McCollom T

(2010) As(III) Oxidation in the Presence of Reduced and Oxidized Nontronite NAu-1 Under O2 and N2 Atmosphere
Ilgen A & Trainor T

(2010) First Principles Modeling Studies of Cation Adsorption at Oxide-Water Interfaces
Mason S, Iceman C, Trainor T & Chaka A

(2010) Structure and Reactivity of Hydrated Goethite (100) Interface and Arsenic Sorption: CTR and RAXR Study
Ghose S, Waychunas G, Eng P & Trainor T

(2009) Structure and Modification of Iron-Oxide Surfaces during Reaction with Dissolved Iron
Trainor T, Iceman C, Tanwar K, Petitto S, Eng P, Mason S & Chaka A

(2009) Microbial Fe Cycling at Basalt-Biofilm Interfaces on the Seafloor
Templeton A, Trainor T, Arey B, Dohnalkova A, Staudigel H & Tebo B

(2009) Interactions between Nitroaromatic (TNT) and Nitramine (RDX) Explosives and Pure Minerals
Douglas T, Walsh M, Jones A, Trainor T, McGrath C & Weiss C

(2008) Structural Investigation of Fe(II) Adsorption on Hematite (0001) and (1-102)
Tanwar K, Petitto S, Ghose S, Eng P & Trainor T

(2008) Controls on Antimony and Arsenic Speciation via Sorption and Redox Chemistry at the Clay Mineral – Water Interface
Ilgen A, Newville M & Trainor T

(2008) Structure and Reactivity of Hydrated Goethite (100) Interface and Arsenic Sorption: CTR and RAXR Study
Ghose S, Waychunas G, Eng P & Trainor T

(2006) Applications of synchrotron radiation to processes at environmental interfaces
Brown GE, Benzerara K, Yoon TH, Ha J, Cordova CD, Spormann AM, Tyliszczak T, Tanwar KS, Trainor TP & Eng PJ

(2006) Enviromental Surface and Interface Science at GSECARS
Eng PJ, Ghose SK & Trainor TP

(2006) Structure of the iron-oxide - aqueous solution interface: surface x-ray diffraction and density functional theory studies
Trainor T, Eng P, Chaka A, Lo C, Tanwar K, Ghose S & Petitto S

(2006) In-situ insights into microbially-mediated basalt weathering and metal biomineralization at active Seamounts
Templeton A, Trainor T, Eng P, Bailey B, Staudigel H & Tebo B

(2005) Fe(II) and Mn(II) Oxidation and Biomineralization within Basalt-Hosted Lithoautotrophic Biofilms
Templeton A, Tebo B, Staudigel H, Bailey B, Lisa H & Trainor T

(2005) Predicting the Impact of the Environment on the Structure and Chemistry of Metal Oxide Surfaces
Chaka A, Lo C & Trainor T

(2005) Sorption and Structural Properties of Aquous-Mineral Surfaces Interfaces: Surface X-Ray Techniques
Ghose S, Eng P & Trainor T

(2005) Structures of the Clean and Hydroxylated Hematite (0001) and (1-102) Surfaces: A Density Functional Theory Investigation
Lo C, Chaka A & Trainor T

(2005) Structure and Reactivity of Hydroxylated Hematite Surfaces: Application of Surface X-Ray Diffraction and Spectroscopy
Trainor T, Eng P, Chaka A, Lo C, Tanwar K, Ghose S, Brown G, Catalano J, Waychunas G & Templeton A

(2005) Distribution and Speciation of Metals and Metalloids at Microbe/mineral Interfaces
Templeton A, Trainor T, Brown G & Tebo B

(2002) Zinc Trapping in Layered Double Hydroxydes (LDHs) and Phyllosilicates in Contaminated Soils from Western Europe
Juillot F, Morin G, Ponthieu M, Benedetti M, Trainor T & Kinniburgh D

(2001) Biotransformation of Pb and Se within Aerobic B. Cepacia and S. oneidensis Biofilms
Templeton AS, Trainor TP, Traina SJ, Spormann AM & Brown Jr. GE

(2001) Structure and Reactivity of ?-Al2O3 (0001) and (1-102) Surfaces
Trainor TP, Eng PJ, Templeton AS & Brown Jr. GE

(2001) Application of Synchrotron Radiation Methods to Chemical Processes at Micro-Scale Interfaces
Brown Jr. GE, Kendelewicz T, Doyle CS, Templeton AS & Trainor TP

(2000) Pb Speciation at Sapphire and Hematite Surfaces Associated with Bacterial Biofilms
Templeton A, Trainor T, Traina S, Spormann A & Brown Jr. G

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