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All abstracts by Reto Trappitsch in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Spent Nuclear Fuel Analysis by Resonance Ionization Mass Spectrometry
Savina M, Isselhardt B & Trappitsch R

(2019) Method Optimization to Extract 1, 000, 000 Pu Atoms from Lunar Soil
Harrison LN, Rolison J, Trappitsch R & Savina M

(2018) Lifetimes of Interstellar Dust from New Exposure Ages of Large Presolar SiC Grains
Heck P, Greer J, Koeoep L, Trappitsch R, Gyngard F, Davis A, Avila J, Busemann H, Colin M & Wieler R

(2018) Cosmochemistry with CHILI
Davis A, Stephan T, Boehnke P, Pellin M, Trappitsch R & Liu N

(2017) High-Silica Hadean Crust
Boehnke P, Bell E, Stephan T, Trappitsch R, Keller B, Pardo O, Davis A & Harrison M

(2017) Stellar Origins of Type AB Grains
Liu N, Stephan T, Boehnke P, Nittler L, Alexander C, Wang J, Trappitsch R, Pellin M & Davis A

(2017) CHILI: Isotopic Compositions at the Sub-Micrometer Scale Without Isobaric Interferences
Davis A, Stephan T, Trappitsch R, Boehnke P & Pellin M

(2015) Isotopic Compositions of Presolar SiC: First Measurements with CHILI
Davis A, Stephan T, Pellin M, Rost D, Trappitsch R & Savina M

(2014) CHILI: Is it Ready Yet?
Davis A, Stephan T, Pellin M, Rost D, Savina M, Trappitsch R & Liu N

(2013) The Chicago Instrument for Laser Ionization: Progress and Promise
Davis A, Stephan T, Pellin M, Rost D, Savina M, Trappitsch R & Liu N

(2011) Approaching the Final Frontier in Lateral Resolution for Isotopic and Chemical Analysis with CHILI
Davis A, Stephan T, Savina M, Pellin M, Veryovkin I, Yokochi R, Trappitsch R, Liu N & King A

(2009) Noble Gases in the Ureilites Kenna and RaS 247
Cosarinsky M, Trappitsch R, Hofmann B & Leya I

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