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All abstracts by Mario Trieloff in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) The Origin of Ryugu in the Context of Modeling and Chronology Based CC Parent Body Accretion Timing
Neumann WO, Trieloff M, Ma N & Bouvier A

(2021) Rapid and Repeated Accretion of Planetesimals in an Outer Region of the Protoplanetary Disc
Ma N, Neumann W, Néri A, Schwarz WH, Ludwig T, Trieloff M, Klahr H & Bouvier A

(2019) Carbonate Sedimentary Rocks as Archive of Palaeoatmospheric Argon
Hopp J, Trieloff M & Ott U

(2018) Oxygen Isotopic Study of a CAI and an Al-Rich Chondrule from Vigarano
Mishra RK & Trieloff M

(2017) Noble Gases in Basalt Glasses from Bouvet Triple Junction
Buikin A, Migdisova N, Hopp J, Korochantseva E & Trieloff M

(2017) Metasomatism of Mantle Peridotite during Continental Collision and the Origin of Heterogeneity in K-Rich Mafic Magmatism
Soder C, Romer RL, Meyer H-P & Trieloff M

(2016) He, Ne, Ar Isotope Systematics of Seblyavr Massif Rocks, Kola Peninsula
Buikin A, Hopp J, Sorokhtina N, Trieloff M & Asafov E

(2015) Stepwise Crushing Data on Light Noble Gases in Guli Massif Peridotite and Carbonatites
Buikin A, Hopp J, Trieloff M & Kogarko L

(2015) Modelling the Thermal Evolution of Chondritic Asteroids and Comparison to Geochronological Data
Henke S, Fischer C, Gail H-P, Trieloff M & Schwarz WH

(2015) Evidence for Change in C/O Ratio during Evolution of Enstatite Chondrites
El Goresy A, Lin Y, Miyahara M, Gannoun A-M, Boyet M, Ohtani E & Trieloff M

(2014) Argon Diffusion in Chondritic Minerals
Trieloff M

(2008) The Noble Gas Composition of the Earth´s Mantle
Trieloff M

(2008) 40Ar-39Ar Dating of a Melt Inclusion from Dhofar 323 (H5): An Early Impact Event
Korochantseva EV, Buikin AI, Lorenz CA, Hopp J, Schwarz WH & Trieloff M

(2008) 40Ar-39Ar Dating of Volcanic Rocks from Fernando de Noronha Hot Spot
Buikin AI, Korochantseva EV, Hopp J, Trieloff M & Kogarko LN

(2008) Noble Gases in Kimberlitic Mantle Xenoliths from Southern Africa
Hopp J & Trieloff M

(2007) A Depleted Lithosphere Component in the Hawaiian Plume: Noble Gas Evidence from Plume-Related Mantle Xenoliths
Rocholl A, Günther D, Trieloff M & Wirth R

(2007) Constraints on the Revision of the K Decay Constants
Schwarz WH & Trieloff M

(2007) An Evaluation of He, Ne and Ar Isotope and Element Systematics of Oceanic Mantle Sources
Hopp J & Trieloff M

(2007) History of the Rumuruti Chondrite Asteroid by 40Ar-39Ar Dating
Buikin AI, Trieloff M, Korochantseva EV & Hopp J

(2007) 40Ar-39Ar Dating of Mineral Separates of Shergottite Dhofar 019
Korochantseva EV, Buikin AI, Hopp J, Korochantsev AV & Trieloff M

(2007) Timing of Protoplanetary Disc Dissipation and Planetesimal Formation in the Early Solar Nebula
Trieloff M

(2004) Noble Gases (He, Ne and Ar) in Seafloor and High Pressure Metamorphic Deep-Sea Sediments
Schwarz W, Trieloff M & Altherr R

(2004) Noble Gas Isotope Composition in Pannonian Basin Mantle Xenoliths
Bouikine A, Trieloff M, Hopp J, Althaus T, Korotchantseva E, Schwarz W & Altherr R

(2004) Noble Gas Composition of the Réunion Hotspot: Inferences for Global Mantle Noble Gas Systematics
Hopp J & Trieloff M

(2002) Primordial Noble Gases in OIBs: Primitive Mantle or Other Sources?
Trieloff M

(2002) He, Ne, Ar-Isotope Composition of Mantle Xenoliths from Dreiser Weiher, West Eifel, Germany
Bouikine A, Korotchantseva E, Hopp J, Schwarz W, Althaus T & Trieloff M

(2002) Light Noble Gases in the Lithospheric Mantle of the Red Sea Region
Hopp J, Trieloff M & Altherr R

(2002) Primordial Noble Gases.
Trieloff M

(2001) Terrestrial Noble Gas Systematics Revised: Evidence for Primordial Noble Gases from Earth’s Core?
Trieloff M & Kunz J

(2000) Tracing Mantle Metasomatism of Zabargad (Red Sea) Peridotites by the 40Ar-39Ar Technique
Korotchantseva E, Trieloff M & Hopp J

(2000) Argon: A Tracer of Mantle Metasomatism Recorded by Xenoliths from the Uwayrid Volcanic Field, Saudi Arabia
Bouikine A, Trieloff M, Hopp J & Altherr R

(2000) Noble Gases in the Loihi and Iceland Mantle Plume Sources and Constraints on Earth's Early History
Trieloff M, Kunz J, Clague DA, Harrison D & Allègre CJ

(2000) 40Ar-39Ar Ages of H-Chondrites: Constraints on Parent Body Thermal Metamorphism
Hopp J & Trieloff M

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