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All abstracts by Anne Trinquier in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Revisiting Carbonate U-Th Dating Analytical Strategies
Trinquier A & Bayon G

(2020) Reassessing Coral U-Th Dating
Trinquier A, Bayon G, Edinger E & Jorry S

(2017) Comparison of Ionization Efficiencies by Cavity Source and Conventional Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry for Sub-Ng Loads of Uranium
Trinquier A, Maden C, Hubert A, Faur├ę A-L, Pointurier F, Bourdon B, Rickli J & Andersen M

(2016) A New Workflow to Measure Zircons Using High Gain Current Amplifiers on the Thermo Scientific TRITON Plus Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer
Trinquier A, Hu Z, Schwieters J & von Quadt A

(2016) Dynamic Response Time Correction Algorithms for High Precision Isotope Ratio Measurements Using High Gain Current Amplifier Technology
Craig G, Bouman C, Lloyd N, Trinquier A & Schwieters J

(2015) High-Precision Zircon U-Pb Dates Obtained Using New 1013 Ohm Resistor Current Amplifiers by TIMS
vonQuadt A, Buret Y, Large S, Trinquier A & Peytcheva I

(2014) High-Precision Tungsten Isotope Analyses by Multicollection N-TIMS
Trinquier A, Touboul M & Walker RJ

(2013) High-Precision Neodynium Isotope Analyses by MC-Ti-Ms
Trinquier A, Bouman C & Schwieters JB

(2012) Advances in MC-Ti-Ms for Precise and Accurate Ca Isotopic Analysis
Trinquier A, Bouman C, Lloyd N, Derbeerg M & Schwieters J

(2012) High Sensitivity Laser Ablation MC-ICP-MS
Lloyd N, Shuttleworth S, Bouman C, Roy J, Trinquier A & Schwieters JB

(2008) Origin of Ti Isotope Heterogeneity in the Protoplanetary Disk
Trinquier A, Bizzarro M, Ulfbeck D, Elliott T, Coath C, Mendybaev R, Richter F & Krot A

(2007) Refining Step-Leaching Pb-Pb Dating Methods for Meteorites and their Components
Connelly J, Bizzarro M, Baker J, Thrane K, Ulfbeck D & Trinquier A

(2007) 50Ti Anomalies in Primitive and Differentiated Meteorites
Trinquier A, Bizzarro M & Ulfbeck D

(2007) Evidence for a Late Injection of 60Fe into the Propoplanetary Disk
Bizzarro M, Ulfbeck D, Trinquier A, Thrane K, Connelly J & Meyer B

(2007) High-Precision 26Al-26Mg Dating of Early Solar System Processes
Baker J, Bizzarro M, Schiller M & Trinquier A

(2006) Chemical purification and isotopic analysis of Nickel by MC-ICPMS
Ulfbeck D, Bizzarro M, Trinquier A, Connelly J & Thrane K

(2006) Ni isotope anomalies in meteorites
Bizzarro M, Ulfbeck D, Trinquier A, Thrane K & Connelly J

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