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All abstracts by Aradhna Tripati in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2012) Formation Mechanisms of Carbonate Concretions of the Monterey Formation: Analyses of Clumped Isotopes, Iron, Sulfur and Carbon
Loyd S, Berelson W, Lyons T, Hammond D, Tripati A, Eiler J & Corsetti F

(2011) Assessing Cementation in the El Capitan Reef Complex and Lincolnshire Limestone Using 13C-18O Bond Abundances in Carbonates
Loyd S, Dickson T, Hudson J, EIler J & Tripati A

(2011) Stable Isotope Constraints on Fluid Flow in the Cascadia Accretionary Prism: Evidence for Large Flow Transients during Recent Deformation
Sample J & Tripati A

(2010) ‘Clumped Isotope’ Thermometry in Bioapatite
Eagle R, Schauble E, Tripati A, Tütken T, Fricke H, Hulbert R & Eiler J

(2010) Developing Radiocarbon within California Mollusk Shells as a Proxy of Upwelling Intensity
Ferguson J, Meyer L, Johnson K, Santos G, Acaylar K & Tripati A

(2010) Glacial Ocean Temperatures from ‘Clumped Isotope’ Thermometry in Foraminifera and Coccoliths
Tripati A, Eagle R, Eiler J & Beaufort L

(2010) Carbonate Clumped Isotope Thermometry as a Tool for Paleoceanography
Eiler J, Bergmann K, Bonifaci M, Eagle R, Finnegan S, Fischer W, Passey B, Stolper D & Tripati A

(2008) Late Glacial Paleoclimate of the Central Altiplano Constrained by Cosmogenic He-3 Dating and ‘clumped-Isotope’ Paleothermometry
Blard PH, Lave J, Farley KA, Tripati A, Eiler JM, Sylvestre F & Fornari M

(2008) Carbonate 'Clumped Isotope' Thermometry: A Status Report
Eiler J, Affek H, Daeron M, Ferry J, Guo W, Huntington K, Thiagarajan N & Tripati A

(2008) ‘Clumped Isotope’ Thermometery in Foraminifera
Tripati A, Thiagarajan N & Eiler J

(2007) Interpreting the Ca Isotope Record from Marine Biogenic Carbonates
De La Rocha C, Sime N, Tipper E, Tripati A, Galy A & Bickle M

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