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All abstracts by Valentin R. Troll in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Exotic, Frothy Xenoliths in Recent and Historical Ocean Island Eruptions
Jägerup SB, Troll VR, Deegan FM, Geiger H, Carracedo JC, Harris C, van der Zwan FM & Zaczek K

(2018) Multi-Level Magma Plumbing at Agung and Batur Volcanoes Increases Risk of Hazardous Eruptions
Geiger H, Troll VR, Deegan FM, Jolis EM, Harris C, Hilton DR & Freda C

(2017) Behaviour of Boron Isotopes during Magmatic Degassing
Thomaidis K, Deegan FM, Troll VR, Whitehouse MJ, Weis FA, Helbling AH, Marschall HR & Geiger H

(2014) Fluorapatite-Monazite-Allanite Relations in the Grängesberg Apatite-Iron Ore District, Central Sweden
Majka J, Harlov D, Jonsson E, Högdahl K, Persson Nilsson K & Troll V

(2014) Persistent Shallow Magma Storage beneath Katla Volcano
Budd D, Troll V & Dahren B

(2013) Shallow-Level Magma-Sediment Interaction and Explosive Behaviour at Anak Krakatau
Troll VR, Jolis EM, Dahrén B, Deegan FM, Blythe LS, Harris C, Berg SE, Hilton DR, Freda C & Schwarzkopf LM

(2013) Crustal Versus Source Processes on the Northeast Volcanic Rift Zone of Tenerife, Canary Islands
Deegan FM, Troll VR, Barker AK, Harris C, Chadwick JP, Carracedo JC & Delcamp A

(2013) Voluminous Outburst of Silicic Low δ18O Magma in NE-Iceland Inferred from Zircon δ18O and U-Pb Geochronology
Berg SE, Troll VR, Riishuus MS, Burchardt S, Deegan FM & Harris C

(2012) Unravelling the Crustal Architecture of Cape Verde; The Xenolith Record
Barker A, Nilsson D, Troll V, Hansteen T & Kluegel A

(2012) Elevated Crustal CO2 Liberation at Merapi Volcano: Linking Rock-, Mineral- and Gas-Geochemistry
Troll V, Deegan F, Jolis E, Hilton D, Chadwick J, Blythe L, Freda C, Schwarzkopf L, Gertisser R & Zimmer M

(2012) Tracing Crustal Contamination along the Java Segment of Sunda Arc, Indonesia
M. Jolis E, Troll V, Deegan F, Blythe L, Harris C, Freda C, Hilton D, Chadwick J & van Helden M

(2012) Reconstructing the Toba Magmatic System: Insights from Stable Isotope Geochemistry
Budd D, Troll V, Jolis E, Deegan F, Smith V, Whitehouse M, Harris C, Freda C, Hilton D & Halldorsson S

(2012) Magmatic vs Crustal Volatiles: A Reconnaisance Tool for Geothermal Energy Exploration
Blythe L, Troll V, Hilton D, Deegan F, Jolis E & Stimac J

(2012) In situ Geochemical Characterization of Experimental Partial Melts
Meade F, Masotta M, Troll V, Freda C, Dahren B, Davidson J & Ellam R

(2012) Crustal Versus Source Processes on the Northeast Volcanic Rift Zone of Tenerife, Canary Islands
Deegan FM, Troll VR, Barker AK, Harris C, Chadwick JP, Carracedo JC & Delcamp A

(2012) Petrogenesis of Voluminous Silicic Magma in Northeast Iceland
Berg SE, Troll VR, Riishuus MS & Burchardt S

(2011) Mantle Lithologies from Minor Elements in Olivine: Cape Verde
Barker A, Holm PM & Troll V

(2011) Constraining Magma-Carbonate Interaction at Vesuvius, Italy: Insights from Stable Isotopes and Experimental Petrology
Jolis EM, Troll V, Harris C, Freda C, Orsi G, Siebe C, Blythe L, Deegan F, Misiti V & Civetta L

(2011) Amphibole Antecrysts in Deposits of Merapi Volcano, Indonesia: A Plutonic Phase in Extrusive Magmas
Peters S, Chadwick J & Troll V

(2011) Oxygen Isotope Analysis of Experimental Glasses by SIMS: A Calibration Attempt
Pedroza K, Jolis E, Troll V, Freda C, Harris C, Deegan FM, Whitehouse M, Bindeman I, Annersten H & Ellis B

(2011) Probing the Toba Super-Eruption: Oxygen Isotope Geochemistry of Zoned Quartz Phenocrysts
Budd D, Troll V, Muñoz-Jolis E, Deegan F, Smith V, Whitehouse M, Freda C, Harris C & Hilton D

(2011) Boron Isotope Systematics during Magma-Carbonate Interaction
Deegan FM, Jolis EM, Troll VR, Freda C & Whitehouse MJ

(2011) Crustal CO2 Liberation at Merapi Volcano, Indonesia: An Earthquake Trigger?
Troll V, Hilton D, Jolis EM, Chadwick J, Schwarz-Kopf L, Zimmer M, Blythe L & Deegan F

(2011) Volatile Release from Crustal-Xenolith during Subvolcanic Magma Transport
Berg S, Troll VR, Annersten H, Freda C, Mancini L, Blythe L, Muñoz Jolis E & Barker A

(2009) The Influence of Crustal Composition on Magmatic Differentiation Across Five Major Crustal Terranes: The British-Irish Palaeocene Igneous Province (BPIP)
Troll VR, Nicoll G, Meade F, Ellam R, Emeleus H & Gamble J

(2009) Strontium Isotope Systematics of Experimentally Produced Melts: Understanding Magma-Carbonate Interaction at Merapi Volcano, Indonesia
Deegan F, Troll V, Freda C, Mcleod C, Malarkey J, Davidson J & Chadwick J

(2009) Identifying Upper Crustal Contamination along the Java Segment of the Sunda Arc, Indonesia
Blythe L, Troll V & Hilton D

(2007) Generation and Emplacement of Granitic Magmas at the Paleocene Rum Igneous Complex, Northwest Scotland
Nicoll G, Troll V, Donaldson C, Ellam R & Emeleus H

(2007) Crustal Contamination in the British and Irish Palaeogene Igneous Province: Mechanisms, Timing and Implications for the Formation of Granitic Magmas
Meade FC, Troll VR, Chew DM, Ellam RM, Font L & Chadwick JP

(2007) Short-Term Geochemical Variation within a Single Eruption Event: Mount Edgecumbe Volcano, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
Gardner MF, Carroll LD, Gamble JA, Ellam RM, Troll VR & Price RC

(2007) Magma Genesis and Differentiation at Merapi Volcano, Sunda Arc, Indonesia
Troll VR, Gertisser R, Chadwick JP, Keller J & Handley HK

(2007) Geochemical and Geophysical Insights into a Large Magmatic System in Central Java, Indonesia
Chadwick J, Wagner D, Troll V, Koulakov I & Luehr B

(2007) Constraining Magmatic Differentiation at Teide/Pico Viejo and Associated Rift Zones, Tenerife, Canary Islands
Wiesmaier S, Troll V, Hart G, Carracedo JC & Wolff J

(2006) Low-Temperature Hydrothermal Alteration of Intra-Caldera Tuffs, Miocene Tejeda Caldera, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands
Donoghue E, Troll VR, Harris C, O' Halloran A, Walter TR & Pérez Torrado FJ

(2006) Magma-crust interaction at Merapi volcano, Indonesia: geochemical insights into volcano behaviour
Troll V, Chadwick J, Schwarzkopf L, Zimmer M, Gertisser R & Sulistiyo Y

(2006) Shallow-level processes at Anak Krakatau: crystallisation and late stage crustal contamination
Gardner M, Troll V, Hart G, Gertisser R, Wolff J & Gamble J

(2005) Petrogenesis of Voluminous Mixed Rhyodacite-Basalt Ash-Flows of the Tertiary Rum Igneous Centre, NW-Scotland
Troll V, Donaldson C & Emeleus H

(2004) Sr and Nd Evidence for Successive Contamination of the Slieve Gullion Ring Dyke Magmas, Co. Armagh, Ireland
Troll V, Chadwick J, Ellam R, McDonnell S, Meighan I & Emeleus C

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