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All abstracts by Richard Baker in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2009) Thallium Isotope Evidence for Protracted Cooling of the Acapulcoite-Lodranite Parent Body
Baker R, Rehkämper M, Schönbächler M & Benedix G

(2009) Tl Isotope Constraints on the Origin of the Earth’s Pb Paradox
Rehkamper M, Baker R & Wood B

(2008) Thallium Isotope Constraints on Early Cenozoic Climate Change
Rehkamper M, Baker R, Nielsen SG, Hinkley TK & Toutain JP

(2008) Core Formation and the Pb and Tl Isotope Evolution of the Silicate Earth
Baker R, Wood B, Rehkämper M, Schönbächler M & Nielsen S

(2007) Thallium Isotope Constraints on Earth's Accretion
Baker R, Nielsen S, Rehkämper M, Schönbächler M, Wood B & Halliday A

(2007) Volcanic Outgassing and the Tl Isotope Composition of the Oceans
Rehkämper M, Baker R, Nielsen S, Hinkley T & Toutain J

(2007) Heavy Isotope Fractionation in the Solar System – A Volatile Perspective
Rehkämper M, Schönbächler M, Wombacher F, Baker R, Nielsen S & Williams H

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