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All abstracts by Satoru Tsushima in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Fate of Biological Selenium(0) Nanoparticles at Elevated Temperature
Fischer S, Jain R, Tsushima S & Jordan N

(2016) ThermAc: A Joint Project on Aquatic Actinide Chemistry and Thermodynamics at Elevated Temperature Conditions
Bosbach D, Altmaier M, Gaona X, Endrizzi F, Brendler V, Steudtner R, Franzen C, Tsushima S, Panak P, Skerencak-Frech A, Hagemann S, Brandt F, Krüger S, Colas E, Grive M, Thoenen T, Kulik D & Finkeldei S

(2011) Exploring the Mobility of Actinyl Ions in the Biogeosphere: A Spectroscopic and Theoretical Study of U(VI) Complexes with Organic Phosphate Groups
Foerstendorf H, Tsushima S, Brüning S & Li B

(2010) Landweber-EXAFS Structural Analysis of Aqueous Polynuclear U(VI)complexes with Tartaric Acid
Rossberg A, Lucks C, Tsushima S & Scheinost AC

(2009) Spectroscopic Comparison of Aqueous Np(VI) and U(VI) Species
Müller K, Foerstendorf H, Tsushima S, Brendler V & Bernhard G

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