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All abstracts by Benjamin Twining in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Reimagining Oceanographic Biogeochemistry: Bringing the Ocean to the Community Through Virtual Reality
Wiederwohl CL, Bogdanoff R, Thomas A, Fitzsimmons JN, Twining B & Cutter G

(2022) Investigating Phytoplankton Manganese Limitation in the Southern Ocean with a Global Biogeochemical Model
Hawco N, Tagliabue A & Twining B

(2021) Elucidating Biogenic Components of the δ53Cr Cycle in the Modern Ocean
Janssen D, Rickli J, Abbott A, Ellwood M, Twining B, Ohnemus D, Nasemann P, Gilliard D & Jaccard S

(2021) Biogeochemical Processes Controlling the Marine Ba Cycle: Dissolved and Particulate Barium Distributions along the US GEOTRACES North Atlantic and South Pacific Zonal Transects (GA03 and GP16)
Shiller A, Rahman S, Anderson R, Charette MA, Hayes CT, Gilbert M, Grissom K, Lam PJ, Ohnemus D, Pavia F, Twining B & Vivancos S

(2021) Particulate Excess Ba as a Proxy for Biological Productivity along the North Atlantic and South Pacific GEOTRACES Transects
Rahman S, Shiller A, Anderson R, Hayes CT, Lam PJ, Ohnemus D, Pavia F, Twining B & Vivancos S

(2017) The Acceleration of Dissolved Cobalt’s Ecological Stoichiometry due to Biological Uptake, Remineralization, and Scavenging in the North Atlantic Ocean
Saito M, Noble A, Hawco N, Twining B, Ohnemus D, John S, Lam P, Conway T, Johnson R, Moran D & McIlvin M

(2014) Response of Phytoplankton Metal Quotas to Oceanic Gradients in Dissolved and Particulate Metals
Twining B, Rauschenberg S, Vedamati J, Moffett J & Sedwick P

(2014) Nano-Scale Elemental Imaging of Microbes and Minerals from Deep Sea Methane Seeps
Glass J, McGlynn S, Chadwick G, Dawson K, Chen S, Vogt S, Lai B, Deng J, Ingall E, Twining B & Orphan V

(2012) The Unique Biogeochemical Signature of the Marine Diazotroph Trichodesmium
Nuester J, Vogt S, Newville M, Kustka A & Twining B

(2012) Assessing the Importance of Extracellular Iron Scavenged on Phytoplankton Cells with Synchrotron X-Ray Fluorescence Microscopy
Twining B

(2008) Nanominerals, Mineral Nanoparticles, and Earth Systems
Hochella, Jr. M, Lower S, Maurice P, Penn L, Sahai N, Sparks D & Twining B

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