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All abstracts by Akira Ueda in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Evaluation of the Effect of Treated Geothermal Brine after Removal of Oversaturated Silica by a Seed Circulation Method on Geothermal Reservoir
Yanaze T & Ueda A

(2017) Recovery of Oversaturated Silica from Sumikawa Geothermal Brines with Cationic Polymer Flocculants to Prevent Silica Scale Deposition
Ueda A & Hanajima E

(2017) A New Viewpoint on the Polymerization of Silicic Acid in Geothermal Water
Inoue H, Yonedu K, Ueda A, Itoi R, Watanabe K & Yokoyama T

(2016) Experimental Study on CO2-rock Interaction for Zero Emission Geothermal Power Generation
Oochi R, Ueda A & Aoyama K

(2016) Geochemical Study of Groundwater in Sabae, Fukui Japan for Heat Usage
Yamada Y & Ueda A

(2016) Geochemical Study on Geothermal Resources in Oku-Hida Hot Spring Area, Gifu Japan
Isaji R & Ueda A

(2016) Investigations of Several Inhibitors for Silica Scale Control in Sumikawa Geothermal Brine, Japan
Ikeda R, Ueda A, Ishizuka T & Ishimi K

(2016) Silica Recovery from Sumikawa Geothermal Brines in Japan by Additon of Cationic Flocculants
Hanajima E & Ueda A

(2015) Geochemical Study of Groundwater in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, Japan, for the Heat Usage
Yamada Y & Ueda A

(2015) A Preliminary Study on Source of High CO2 Fluid in Oku-Aizu Geothermal Area, Japan, by the Isotopic Compositions of Carbonate Minerals
Oochi R, Ueda A & Aoyama K

(2015) Geochemical Behavior of Scale Components in Geothermal Fluids during Silica Precipitation at Sumikawa Geothermal Plant
Ikeda R, Ueda A & Nagai Y

(2015) Basic Researches for Recovery of Silica from Geothermal Fluids
Hanajima E & Ueda A

(2015) Melt Extraction and Metasomatism Recorded in Basal Peridotites, Oman Ophiolite
Yoshikawa M, Python M, Tamura A, Arai S, Takazawa E, Shibata T, Ueda A & Sato T

(2014) Recent Partial Pressure of CO2 Dissolved in the Water at Lake Monoun, Cameroon
Ohba T, Sasaki Y, Kusakabe M, Yoshida Y, Ueda A, Anazawa K, Saiki K, Kaneko K, Miyabuchi Y, Aka F, Fantong W, Tanyileke G & Hell J

(2014) Chemical and Isotopic Studies of Precipitation in Toyama, Northern Central Japan
Okakita N, Iwatake K, Hirata H, Oda A & Ueda A

(2014) Chemical and Isotopic Studies of Hot Springs in Toyama Prefecture, Japan for Geothermal Resources
Sasaki K, Ueda A, Nakamoto T, Kageyama S, Koseki T & Muraoka H

(2014) Secular Change of Chemical and Isotopic Compositions of Groundwaters in the Sho River Fan, Western Part of Toyama, Japan
Iwatake K, Okakita N & Ueda A

(2014) Chemical and Isotopic Compositions of Groundwaters in Central Part of Toyama City, Japan
Hirata H, Okakita N & Ueda A

(2010) Self-Accumulation of Aromatics at Oil-Water Interface. A Molecular Dynamics Study
Kunieda M, Nakaoka K, Liang Y, Miranda C, Ueda A & Matsuoka T

(2009) Geochemical Monitoring of Calcite Precipitation during CO2 Injection into the Ogachi Hot Dry Rock Site
Ueda A, Kuroda Y, Sugiyama K, Ozawa A, Wakahama H, Mito S, Kaji Y & Kaieda H

(2008) Geochemical Results on the CO2 Georeactor Sequestration Tests at the Ogachi Hot Dry Rock Site, NE Japan
Ueda A, Nakatsuka Y, Kunieda M, Kuroda Y, Kato K, Yajima T, Sugiyama K, Odashima Y, Ozawa A & Ohsumi T

(2008) Experimental Research of Casing Cement Alteration by Interaction with Supercritical CO2 for Geological Sequestration
Kunieda M, Yamada Y, Ueda A & Matsuoka T

(2008) Experimental Research of Plagioclase -Gas-Water Interaction at Hydrothermal Conditions Caused by CO2 Sequestration
Kuroda Y, Yamada Y, Ueda A & Matsuoka T

(2007) Preliminary Geochemical Results on the CO2 Georeactor Sequestration Test at the Ogachi HDR Site
Ueda A, Yajima T, Satoh H, Ozawa A, Kaieda H, Ito H, Ohsumi T & Kato K

(2007) Pine Point, Canada Pb-Zn Deposits: Better Resolved S- Isotope Study
Krouse R, Li Y & Ueda A

(2006) Stable and rare gas isotopic study of geothermal and ground waters in North Hokkaido, Japan
Ueda A, Shimoda S, Nagao K, Shibata T & Suzuki T

(2006) Geochemical study of shore subsurface groundwater with observation of dissolution rates of calcite/dolomite by a phase shift interferometer
Shimoda S, Ueda A, Ishii T & Haginuma M

(2006) Groundwater evolution processes in the sedimentary formation at the Horonobe, northern Hokkaido, Japan.
Ishii T, Haginuma M, Suzuki K, Hama K, Kunimaru T, Kobori K, Shimoda S, Ueda A & Sugiyama K

(2004) As Uptake by Precursory Phases: Insights from the Geothermal Environment
Pascua C, Minato M, Yokoyama S, Ueda A, Kato K & Sato T

(2004) Dissolved As Uptake by Inorganic Solids at Geothermal Conditions
Minato M, Pascua C, Yokoyama S, Ueda A, Kato K & Sato T

(2003) Sulfur Isotope Ratio of Aerosol Collected in Japan and China
Yanagisawa F, Akata N, Ueda A & Kawabata A

(2003) CO2 Sequestration into Geothermal Fields: (2) Experimental Study of CO2/water/rock Interaction at Hydrothermal Temperatures
Kato K, Ueda A, Goto A, Odashima Y, Ohsumi T & Yajima T

(2003) CO2 Sequestration into Geothermal Fields: (3) Theoretical Evaluation of CO2/Water/Rock Interaction
Savage D, Metcalfe R, Takase H, Ohsumi T, Ueda A & Haga D

(2003) Experimental Study of CO2 Dissolution by Reaction with Carbonate and Water for Sequestration into Seawater
Ueda A, Unami S, Haga D, Abe Y & Tamanoi K

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