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All abstracts by Peter Ulmer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Tracking Crustal Contamination in Arc Batholiths: The Adamello Case Study
Pimenta Silva M, Giuliani A, Schaltegger U, Schoene B, Ulmer P & Müntener O

(2023) How to Quantify Volatile Emissions from Sedimentary Host Rocks during Continental Flood Basalt Emplacement?
Borges Esteves MC, Cortes-Calderon EA, Bachmann O, Ulmer P, Alves A & Zech RF

(2022) Arc Magma Differentiation via Decompression-Driven Crystallisation: A Mechanism to Keep Arc Volcanics Metaluminous?
Marxer F, Ulmer P & Müntener O

(2021) Differential Record of Pre- and Syn-Eruptive Degassing of a Large Rhyolitic System Recorded by Li, H, and δ7Li Diffusion between Quartz, Melt Inclusions and Groundmass Glasses
Neukampf J, Laurent O, Tollan PM, Bouvier A-S, Magna T, Ulmer P, France L, Ellis BS, Guillong M & Bachmann O

(2021) CO2 Favours the Accumulation of Excess Fluids in Felsic Magmas
Pistone M, Caricchi L & Ulmer P

(2021) Assessing the Potential of Magmatic Brines as Lithium-Snatchers in Evolved Shallow Magma Reservoirs
Cortes-Calderon EA, Ulmer P & Ellis BS

(2021) Biotites as Recorders of the Magmatic-Hydrothermal Transition
Ellis BS, Neukampf J, Magna T, Harris C, Laurent O, Ulmer P & Bachmann O

(2020) Tracking Volatile Degassing of an Explosive, Rhyolitic Eruption Using Lithium Isotopes
Neukampf J, Ellis B, Bouvier A-S, Tollan P, Laurent O, Ulmer P, Magna T & Bachmann O

(2019) Fe-Mg-Mn Exchange between Olivine and Melt and an Oxybarometer for Basaltic Systems
Blundy J, Melekhova L, Ulmer P, Pichavant M, Humphreys M, Ziberna L, Cerantolo V, Brooker R & McCammon C

(2019) Chlorine Partitioning between Granitic Melt and C-O-H-Cl Aqueous Fluids in the Earth’s Upper Crust, and Implications for Magmatic-Hydrothermal Ore Genesis
Hsu Y-J, Zajacz Z, Ulmer P & Heinrich CA

(2019) Linking Volcanic and Plutonic Records in the Early Earth: TTGs are Silicic Crystal Mushes
Laurent O, Björnsen J, Bretscher S, Wotzlaw J-F, Pimenta Silva M, Moyen J-F, Ulmer P & Bachmann O

(2018) An Experimental Perspective on the Diversity of (Lower) Arc Crust: Key Role of Water Contents
Müntener O & Ulmer P

(2018) Construction and Storage of Crustal-Scale Magmatic Systems
Karakas O, Wotzlaw J-F, Degruyter W, Bachmann O, Economos R, Ulmer P, Dufek J & Bergantz G

(2017) Timing and Evolution of the Middle Triassic Shoshonitic Magmatism in the Southern Alps (Northern Italy)
Storck J-C, Brack P, Wotzlaw J-F & Ulmer P

(2016) Experimental Contraints on the CO2 Content of Fluids Interacting with the Subduction Mélange
Tumiati S, Tiraboschi C, Pettke T, Recchia S, Ulmer P & Poli S

(2016) Chlorine Isotope Determination by SIMS: Standard Development and Application to Melt Inclusions from Subduction Zone Settings
Bouvier A-S, Manzini M, Baumgartner LP, Rose-Koga EF, Ulmer P, Bonifacie M, Bardoux G, Sharp Z, Williams J, Layne GD, Straub S & Métrich N

(2016) The Effects of Oxygen Fugacity on Sulfur Diffusion in Dacite Melts
Lierenfeld MB, Zajacz Z, Bachmann O & Ulmer P

(2015) Generation of Intermediate to Acidic Magmas at Convergent Plate Margins by Fractional Crystallization in Lower Crustal Magma Reservoirs
Ulmer P & Müntener O

(2015) Seismic Properties of Hydrous Phonolite at High Pressure and High Temperature
Tripoli B, Giordano D, Cordonnier B, Kolzenburg S & Ulmer P

(2014) Origin of Water in Miarolitic Cavities of the Ariskop Phonolite, Namibia
Jost BM, Koller F, Vogel N, Ulmer P & Driesner T

(2013) Composition of COH Fluids up to 2.4 GPa: A Multi-Method Approach
Tiraboschi C, Tumiati S, Ulmer P, Recchia S, Pettke T, Fumagalli P & Poli S

(2013) Experimental Partitioning Behavior of MORB in Subduction Zones at 2 and 3 GPa
Luginbuehl S, Ulmer P & Pettke T

(2012) The Geochemistry of Aqueous Fluids and Hydrous Melts in Subduction Zones
Luginbuehl S, Ulmer P & Pettke T

(2012) The Construction of the Alpine Adamello Batholith as Recorded by Zircon
Schaltegger U, Broderick C, Skopelitis A, Floess D, Muntener O, Baumgartner L, Brack P & Ulmer P

(2011) Europium Structural Role in Silicate Glasses
Cicconi MR, Giuli G, Paris E, Ingrisch-Ertel W, Dingwell DB, Ulmer P, Cicconi MR & Cicconi MR

(2011) Crystallization of Low-K Calc-Alkaline Igneous Rocks at Lower Crustal Pressures
Van den Bleeken G, Müntener O & Ulmer P

(2011) Time Scales of Cooling of Post-Plutonic Picritic to Dacitic Dikes (Adamello-Italy)
Hürlimann N, Müntener O, Ulmer P & Ulianov A

(2011) In situ Analysis of U-Th Disequilibria in Titanite by fs-LA-MC-ICPMS
Koornneef J, Bourdon B, Fontaine G, Dorta L, Hattendorf B, Guenther D, Ulmer P & Stracke A

(2009) Experimental Garnet and Hornblende Trace Element Partitioning on Andesitic Magmas in the Deep Arc Crust
Müntener O, Ulmer P & Alonso-Perez R

(2009) Differentiation of Hydrous Calc-Alkaline Magmas at Mid to Lower Crustal Levels: Experimental Constraints
Ulmer P & Muntener O

(2009) Integration of Petrological-Geochemical Constraints and Local Seismic Tomography – Implications for Magmatic Processes within Continental Arc Crust of S-Alaska
Ballmer S, Kissling E, Ulmer P & van Stiphout T

(2009) Melt Meets Moho: An Experimental Study of Reactive Melt Percolation
Van den Bleeken G, Müntener O & Ulmer P

(2009) Cromian Picroilmenites as a Potential Geothermometers: An Experimental Study
Semytkivska N & Ulmer P

(2009) Low-Temperature Melt-Fluid Miscibility: Experimental Evidence for Enhanced Mass Transport in the Upper Crust by Cooling Fluids
Aerts M, Hack A, Ulmer P & Thompson A

(2008) Differentiation of Mantle-Derived Calc-Alkaline Magmas at Mid to Lower Crustal Levels: Experimental and Petrologic Constraints
Ulmer P, Muntener O & Alonso Perez R

(2008) Sound Velocity Measurements of Polycrystalline Clinohumite and Phase A at High Pressure
Phan H, Reusser E, Ulmer P & Burlini L

(2008) Solubility of K-Feldspar, Muscovite and Quartz at 0.5-2.5 GPa, 600-700℃ with Implications for Mass Transport in the Crust
Aerts M, Hack AC, Thompson AB & Ulmer P

(2008) Role of Garnet and Amphibole Fractionation in the Genesis of High Mg# Granitoids
Müntener O, Ulmer P & Alonso Perez R

(2007) Magmatic Paragonite: Vapour Saturation of Hydrous Arc Magmas at High Pressure ?
Müntener O, Schmidt MW, Ulmer P & Jagoutz O

(2007) Differences between Preserved vs. Delaminated Lower Crust: Evidences from the Kohistan Arc
Jagoutz O, Müntener O, Schmidt MW, Ulmer P & Burg J-P

(2007) Equlibrium Experiments and Theoretical Studies in the MgO-SiO2-H2O System at High Pressures: Clarification of Stabilities and Thermodynamic Properties of Phase A, Clinohumite and Chondrodite
Melekhova E, Schmidt MW, Ulmer P, Connolly JAD & Dorogokupets PI

(2007) Metal Saturation in the Upper Mantle
Rohrbach A, Ballhaus C, Golla-Schindler U, Ulmer P & Schönbohm D

(2007) Reaction between Ascending Melt and Peridotite: An Experimental Investigation
Van den Bleeken G, Müntener O & Ulmer P

(2006) Ferric-ferrous iron ratios in upper mantle minerals
Rohrbach A, Ballhaus C, Golla-Schindler U & Ulmer P

(2005) Fluid and Melt Compositions Coexisting with Eclogite at High Pressure and Temperature
Kessel R, Schmidt M, Pettke T & Ulmer P

(2005) High-P-T Fluids in Diamond Trap Experiments Analyzed Frozen with LA-ICPMS: The Technique
Pettke T, Kessel R, Schmidt M & Ulmer P

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