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All abstracts by Gokce Ustunisik in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Causal Predictive Modeling for Trace Element Partitioning
Wolf AS, Cung E, Ustunisik G & Nielsen R

(2022) IEDA2: Evolving EarthChem, LEPR/traceDs, and SESAR into a Next Generation Data Infrastructure for Data-Driven Research Paradigms in Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology
Lehnert KA, Profeta L, Ramdeen S, Ji P, Figueroa JD, Cao S, Shane N, Sweets HA, Ustunisik G, Nielsen R, Block K, Grossberg M & Walker JD

(2022) CO2 Solutions – Driven by Enzyme-Enabled Carbon Capture
Govil T, Vaughn M, Ustunisik G, Soeder DJ, Lingwall B & Sani RK

(2020) The Missing Magmas of MOR
Ustunisik G, Nielsen RL & Walker D

(2020) Experimental Constraints on the Homogenization of Plagioclase Hosted Melt Inclusions from Plagioclase Ultraphyric Basalts
Lewis K, Ustunisik G & Nielsen R

(2020) Next Generation Cyberinfrastructure for Geochemistry & Petrology: Connecting Data (EarthChem) and Models (ENKI)
Lehnert KA, Antoshechkina P, Block K, Ghiorso M, Grossberg M, Ji P, Nielsen R, Profeta L, Ustunisik G, Walker D & Wolf A

(2020) An Alternate Perspective: Plagioclase Megacrysts and their Inclusions
Nielsen R & Ustunisik G

(2014) The Role of Chlorine in the Degassing of Alkalies during Flash Melting of Chondrules
Ustunisik G, Ebel D & Nekvasil H

(2014) Magma Storage and Eruption Dynamics of an Individual Eruptive Unit at Mt Jefferson, Oregon
Ustunisik G & Nielsen R

(2010) The Influence of Magmatism and Magmatic Fluids on the Geochemical Evolution of the Martian Crust
Ustunisik G, Nekvasil H & McCubbin F

(2010) The Next Generation of Petrologic Study of Lunar Compositions: Exploring the Effects of Water, Cl, F, S and the Fluid Exsolution Processes that Have Affected their Distribution
Nekvasil H, McCubbin F & Ustunisik G

(2005) TE and REE Modeling of Central Anatolian Volcanics, Turkey
Dogan AU, Dogan M, Kilinc A, Steele I, Yesilyurt FI, Ustunisik G, Ozbay S, Tigli M, Conger O & Tosun S

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