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All abstracts by Ibrahim Uysal in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Multistage Evolution of the Aladağ Mantle Peridotites (S-Turkey): Implications from Whole Rock and Mineral Chemistry
Saka S & Uysal I

(2017) The Early Mesozoic Tectonothermal Events in the Eastern Sakarya Zone, NE Turkey
Karslı O, Aydin F, Uysal İ, Dokuz A, Kandemir R & Oğuz S

(2017) Petrochemistry of Early Eocene Lamprophyre Dykes, NE Turkey
Oğuz S, Aydin F, Karslı O, Uysal İ, Şen C & Kandemir R

(2017) Boron Isotope Systematics of Collisional Volcanism in Western Anatolia
Palmer M, Ersoy Y, Banks L, Akal C & Uysal I

(2015) Petrology of the Late Cretaceous Volcanism in the Eastern Blacksea Region, NE-Turkey: Petrographical and Geochemical Constraints
Aydin F, Uysal I, Sen C, Oguz S, Baser R, Kandemir R, Dokuz A & Sari B

(2015) Significance of Oceanic Assemblages in the Central Pontides, Northern Turkey
Sarifakioglu E, Dilek Y, Sevin M, Anma R, Moeller A, Bayanova T, Uysal I & Keles M

(2015) Re-Os Signature of Mersin Ophiolite (S-Turkey): 187Os Contribution during the SSZ Type Oceanic Crust and Chromitite Generation
Saka S, Uysal I, Akmaz RM, Bağci U & Ersoy EY

(2014) Origin of Enclaves in Syn-Extensional Eğrigöz and Koyunoba Granitoids, Western Turkey: Geochemical and Sr-Nd-Pb Isotopic Variations
Erkül ST, Erkül F & Uysal İ

(2013) Trace Element Composition of Clinopyroxenes from the Kızıldağ Ophiolite (S-Turkey): Implication for Multi-Stage Fractionational Melting in a SSZ Setting
Sen AD, Uysal I, Godard M, Saka S, Akmaz RM, Kaliwoda M & Bağci U

(2013) Melting History of the Pozantı-Karsantı Ophiolite, Turkey: Implications from Whole-Rock and Mineral Compositions
Saka S, Uysal I, Akmaz RM & Kaliwoda M

(2013) Petrology, Mineral Chemistry and Sr–Nd−Pb Isotopic Compositions of Granitoids in the Central Menderes Metamorphic Core Complex: Constraints on the Evolution of Aegean Lithosphere Slab
Erkül F, Erkül ST, Ersoy EY, Uysal İ & Klötzli U

(2011) Podiform Chromitites from the Turkish Ophiolites: An Overview to the Mineralogy of Platinum-Group Elements
Uysal I, Zaccarini F, Garuti G, Kaliwoda M, Hochleitner R, Akmaz RM & Saka S

(2011) Mineral Chemistry and Fluid Inclusion Characteristics of the Kabadüz Ore Veins (Ordu, NE-Turkey)
Demi̇r Y, Sadiklar MB, Uysal I, Ceriani A & Hani̇lçi̇ N

(2011) Petrogenesis of Mantle Peridotites from the Kizildağ Ophiolite (SE Turkey): Implications from Mineral Composition
Sen AD, Uysal I, Godard M, Bağcı U & Kaliwoda M

(2009) Coexistence of Abyssal and Ultra–depleted SSZ Type Mantle Peridotites from the Muğla Area, SW Turkey
Uysal I, Karsli O, Sadiklar MB, Tarkian M, Meisel T, Ottley CJ & Stutz P

(2007) PGE Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Os-Isotope Signature in the Mantle-Hosted Ophiolitic Chromitites from the Kahramanmaras Area, SE-Turkey
Uysal I, Zaccarini F, Garuti G, Meisel T, Tarkian M & Sadiklar MB

(2007) Petrogenesis of the most-Recent Quaternary Volcanism with Implications for Post-Collisional Lithospheric Thinning of Eastern Turkey, Erzincan
Karsli O, Chen B, Uysal I, Wijbrans JR, Aydin F & Kandemir R

(2007) The Formation of the Fe Skarn Deposit between Camibogazi and Arnastal (Gumushane, NE Turkey): Evidence from Mineral Chemistry
Sadiklar MB, Sipahi F, Bernhardt H-J & Uysal I

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