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All abstracts by Lisa Baldini in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Reconstructing North Atlantic Climate over the Past Six Centuries Using a High Resolution Stalagmite Multi-Proxy Approach
Baldini L, Walczak I, Jamieson R, Lechleitner F & Baldini J

(2018) Progress and Challenges in Speleothem-Based Climate Reconstruction
Asmerom Y, Polyak V, Baldini J, Lachniet M, Baldini L, Breitenbach S, Prufer K & Kennett D

(2014) The Onset of the Mediterranean Climate in Western Europe Inferred from Dating and CT Scanning of Un-Sectioned Stalagmite
Walczak I, Baldini J, Baldini L, Marsden S, Richards D, Standish C, McDermott F & Andreo B

(2014) Effects of Natural and Anthropogenic Aerosols on ITCZ Position
Ridley H, Asmerom Y, Baldini J, Breitenbach S, Aquino V, Prufer K, Culleton B, Polyak V, Lechleitner F, Kennett D, Zhang M, Marwan N, Macpherson C, Baldini L, Xiao T, Awe J & Haug G

(2010) Identifying the Link between Climate and Trace Element Concentrations in Cave Deposits Using a Daily-Scale Cave Drip Water Dataset
Baldini J, McDermott F, Baldini L & Clipson N

(2010) A High Resolution, Precisely Dated Speleothem Record of the Younger Dryas and Holocene from La Garma Cave, Northern Spain
Baldini L, McDermott F, Arias Cabal P, Baldini J, Mattey D, Hoffman D & Müller W

(2008) Spatial Variability in the NAO-European Winter Precipitation δ18O Relationship: Implications for Stalagmite Proxy NAO Index Reconstructions
Baldini L, McDermott F, Macpherson C, Hercman H & Baldini J

(2006) Detecting NAO-mode variability in high-resolution speleothem isotope records
Baldini L, McDermott F & Baldini J

(2006) Forward modelling of speleothem δ18O; a critical assessment of their use as high-resolution climate proxies
McDermott F, Baldini J & Baldini L

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