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All abstracts by Paul Valdes in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Coupled Model-Data Approach to Terrestrial Methane Cycling during Paleogene Greenhouse Climates
Badger M, Rohrssen M, Inglis G, Naafs BD, Pancost R, Valdes P, Wilton D, Beerling D, Collinson M, Kennedy E, Singh P & Singh M

(2015) Sudden Ice Sheet Melt, Changing Ocean Circulation & Surface Climate: Understanding the Events of 14.6 ka
Ivanovic R, Gregoire L, Wickert A & Valdes P

(2012) Constraining the Size of Heinrich Events Using an Iceberg/Sediment Model and a 3D Ice Sheet Model
Roberts W, Valdes P & Payne T

(2012) Can Nd Tell us About Mediterranean Outflow Water?
Ivanovic R, Gutjahr M, Flecker R, Valdes P, Kouwenhoven T, Rickli J, Ellam R & Nicodemou A

(2010) Insights from Modelling Holocene and Glacial Cycle Atmospheric Methane
Singarayer J, Valdes P, Friedlingstein P, Beerling D & Nelson S

(2010) Elevated Concentrations of Trace Greenhouse Gases during Ancient ‘Greenhouse’ Climates
Beerling D, Fox A, Stevenson D & Valdes P

(2008) Reconciling 14C Timescales for Marine Isotope Stage 3
Richards D, Beck W, Hoffmann D, Smart P, Singarayer J, Ridgwell A & Valdes P

(2008) Modeling Oxygen Isotopes in the Mediterranean
Osborne A, Valdes P & Vance D

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