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All abstracts by Philippe Van Cappellen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Do Bioretention Cells Reduce Urban Stormwater Phosphorus and Nitrogen Loads? Insights from the International Stormwater Best Management Practice Database
Zhou B, Parsons CT, Shafii M, Passeport E, Rezanezhad F & Van Cappellen P

(2023) Soil Biogeochemistry Under Variable Moisture Content and the Role of Anaerobic Processes
Van Cappellen P, Fairbairn L, Ramezanzadeh M, Ye J, Gharasoo M, Parsons CT, Macrae M, Slowinski S & Rezanezhad F

(2023) Contribution of Riparian Vegetation to the Carbon Budget of an Urban Stormwater Pond
Sabur MA, Kaykhosravi S, Slowinski S & Van Cappellen P

(2023) Field-Derived Phosphorus Accumulation Rates and Fractionation in Bioretention Cells
Lisogorsky A, Rezanezhad F, Van Cappellen P, Parsons CT, Shafii M, Zhou B & Passeport E

(2023) Direct Microplastic Inputs from Wastewater Treatment Plants to the Laurentian Great Lakes
Alcott LJ, Shahvaran AR, Rezanezhad F & Van Cappellen P

(2023) Salinization Increases Phosphorus Internal Loading in Freshwater Urban Lakes
Radosavljevic J, Slowinski S, Rezanezhad F & Van Cappellen P

(2023) Sediment Core Reconstruction of Changes in Phosphorus Loading and Cycling Accompanying a Watershed’s Transition from Agricultural to Urban Land Use
Slowinski S, Radosavljevic J, Ippolito I, Graham A, Thomas K, Wiklund J, Shafii M, Parsons CT, Rezanezhad F, Hall RI & Van Cappellen P

(2023) The Transition Zone between Permafrost and Seasonally Frozen Ground: Invigorated Biogeochemical Dynamics in Response to Climate Warming
Pi K, Hu Y, Li C, Van Cappellen P, Tong L, Rezanezhad F & Wang Y

(2023) Snapshots of the World’s Cold Regions Changing Biogeochemistry
Van Cappellen P

(2023) Winter Soil Processes in Cold Region Agroecosystems: Impacts on Nitrogen Cycling
Rezanezhad F, Green D, Krogstad KJ, Jensen GB, Gharasoo M, Jordan S, Slowinski S, Hug LA, Wagner-Riddle C, Henry H, Rudolph D & Van Cappellen P

(2022) CO2 Flux Measurements in Northern Peatland Soil Incubations: Q10 Climate Trends and Alternative Model Representations Under Freeze-Thaw Conditions
Byun E, Rezanezhad F, Fairbairn L, Slowinski S, Basiliko N, Price JS, Quinton WL, Roy-Léveillée P, Webster K & Van Cappellen P

(2022) Influence of Freeze-Thaw Cycles on Methanogenic Hydrocarbon Degradation: Experiment and Numerical Simulation
Ramezanzadeh M, Slowinski S, Rezanezhad F, Murr K, Lam C, Smeaton C, Alibert C, Vandergriendt M & Van Cappellen P

(2022) Effects of Winter Pulsed Warming and Snowmelt on Soil Nitrogen Cycling in an Agroecosystem: A Lysimeter Study
Green D, Rezanezhad F, Wagner-Riddle C, Jordan S, Henry H & Van Cappellen P

(2022) Global Trends in Timing and Rates of Chlorophyll-A Increase in Cold-Temperate and Temperate Lakes
Adams H, Ye J, Persaud B, Slowinski S, Kheyrollah Pour H & Van Cappellen P

(2022) Salinization Enhances Eutrophication in a Cold Temperate Urban Lake
Radosavljevic J, Slowinski S, Shafii M, Rezanezhad F, Akbarzadeh Z, Withers W & Van Cappellen P

(2022) Testing Soil Organic Matter Hydrolysis Under Variable Soil Temperature and Moisture Using Isothermal Calorimetry
Saraswati S & Van Cappellen P

(2022) Peatlands and Climate Warming: Winter Carbon Cycling
Rezanezhad F, Rafat A, Byun E, Quinton WL, Humphreys ER, Webster K & Van Cappellen P

(2022) Are Bioretention Cells Reducing Urban Stormwater Nutrient Loadings? An Analysis of Data from International Stormwater BMP Database
Zhou B, Shafii M, Parsons C, Passeport E, Rezanezhad F & Van Cappellen P

(2021) Speciation of Ultra-Trace mercury(II) in Natural Waters: Insights from a DNA-Based Biosensor and Hydrochemical Modeling
Pi K, Liu J & Van Cappellen P

(2021) Possible Coupling of Anaerobic Methane Oxidation (AOM) and Anammox in Cold Wetland Soils
Townsend HR, Rezanezhad F, Slowinski S, Smeaton C, Macrae M, Parsons C, Webster K & Van Cappellen P

(2021) Climate Change Impacts on Aquatic Phosphorus Cycling: Insights from One of the World’s Largest Lakes (Lake Erie, Canada-Usa)
Bocaniov S & Van Cappellen P

(2021) The Role of Shallow Basins and the Littoral Zone in Modulating Lake P Cycling: A Mass Balance Analysis of Lake Erie
Akbarzadeh Z, Bocaniov S, Powley H, Markelov I & Van Cappellen P

(2021) Sediment Core Phosphorus and Other Human-Influenced Element Distributions Record Historical Land Use and Runoff Changes in the Watershed of an Urban Lake
Slowinski S, Radosavljevic J, Graham A, Rezanezhad F, Shafii M, Parsons C, Thomas K, Wiklund J, Hall R & Van Cappellen P

(2020) Direct Detection of Aqueous Hg(II) by DGT-Supported Biosensor
Pi K, Liu J & Van Cappellen P

(2020) Phosphorus Retention in a Dammed Reservoir in Ontario, Canada: Implications for Nutrient Management
Kao N, Parsons C, Niederkorn A, Mohamed M, Sorichetti R & Van Cappellen P

(2019) DNA-Based Environmental Mercury Biosensor: A Game Changer for Routine Monitoring of Aqueous Hg2+?
Pi K, Liu J & Van Cappellen P

(2019) Spatio-Temporal Vulnerability to Phosphorus Losses in Agricultural Watersheds
Van Staden T, Van Meter K, Basu N, Van Cappellen P & Saurette D

(2019) Winter Soil Processes in Transition
Rezanezhad F, Smeaton CM, Hug L, Jensen GB, Krogstad KJ, Macrae ML, McCarter CPR, Milojevic T, Mills R, Parsons CT, Quinton W, Rudolph D, Smith S, Townsend HR & Van Cappellen P

(2019) Arsenic Oxidation by Flavin-Derived Reactive Species Under Oxic and Anoxic Conditions
Pi K, Markelova E & Van Cappellen P

(2019) Decoupling the Effects of Soil Moisture and Oxygen on Soil Carbon Dioxide Fluxes
Fairbairn L, Rezanezhad F, Parsons C, Macrae M & Van Cappellen P

(2019) Phenolics do not Explain Enhanced Carbon Sequestration in Wetland Soils
Bajracharya BM & Van Cappellen P

(2019) Modeling the Seasonal Variation and Impact Factors of Nutrients in the Fanshawe Reservoir
Yu S, Parsons C & Van Cappellen P

(2019) Microbial Uncoupling and Energy Storage: A Modeling Study of Nitrite Toxicity-Induced Stress Response
Mellage A, Smeaton C, Slowinski S & Van Cappellen P

(2019) Impact of Variable Microbial Growth Yields on Reservoir Souring Simulations
Jahanbani Veshareh M, Nick HM, Smeaton CM & Van Cappellen P

(2019) Seasons, Soils, and Sensors: Field Application of a Novel Oxygen Measurement Technique for Enhanced Understanding of Subsurface Biogeochemical Responses to Environmental Change
Milojevic T, Mao A, Bantegui A, Jordan S, Wagner-Riddle C, Rezanezhad F & Van Cappellen P

(2018) What are the Thermodynamic Controls on Methanogenesis?
Smeaton C & Van Cappellen P

(2018) Does Carbon or Energy Limit Chemosynthetic Mixotrophic Microbial Growth?
Slowinski S, Smeaton C & Van Cappellen P

(2018) Tetrahedral Fe Promotes Atom Exchange between Aqueous Fe(II) and Structural Fe(III) in Clay
Shi B, Van Cappellen P, Liu K & Smeaton C

(2018) Flavins, Redox Potentials and Reactive Oxygen Species
Pi K, Markelova E & Van Cappellen P

(2017) Does Silica Control the Mobilization of Phosphorus from Fe(III)-(hydr)oxides?
Sabur MA, Parsons C & Van Cappellen P

(2017) Nutrient Silicon Cycling and Seasonal Silicon Limitation in a Eutrophic Coastal Embayment
Ridenour C, Parsons C & Van Cappellen P

(2017) Diagnosing Anthropogenic Nutrient Enrichment in the Mediterranean Sea: 1950-2030
Powley H, Krom M & Van Cappellen P

(2017) Biogeochemical Kinetics Under Redox Dynamic Conditions
Van Cappellen P

(2017) Linking Water Table Dynamics to Soil Biogeochemistry in a Column Incubation Experiment
Pronk G, Mellage A, Milojevic T, Smeaton C, Rezanezhad F & Van Cappellen P

(2017) Benthic Nitrite Fluxes in the Seine River (France): Insights from Early Diagenetic Modeling
Akbarzadeh Z, Laverman A, Raimonet M, Viollier E, Shafei B & Van Cappellen P

(2017) Food, Fodder and Phosphorus: A Quantification of Long-Term Nutrient Legacies in Human-Impacted Watersheds
Van Meter K, Van Cappellen P & Basu N

(2017) Global Modification of Riverine Nitrogen Fluxes by Damming
Akbarzadeh Z, Maavara T, Slowinski S & Van Cappellen P

(2017) Soil Biogeochemical Processes Under Freeze-Thaw Cycles Using a Process-Oriented Experimental Approach
Rezanezhad F, Milojevic T, Oh D, Parsons C, Smeaton C & Van Cappellen P

(2016) Damming Drives Global Shift from Heterotrophy to Autotrophy in River Systems
Maavara T, Lauerwald R, Regnier P & Van Cappellen P

(2016) Exploring Nitrogen Legacies and Time Lags: A 200-Year Longitudinal Study of the Mississippi and Susquehanna Watersheds
Van Meter K, Basu N & Van Cappellen P

(2016) Predicting Lake Anoxia Using a Coupled Water Column-Sediment Diagenesis Model
Markelov I, Van Cappellen P & Couture R-M

(2016) Predicting Growth Yields in Low Energy Environments
Smeaton C & Van Cappellen P

(2016) Interplay between As, Sb, Cr and N in Argillaceous Suspensions Under Redox Oscillating Conditions
Markelova E, Couture R-M, Parsons C, Markelov I, Made B, Van Cappellen P & Charlet L

(2016) Geochemical Controls of Competitive Inhibition of Microbial Uranium Reduction by Iron Oxides
Belli K, DiChristina T, Van Cappellen P & Taillefert M

(2016) Unsteady Sulfur Diagenesis in Freshwater Sediments Under Changing Oxygenation Conditions
Couture R-M, Gobeil C & Van Cappellen P

(2015) Comparative Im/Mobilization of As, Cr, Sb in Argillaceous and Soil Suspensions
Markelova E, Couture R-M, Parsons C, van Cappellen P, Made B & Charlet L

(2015) New Thermodynamic Approach to Represent the Redox Sequence of Oxidant Utilization during Organic Matter Decomposition
Markelov I & Van Cappellen P

(2015) Can Retention by Dams Counterbalance Anthropogenic Phosphorus Loading to Rivers?
Maavara T & Van Cappellen P

(2015) Are Microbes Better at Thermodynamics Than Geochemists?
Van Cappellen P

(2015) Direct Inputs of Nutrients via Groundwater to Near-Shore Zones of Large Water Bodies: Regional Scale Approaches and Impact
Dürr H, Moosdorf N & Van Cappellen P

(2015) Domestic Wastewater Inputs of Phosphorus and Nitrogen to the Mediterranean Sea
Powley H, Dürr H, Lima A, Krom M & Van Cappellen P

(2014) Biogeochemical Model Complexity, or There and Back Again
Van Cappellen P, Maavara T, Stojanovic S & Dürr H

(2014) Phosphorus Retention in Sediments of an Artificially Fertilized Boreal Lake
O'Connell DW, Ansems N, Orihel D, Wiklund J, Behrends T, Chessel H, Schlinder D & Van Cappellen P

(2013) Heavy Metal Contamination in the Semi-Urbanised Laurel Creek Watershed, Waterloo (Ontario), Canada
Lima A, Geller G, Jones J, Van Cappellen P & Dürr H

(2013) Influence of Different Organic Carbon Substrates on Denitrification Rates in Riparian Sediment
Hollingham M, Couture R-M, Rezanezhad F & Van Cappellen P

(2013) Where Groundwater Meets Surface Water
Van Cappellen P

(2013) Dependence of Sulfur Cycling and Mobility in Peat Soil on the Water Table Regime
Rezanezhad F, Couture R-M, Parsons C, Kovac R, O'Connell D & Van Cappellen P

(2013) Soil Respiration – A Wetlands Perspective
Van Cappellen P

(2013) Phosphorus Retention in Sediments of a Eutrophied Lake: Role of Organic Phosphorus
Ansems N, O'Connell D, Wiklund J, Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2013) Competition between Microbial and Abiotic Fe(II) Oxidation: A Kinetic Modeling Approach
Seto M & Van Cappellen P

(2012) Si Isotope Fractionation during Silica Precipitation in Flow-Through Experiments
Geilert S, Van Bergen M, Vroon P & Van Cappellen P

(2012) Calcite Growth Kinetics and Solution Stoichiometry
Wolthers M, Nehrke G & Van Cappellen P

(2012) Arsenic Sequestration during Early Diagenetic Sulfur Redistribution
Couture R-M, Rose J, Wallschlaeger D & Van Cappellen P

(2012) Arsenic Bioremediation by Biogenic Iron Oxides and Sulfides
Omoregie E, Couture R-M, Van Cappellen P, Corkhill CL, Charnock J, Polya DA, Vaughan DJ, Vanbroekhoven K & Lloyd JR

(2012) Electro-Osmostic Removal of PAHs: A Journey from the Lab to the Field
Lima A, van Cappellen P & Loch JPG

(2012) Isotope Fractionation of Selenium during Sorption to Iron Oxide and Iron Sulfide Minerals
Mitchell K, Couture R-M, Johnson T, Mason PRD & Van Cappellen P

(2011) Environmental Controls on Potential Nitrate and Sulfate Reduction Rates in a Range of Aquatic Sediments
Pallud C, Laverman A, Gu C & Van Cappellen P

(2011) Selenium Adsorption and Associated Selenium Isotope Fractionation
Mitchell K, Couture R-M, Johnson T, Mason P & Van Cappellen P

(2011) Geochemical Behavior of (Thio)arsenates with Fe-Minerals
Couture R-M, Wallschläger D, Mitchell K & Van Cappellen P

(2011) Near Neutral Seawater pH 3.45 Billion Years ago
Lemarchand D, Van Bergen M, Jeambrun M, Karpoff A-M & Van Cappellen P

(2010) Manganese Carbonates Formation during Long-Term Sorption of Mn2+ by Viable Shewanella putrefaciens
Chubar N, Behrends T, Avramut C & Van Cappellen P

(2010) Arsenic Sorption in Aquatic Sediments: Equilibrium, Kinetic and Mixed Modeling Approaches
Shafei B, Couture R-M & Van Cappellen P

(2010) Modeling Horizontal Gene Transfer in Porous Media: Implications for Contaminated Ground Waters
LaRowe D, Shafei B & Van Cappellen P

(2010) Silica Cycle: The Land-Ocean Connection
Van Cappellen P, Loucaides S & Laruelle G

(2010) Carbon Burial and Benthic Fluxes in Coastal Marine Sediments: Model Study and Sensitivity Analysis
Krumins V, Van Cappellen P & Regnier P

(2010) Arsenic Dynamics in Lake Sediments
Couture R-M, Gobeil C, Tessier A, Shafei B & Van Cappellen P

(2010) Calcite Growth Rate and Solution Composition
Wolthers M, Nehrke G & Van Cappellen P

(2010) Selenium Isotope Fractionation during Oceanic Anoxic Events
Mitchell K, Mason P, Johnson T, Lyons T & Van Cappellen P

(2009) Sources and Fate of Nitrate and Sulfate in a Sandy Aquifer: A Multi-Isotope Study
Zhang Y-C, Slomp C, Broers HP, Passier H, Böttcher M & Van Cappellen P

(2009) Anaerobic Organic Carbon Oxidation Rates Through Nitrate and Sulfate Reduction in Littoral Sediments
Laverman A, Pallud C & Van Cappellen P

(2009) Nitrate Reduction and Fermentation Access Different Carbon Sources in Anaerobic Degradation Experiments
Abell J, Laverman A & Van Cappellen P

(2009) A Thermodynamic-Kinetic Model for Organic Matter Degradation in Marine Sediments
LaRowe D, Arndt S & Van Cappellen P

(2009) Methane Efflux from Marine Sediments: Kinetic, Microbial and Bioenergetic Controls
Regnier P, Dale A, Larowe D, Arndt S, Mogollon J & Van Cappellen P

(2009) Kinetics of Neutrophilic Iron Oxidation by Leptothrix cholodnii
Vollrath S, Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2009) Dynamic Response of Microbial Activity to Intermittent Stress: Effects of Dormancy in Biogeochemical Simulations
Stolpovsky K, Van Cappellen P & Thullner M

(2009) Controls on Microbial Sulfur Isotope Fractionation in Littoral Sediments
Stam M, Mason P, Laverman A, Pallud C & Van Cappellen P

(2009) Reaction of U(VI) with Iron Sulfides
Alexandratos V, Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2008) Bacterial Cell Walls – Promoters and Inhibitors of Mineral Nucleation
Behrends T, Scheinost A, Shaw S, Benning L & Van Cappellen P

(2008) Modeling Phosphorus Cycling and Carbon Burial during Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Events
Tsandev I, Slomp C, Kraal P & Van Cappellen P

(2008) Fate and Transport in Environmental Systems: Integrating Experiments, Theory and Reactive Transport Modeling
Van Cappellen P

(2008) Denitrification Coupled to Pyrite Oxidation and Changes in Groundwater Quality at Oostrum, the Netherlands
Zhang Y-C, Slomp C, Broers HP, Passier H & Van Cappellen P

(2007) What Controls Sulfur Isotope Fractionation in Modern Estuarine Sediments?
Stam M, Mason P, Laverman A, Pallud C & Van Cappellen P

(2007) Influence of Reductive Dissolution of Iron Oxides by S(II) on Uranium Mobility
Alexandratos V, Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2007) Particularities of Mn(II) Uptake by Living and Dead Shewanella putrefaciens
Chubar N, Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2007) Interrelations between Fe(II)/Fe(III) and U(IV)/U(VI) Redox Couples
Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2007) Surface Charge and Potential at Carbonate Mineral Surfaces
Wolthers M, Van Cappellen P & Charlet L

(2006) Does sulfur isotope fractionation in natural sediments record sulfate reducing activity?
Stam MC, Mason PRD, Laverman AM, Pallud C & Van Cappellen P

(2005) Quantitative Interpretation of pH Distributions in Aquatic Sediments: A Reaction-Transport Modeling Approach
Jourabchi P, Regnier P & Van Cappellen P

(2005) Transformation of Hematite into Magnetite – How do Bacteria Contribute?
Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2005) Incorporating Complementary Ecological and Biogeochemical Information into Quantitative Bioirrigation Models
Koretsky C, Meile C & Van Cappellen P

(2005) Representing Geomicrobial Processes in Subsurface Reactive Transport Models (RTMs)
Van Cappellen P

(2005) Heterogeneity in Aquatic Sediments: 1D Representations of a 3D Environment
Meile C, Berg P, Van Cappellen P & Tuncay K

(2005) Irrigation in Early Diagenetic Models: From One-Dimensional Mass Transfer Coefficients to Multi-Dimensional, Ecologically-Based Models
Van Cappellen P, Meile C & Koretsky C

(2005) Unravelling the Effects of Macrofauna, Macrophytes and Microbes on Iron and Sulfate Reduction in Saltmarsh Sediments
Koretsky C, Moore C, DiChristina T & Van Cappellen P

(2004) The Surface Chemistry of Carbonates
Wolthers M, Charlet L & Van Cappellen P

(2004) Microbial Activity in Anoxic Estuarine Sediments: Kinetic Studies Using a Flow-Through Reactor Approach
Pallud C, Laverman A & Van Cappellen P

(2004) Biogeochemical Process Identification in Aquatic Sediments: A Model Approach
Jourabchi P, Van Cappellen P & Regnier P

(2004) Biogeochemical Dynamics in Sediments of a Coastal Fresh Water Lake
Canavan R, Slomp C, Van Cappellen P & Regnier P

(2004) Acid-Base Activity of Live Cells, Dead Cells and Cell Wall Components
Claessens J, van Lith Y, Laverman A & Van Cappellen P

(2003) Competition between Enzymatic and Abiotic Reduction of Uranium(VI) Under Iron Reducing Conditions
Van Cappellen P & Behrends T

(2002) Application of Reactive Transport Modelling to the Interpretation of pH Changes in Sediments
Jourabchi P, Van Cappellen P & Regnier P

(2002) Seasonal Oscillations in Microbial Iron and Sulfate Reduction in Saltmarsh Sediments
Koretsky C, Moore C, Meile C, DiChristina T & Van Cappellen P

(2002) Global Benthic Fluxes: Importance of Enhanced Solute Transport in Marine Sediments
Meile C & Van Cappellen P

(2002) From Process-Oriented Laboratory Experiments to the Modelling of Complex Natural Systems: Incorporation of Microbial Dynamics in a Biogeochemical Reaction Network Simulator Based on the Concept of a ‘Knowledge Base’
Regnier P, Laverman A, Pallud C, Van Lith Y & Van Cappellen P

(2002) Reactive Transport in Complex Biogeochemical Systems
Van Cappellen P & Regnier P

(2002) Surface Chemistry of a Gram-Negative Bacterium
Claessens J, Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2002) Composition and Chemical Reactivity of an Iron-Phosphorus-Manganese Phase in a Freshwater Estuarine Sediment
Hyacinthe C, Hyacinthe C & Van Cappellen P

(2002) Arsenic Association with Iron Sulphides, Adsorption and Incorporation
Wolthers M, van der Weijden CH, Rickard D, Van Cappellen P & Charlet L

(2002) Abiotic vs. Microbial Reduction of Uranium (VI)
Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2002) Trace Metal Dynamics in Freshwater Sediment: The Haringvliet
Canavan R, Slomp CP & Van Cappellen P

(2000) Surface Catalysed Reduction of uranium(VI) by Iron (II) in the Presence of Carbonate
Behrends T & Van Cappellen P

(2000) The Effect of Colonization by Spartina alterniflora on Pore Water Redox Geochemistry at a Saltmarsh on Sapelo Island, GA
Koretsky C, Meile C, Curry B, Haas J, Hunter K & Van Cappellen P

(2000) Experimental Determination of Low-Temperature Dissolution Kinetics of Silicate Glasses
Utzmann A, Van Cappellen P, Schmincke H & Garbe-Schönberg D

(2000) Reactivity of Marine Biogenic Silica: Reconciling Water Column and Sediment Data
Van Cappellen P & Dixit S

(2000) Role of Detrital Matter in the Benthic Silica Cycle
Dixit S & Van Cappellen P

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