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All abstracts by Cornelis H. Van der Weijden in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2011) The ╬┤18O Fingerprint of Spring Water Pathways with Evaporating Recharge Areas
Pacheco FAL & Van der Weijden CH

(2010) Plagioclase Weathering Across Hydrological Gradients
Pacheco FAL & Van der Weijden CH

(2009) Spring Residence Times: Role in Weathering Rates
Pacheco FAL & Van der Weijden CH

(2008) Weathering Rates: A Hydrological Approach
Pacheco F & Van der Weijden CH

(2007) Topographic and Hydrologic Controls of Spring Water Travel Times and Plagioclase Weathering Rates in Solid Rocks
Pacheco FAL & Van der Weijden CH

(2006) Modeling of Field Weathering Rates of Plagioclase in Vila Pouca de Aguiar (North of Portugal)
Pacheco FAL & Van Der Weijden CH

(2005) Hydrologic and Kinetic Modeling of Plagioclase Weathering Rates in the Rio Vouga Basin (Portugal)
Pacheco FAL & Van der Weijden CH

(2004) Delta Gr Dependence of Weathering Rates Under Natural Conditions
Van der Weijden C & Pacheco F

(2003) Influence of the Saturation State on the Rates of Plagioclase Weathering
Pacheco F & Van der Weijden C

(2003) A 200-Kyr Record of the Relation between Redox-Sensitive-Element Concentrations and Variations of the OMZ at Murray Ridge, NE Arabian Sea
Van der Weijden C

(2002) Sedimentary Organic Matter in Aquifers: Geological and Geochemical Controls
Hartog N, van Bergen PF, Griffioen J, de Leeuw JW & van der Weijden CH

(2002) Geochemistry of Groundwater from the Morais Massif (NE.Portugal)
Pacheco FAL & Van der Weijden CH

(2002) Arsenic Association with Iron Sulphides, Adsorption and Incorporation
Wolthers M, van der Weijden CH, Rickard D, Van Cappellen P & Charlet L

(2000) Arsenic Incorporation into Pyrite at Low Temperature, Experimental Results
Wolthers M, Butler I, Rickard D & van der Weijden C

(2000) Pitfalls of Normalization of Trace Elements in Sediments
Van der Weijden CH

(2000) Mineral Weathering Rates and Groundwater Recharge Rates
Leal Pacheco FA & Van der Weijden CH

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