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All abstracts by Alexander E.S. Van Driessche in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Stoichiometry Effects on BaSO4 Crystallisation: Experiments and Theory
Peters VFD, Baken A, Seepma SYMH, Fernandez-Martinez A, Van Driessche AES & Wolthers M

(2023) Vaterite Formation from Aqueous Carbonation of Gypsum for CO2 Capture and Utilisation
Pimentel C, Montes-Hernandez G & Van Driessche AES

(2023) Understanding How Organic Molecules Control Mineral Nucleation at the Nanoscale
Baken A, Van Driessche AES, Fernandez-Martinez A, Kellermeier M, di Michiel M & Lanson M

(2021) Mineral Self-Organization in Anoxic Conditions: A Window into Early Earth Geochemistry and Prebiotic Chemical Reactions
Kotopoulou E, Fernandez-Martinez A, Van Driessche AES & di Michiel M

(2021) The Structure of Amorphous Calcium Sulfate and its Role in the Nucleation Pathway and Final Mesostructure of CaSO4 Phases
Stawski TM & Van Driessche AES

(2021) The Surface Properties of Carbonate Rocks Across Scales: Elucidating the Role of Biominerals
Moya A, Giraud F, Agenet N, Charlet L, Van Driessche AES & Fernandez-Martinez A

(2021) A General View on Multi-Step Nucleation Pathways in Sulfate Minerals
Lauer A, Fernandez-Martinez A, Hellmann R & Van Driessche AES

(2021) Experimental Suite for Evaluating Metastable Nucleation Precursors and their Transformation
Lauer A, Fernandez-Martinez A, Hellmann R & Van Driessche AES

(2019) Nucleation Pathways of Sulfate Minerals
Lauer A, Fernandez-Martinez A, Hellmann R & Van Driessche A

(2019) Early Stages of the Formation of Nanocrystalline C-S-H Colloids
Besselink R, Poulain A, Goberna-Ferron S, Asta-Andres MP, van Driesche A & Fernandez-Martinez A

(2019) Getting the job Done: How do Organic Molecules Control Mineralization?
Van Driessche AES, Fernandez-Martinez A, Besselink R, Poulain A, Stawski T, Nicoleau L & Kellermeier M

(2018) New Insights on Mica Reactivity at the Mineral-Solution Interface
Lamarca-Irisarri D, Jordan G, Cappelli C, Huertas FJ & Van Driessche AES

(2018) Formation Pathway of Calcium Sulfate Minerals in Natural and Engineered Environments
Van Driessche AES

(2017) Arsenic in Living Microbial Mats: Distribution, Redox State and (Bio)geochemical Implications
Sancho-Tomás M, Medjoubi K, Bergamaschi A, Philippot P, Visscher PT, Van Driessche AES, Rasuk C, Contreras M, Farias ME & Somogyi A

(2017) Nucleation of Portlandite
Madeja B, Gebauer D, Van Driessche A & Kellermeier M

(2016) The Molecular Mechanism of iron(III) Oxide Nucleation
Scheck J, Wu B, Drechsler M, Rosenberg R, Van Driessche A, Stawski T & Gebauer D

(2016) “Bricks-in-A-Wall”: The Structure of Ca-So4 Nanorods, the Basic Building Units of Gypsum Crystals
Besselink R, Stawski T, van Driessche A & Benning L

(2014) Supersaturation-Independent Clusters: A Scaffold for Nucleation and Growth of Crystals
Sleutel M, Gil D, Maes D & Van Driessche AES

(2014) Making Starting Harder: How do Additives Retard Scalant Formation?
Ramirez-García P, Durán-Olivencia MA & Van Driessche AES

(2014) To Make or Not to Make Crystals from Ions
Benning LG, Shaw S, Bots P, Rodriguez-Blanco JD, Stawski T, Garcia Ruiz JM, Van Driessche A, Ossorio M & Rodriguez Navarro C

(2013) Precipitation and Stability Behaviour of Calcium Sulfate: The Role of Salinity, Temperature and Reaction Time
Ossorio M, Van Driessche AES, Pérez P & García-Ruiz JM

(2011) Experimental Study of Nucleation and Phase Stability of Calcium Sulfate
Ossorio Peralta M, Van Driessche A & García Ruiz JM

(2011) Growth Rate of Giant Gypsum Crystals
Van Driessche AES, García Ruiz JM, Tsukamoto K, Patiño LD & Satoh H

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