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All abstracts by Frank Vanhaecke in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Zoned Clinopyroxenes Reflect Magmatic Processes and Eruption Triggers: Constraints on the Crustal Architecture of an Off-Ridge Ocean Island (Terceira, Azores)
Shepherd K, Namur O, Van Acker T, Van Helden T, Vanhaecke F, Berndt J & Charlier B

(2023) Exploring Cellular Isotopic Fractionation of Essential Elements for Biomedical Purposes in Vitro: Challenges and Limitations
Costas Rodriguez M, Colina L, Lobo L, Aranaz M, Thibon F, Pereiro R & Vanhaecke F

(2023) The Influence of Physiological and Lifestyle Factors on Essential Mineral Element Isotopic Compositions in the Human Body: Implications for the Design of Isotope Metallomics Research
Sullivan K, Moore R, Moser K & Vanhaecke F

(2023) Fe, Zn and Mg Stable Isotope Records of Early Differentiation and Core Formation of the Ureilite Parent Body
Chernonozhkin SM, Goderis S, Hublet GC, Weyer S, Horn I, Pittarello L, Claeys P, Debaille V & Vanhaecke F

(2022) Meta-Analysis of Blood Serum Cu, Fe, and Zn Stable Isotope Compositions from Healthy Controls Using Individual Participant and Aggregate Data
Sullivan K, Capper MS, Hastuti AAMB, Rehkämper M, Vanhaecke F & Moore R

(2021) Longitudinal Isotope Ratio Variations in Human Hair
Rodiouchkina K, Rodushkin I, Goderis S & Vanhaecke F

(2021) Isotope Fractionation of Fe by Hypervelocity Impacts Evidenced by Australasian Microtektites
Chernonozhkin SM, González de Vega C, Artemieva N, Soens B, Belza J, Bolea Fernandez E, van Ginneken M, Glass BP, Folco L, Genge MJ, Claeys P, Vanhaecke F & Goderis S

(2021) Unravelling the Proterozoic History of the Granite Intrusion of the Karagwe Ankole Belt in Rwanda
De Clercq S, Dewaele S, De Grave J, De Putter T & Vanhaecke F

(2020) On-Line Species-Specific Isotopic Analysis of Sulfur by Hyphenation of Capillary Electrophoresis with MC-ICP-MS
Fassbender S, Rodiouchkina K, Vanhaecke F & Meermann B

(2019) High-Resolution Mg/Ca Measurements of Foraminifers Using Microanalytical Techniques
Jochum KP, Jentzen A, Schiebel R, Garbe-Schoenberg D, Stoll B, Weis U, Leitner J, Belza J, Vanhaecke F & Haug GH

(2019) Isotopic Signatures of Biometals: From the Whole Body to Sub-Cellular Fractions
Costas Rodriguez M, Grygorian R, Hastuti AA & Vanhaecke F

(2019) Stable Isotope Signatures of Ureilites on a Mineral Scale
Chernonozhkin S, Goderis S, Hublet G, Dehais T, Claeys P, Debaille V & Vanhaecke F

(2017) Implications of Fe and Ni Stable Isotope Ratios for the Formation of the Pallasite Parent Body
Chernonozhkin S, Goderis S, Weyrauch M, Costas-Rodrígues M, Oeser M, Horn I, McKibbin S, Weyer S, Claeys P & Vanhaecke F

(2015) Fe and Ni Isotope Fractionation in Magmatic and Non-Magmatic Iron Meteorites
Chernonozhkin SM, Goderis S, Claeys P & Vanhaecke F

(2015) Mg Isotope Geochemistry for the Characterisation of Late-Diagenetic Dolomites
De Cleyn A, Latruwe K, Vanhaecke F & Swennen R

(2013) Method Development and Validation for B Isolation from Roman Glass
Devulder V, Degryse P & Vanhaecke F

(2013) Use of LA-ICP-MS and MC-ICP-MS in a Biomedical Context
Vanhaecke F, Aramendia M, Izmer A, Resano M & Van Heghe L

(2013) Study of Archaeological Glass Based on Elemental Imaging by Laser Ablation ICP-MS
van Elteren JT, Panighello S, Šelih VS, Tennent NH, Orsega EF, Izmer A, Šala M & Vanhaecke F

(2011) On the Way to Medical Diagnosis Based on the Isotopic Analyis of Metabolically Relevant Transition Metals
Van Heghe L, Engström E, Rodushkin I, Verstraete A, Van Vlierberghe H, Cloquet C & Vanhaecke F

(2011) Volcanism on Methana (W Aegean Arc): Magma Mixing, Crustal Contamination & Mantle Sources
Smet I, De Pelsmaeker E, Elburg M, Vanhaecke F & Andersen T

(2010) The Geochemistry of the Brent Impact Structure, Ontario, Canada
Goderis S, Vleminckx B, Paquay F, Chakrabarti R, Renson V, Debaille V, Sluyts W, Vanhaecke F, Spray J, Jacobsen S & Claeys P

(2010) Pb Isotope Fractionation during Photodissociation of Tetraethyllead in Aqueous Solution
Malinovsky D, Kashulin N & Vanhaecke F

(2009) Isotopic Fractionation of Sn due to Methylation and Demethylation Reactions in Aqueous Solution
Malinovskiy D, Vanhaecke F & Moens L

(2009) Zn Isotopic Variation in Human Hair and Finger Nails
Cloquet C, Carignan J & Vanhaecke F

(2009) Along-Arc Variations in the Aegean: Contrasting Aegina-Methana-Poros, Santorini and Nisyros
Elburg M, Smet I & Vanhaecke F

(2009) Volcanism in the Saronic Gulf (W Aegean): Geochemical Indications for Across-Arc Variations?
Smet I, Elburg M & Vanhaecke F

(2007) Pb Elemental Concentrations and Isotopic Compositions in Environmental Survey: Is Lichen Transplantation Efficient ?
Cloquet C, De Muynck D & Vanhaecke F

(2007) Reconstructing Ancient Commercial Routes between the Roman Empire and the Indian Subcontinent via Lead Isotope Ratio Analysis
De Muynck D, Delrue P, Cloquet C & Vanhaecke F

(2002) Reaction Cell ICP-MS to Facilitate Rb-Sr Age Determination
Moens L, Vanhaecke F & Balcaen L

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