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All abstracts by Vincent van Hinsberg in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) The Solubility and Speciation of Nd in Carbonate-Bearing Hydrothermal Fluids
Nisbet H, Migdissov A, van Hinsberg V & Williams-Jones A

(2021) BIF or MIF? Using Trace Elements to Identify the Nature of Iron Formations
van Hinsberg V & Szilas K

(2021) 20Ne/36Ar in Geothermal Fluids of Theistareykir: A Possible Thermometer of Water-Rock Interactions?
Pinti DL, Haute-Labourdette M, Saby M, Poirier A, van Hinsberg V, Berlo K, Castro CM, Gautason B & Sigurðardóttir ÁK

(2021) Trace Volatile Metals and Noble Gases in Deep Sampling at Theistareykir Geothermal Field, NE Iceland: it is not Only About Volcanic Arcs
Saby M, van Hinsberg V, Pinti DL, Berlo K, Rocher O, Sigurðardóttir ÁK, Gautason B & Kevin B

(2021) Reading the Record of Magma Degassing from Gypsum Precipitates
Berlo K, van Hinsberg V, Pinti DL, Ghaleb B & Lauzeral R

(2021) The Solubility of Thorium in Carbonate-Bearing Solutions at Hydrothermal Conditions
Nisbet H, Migdissov A, Williams-Jones A, van Hinsberg V, Xu H & Roback R

(2019) The Behavior of Th in REE-Bearing Hydrothermal Fluids
Nisbet H, Migdisov A, Williams-Jones A, Xu H, van Hinsberg V & Roback R

(2019) F, REE, Zr, Hf, Nb, Ta, Sn, Mo and W Partitioning between Titanite and Felsic Melt
Guo H & van Hinsberg V

(2019) Quantitatively Reconstructing the Trace and Metal Composition of Seawater Derived Hydrothermal Fluids from (Ultra)mafic Rocks
Crotty C & van Hinsberg V

(2019) Regional Geochemical Mapping: An Ideal Teaching Tool to Demonstrate the Imprint of the Subsurface on the Surface Environment
van Hinsberg V, Vriend S & van Dijk A

(2019) Pressure–temperature History of the >3 Ga Tartoq Greenstone Belt in SW Greenland: Evidence for an Early Style of Subduction
van Hinsberg V, Crotty C, Roozen S, Szilas K & Kisters A

(2019) Experimental Investigation of Orbicular Tourmaline in Granitic Melts
Cruz MF & van Hinsberg V

(2019) Major- and Trace-Element Analysis of Volcanic Brines by cryo-La-Libs
Berlo K, van Hinsberg V, Lauzeral R, Zwillich F & Gonzalez J

(2018) Reconstructing Subduction Zone Fluid Compositions from Minerals Using an Element Partitioning Approach
van Hinsberg V

(2018) Controls on Element Exchange in Ultramafic-Hosted Plumasite-Type Corundum, South-East Greenland
Poulsen MD, Keulen N, van Hinsberg VJ, Kolb J, Frei R, Wennemann T & Thomsen TB

(2018) Liquid Immiscibility in the CaF2- Granite System
Yang L & van Hinsberg V

(2018) The Solubility and Speciation of Thorium in Chloride-Bearing Aqueous Solutions at Elevated Temperatures
Nisbet H, Migdisov A, Xu H, Williams-Jones A, van Hinsberg V, Guo X, Boukhalfa H & Roback R

(2018) Geochemical Controls of Mobilisation, Deposition, and Fractionation of REE, U, and Th in Ore Forming Hydrothermal Systems
Migdisov A, Haylea N, van Hartesveldt N, Kalintsev A, Xu H, Boukhalfa H, Roback R, van Hinsberg V, Williams-Jones A, Gabitov R & Brugger J

(2016) Trace Element Partitioning between Fluorite and Liquid
Yang L, van Hinsberg V & Samson I

(2016) Highly Depleted Peridotites within Mesoarchaean Orthogneiss at the Seqi Olivine Mine, SW Greenland – Potential Implications for the Formation of Cratonic Keels
Szilas K, van Hinsberg V, McDonald I, Morishita T & Pearson G

(2014) The Geochemical Composition of Serpentinites in the Mesoarchaean Tartoq Group, SW Greenland: Harzburgitic Cumulate or Melt-Modified Mantle?
Szilas K, van Hinsberg V & Creaser R

(2014) CO2-fluxing Crashes Metal Mobility in Magmatic Vapour
van Hinsberg V, Berlo K & Migdisov A

(2014) Metal Transport in Vapor Fluids: Insights from ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Mei Y, Migdisov AA, Brugger J, van Hinsberg VJ, Liu W & Williams-Jones AE

(2013) The Impact of Element Speciation on Apparent Partition Coefficients
van Hinsberg V, Wood B, Williams-Jones A & Migdisov A

(2012) Beyond Henry's Law: Interpreting Element Signatures in Oxide Minerals at High Concentrations
van Hinsberg V & Wood B

(2011) Towards a Quantitative Record of Archaean Ocean Water Chemistry: An Element Partitioning Approach
van Hinsberg V, Szilas K & Wood B

(2011) Mesoarchaean Suprasubduction Zone Ophiolite in the Tartoq Group, SW Greenland
Szilas K, van Hinsberg V & Kisters A

(2010) Lattice-Strain Modeling of Fluid Compositions in Subduction Zones and the Mid-Ocean Ridges
van Hinsberg V & Williams-Jones A

(2008) Reconstructing Fluid Chemistry from Mineral-Fluid Partitioning Using the Lattice-Strain Model
van Hinsberg V & Williams-Jones A

(2003) Comparison of Soil, Sediment and Water Sampling in a Regional Geochemical Survey in the Spanish Pyrenees
Vriend S, van Hinsberg V & van der Veer G

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