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All abstracts by Arjen van Veelen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Oxidation Paradox: Influx of Oxidant Stimulates Microbial Metal/Radionuclide Reduction
Weber KA, Westrop JP, Yadav P, Rosso T, Noël V, Van Veelen A, Bargar J, Wu X, Chakraborty R & Herr J

(2020) Uranium Reduction in Response to an Influx of Nitrate into Organic-Rich Sediments
Westrop J, Yadav P, Noel V, Van Veelen A, Bargar J, Chakraborty R & Weber K

(2020) Direct Observation of the Oxygen Atoms in UO2+X
Wang C, van Veelen A, Bargar J & Ewing R

(2017) Multimodal Imaging and Modelling of Rhizosphere Processes
van Veelen A, Keyes S, Daly K, McKay-Fletcher D, Scotson C, Koebernick N, Cooper L, Mosselmans F, Roose T & Duncan S

(2014) In situ U ReflEXAFS from Single Crystal Mineral Surfaces
Mosselmans F, Wogelius R, van Veelen A, Ryan M, Morris K & Qi J

(2013) Uranyl on Mg-Rich Minerals: Polarisation Dependent EXAFS
van Veelen A, Copping R, Law GTW, Smith AJ, Bargar JR, Shuh DK & Wogelius RA

(2013) Spectroscopic Studies of Radionuclide Adsorption and Diffusion
Wogelius R, van Veelen A, Zou B, Bargar J, Brown, Jr. G, Grime G & Law G

(2011) Uranyl Coordination Chemistry on Magnesite and Brucite Surfaces: Polarisation Dependent EXAFS
van Veelen A, Law GTW, Smith AJ, Bargar JR, Rogers J & Wogelius RA

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