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All abstracts by Mark A. Van Zuilen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Preservation of Biosignature Fabrics in an Extinct, Variably Recrystallized Sinter Mound, El Tatio, Chile
van Zuilen MA, Wilmeth D, Nabhan S, Liesegang M, Slagter S, Sans-Jofre P, Homann M, Konhauser KO & Munoz-Saez C

(2018) Precipitation of Self-Organized Fe-Silica Membranes on Early Earth: Friend or Foe?
Kotopoulou E, Lopez-Haro M, Calvino Gamez JJ, van Zuilen M & Garcia-Ruiz JM

(2018) Recognizing Microbial Life Preserved in Rocks: Insights from Population Morphometry
Rouillard J, Havas R, Gérard E, García-Ruiz J-M, Gong J & van Zuilen MA

(2015) The Isotope-Geochemical Record of a Near-Shore Neoarchean Oxygen Oasis
Eroglu S, Schoenberg R, van Zuilen M, Taubald H, Swanner E & Beukes N

(2015) Arsenic Metabolism and Cycling in Early Earth Oceans
Sforna MC, Philippot P, Somogyi A, van Zuilen MA, Medjoubi K, Schoepp-Cothenet B & Nitschke W

(2013) Cr Isotopic Variations in Neoarchean to Paleoproterozoic Near-Surface Chemical Sediments
Schoenberg R, Kleinhanns I, Wille M, Van Zuilen M, Pedersen R-B, Melezhik V & Beukes N

(2013) High-Spatial Resolution Imaging of the Distribution and Inter-Element Correlation of Metals in Modern and Ancient Stromatolites
Sforna MC, Philippot P, van Zuilen M, Somogyi A, Medjoubi K, Visscher PT & Dupraz C

(2013) Mass-Independent Sulfur Isotope Signature in Spherule Beds of the 3.4-3.2 Ga Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa
van Zuilen M, Philippot P, Whitehouse M & Lepland A

(2012) Micron-Scale Imaging of the Distribution of Bio-Available Metals (Fe, Zn, Ni, Co) in Modern and Ancient Microbial Mats
Sforna MC, Philippot P, Van Zuilen M, Somogyi A, Medjoubi K, Visscher P & Dupraz C

(2011) Reconciling the Sulfur Atmospheric Cycle of Early Earth with the Geological Record
Philippot P & Van Zuilen M

(2011) Raman Spectroscopic Analysis of Heterogeneous Carbonaceous Matter in the 2.0 Ga Zaonega Fm, Karelia, Russia
Qu Y, van Zuilen M & Lepland A

(2011) Nanoscale Structural Variation in Pyrobitumen of the 2.0 Ga Zaonega Formation, Karelia, Russia
van Zuilen M, Fliegel D, Wirth R, Lepland A, Qu Y, Schreiber A, Romashkin A & Philippot P

(2009) Sources and Properties of Carbon in Earth's Oldest Rocks
Arrhenius G, Daraio C, Misra A, Rudee L, Perez S, Lepland A & van Zuilen M

(2009) Calibration of Carbonate Composition Using Micro-Raman Analysis: Application to Planetary Surface Exploration
Rividi N, van Zuilen M, Menez B, Poidatz E, Godard G & Philippot P

(2009) Raman Spectroscopic Characteristics of Carbonaceous Material in Archean Rocks; Implications for Early Life Studies
van Zuilen M, Lepland A & Philippot P

(2009) Two Pools of Mass-Independent Sulfur Isotope Anomalies of Hydrothermal Sulfides at North Pole (~3.5 Ga Dresser Formation, Pilbara)
Philippot P & Van Zuilen M

(2007) Elemental-Sulfur Reducing or Disproportionating Organisms in a ~3, 5 Myr-Old Seafloor Setting
Philippot P, Van Zuilen M, Lepot K, Thomazo C, Farquhar J & Van Kranendonk M

(2007) Carbon and Iron Isotopic Evidence for Photosynthesis in a 3.5 Ga Old Shallow Marine Depositional Environment
van Zuilen M, Thomazo C, Luais B & Philippot P

(2004) Do Early Archean Isua and Akilia Rocks Contain Traces of Life?
Lepland A, Whitehouse M, Layne G, Van zuilen M & Arrhenius G

(2004) Carbonaceous Matter in Early Archean Rocks; How to Recognize a Biosignature
Van Zuilen M, Lepland A & Arrhenius G

(2002) Graphite and its Isotopic Composition as a Biomarker in Highly Metamorphosed Early Archean Rocks
van Zuilen M, Lepland A & Arrhenius G

(2002) Origin and Biologic Significance of Graphite and Apatite in Early Archean Supracrustal Rocks from Isua Belt and Akilia Association
Lepland A, van Zuilen M & Arrhenius G

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