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All abstracts by Olga Vasyukova in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Phoscorite – The ‘Secret Weapon’ of Carbonatite Niobium-Enrichment
Vasyukova O, Williams-Jones AE, Matton G, Beaulieu C & Lavoie M

(2020) From the Mantle to Mineralisation: The Cobalt Story
Williams-Jones A & Vasyukova O

(2019) Controls on the Concentration of Zirconium in Magmatic-Hydrothermal Systems
Williams-Jones A & Vasyukova O

(2019) Tracing the REE Composition of an Evolving Peralkaline Granitic Magma via the Composition of Arfvedsonite
Vasyukova O & Williams-Jones AE

(2019) Colloidal Transport: A Solution to the High-Grade Gold Ore Paradox?
McLeish D, Williams-Jones A, Vasyukova O, Clark J & Board W

(2018) Colloidal Processes in the Formation of Bonanza-Grade Gold Ores
Williams-Jones A, McLeish D & Vasyukova O

(2018) A Tale of REE Concentration, Strange Lake, Canada
Vasyukova O & Williams-Jones AE

(2017) Hydrothermal REE Transport at Strange Lake
Vasyukova O & Williams-Jones AE

(2016) Fluid Evolution and HFSE Mobilisation in the Strange Lake Granite Pluton
Vasyukova O & Williams-Jones AE

(2015) Fluid Evolution within the Strange Lake Peralkaline Pluton
Vasyukova O & Williams-Jones AE

(2014) New Evidence for Fluoride-Silicate Liquid Immiscibility in the Strange Lake Granites
Vasyukova O & Williams-Jones AE

(2013) The Role of Fluoride-Silicate Liquid Immiscibility in REE Ore Genesis
Vasyukova O & Williams-Jones AE

(2012) Evolution of the Strange Lake Pluton: Insights from Melt and Fluid Inclusions
Vasyukova O & Williams-Jones AE

(2010) Origin of Quartz-Eyes from Porphyry-Type Deposits
Vasyukova O, Gömann K, MacRae C & Kamenetsky V

(2008) Origin of “Quartz Eyes” and Fluid Inclusions in Mineralized Porphyries
Vasyukova O, Kamenetsky D & Goemann K

(2007) The Source and Fate of Silica in Mineralized Porphyries Revealed by SEM-Cl Textures of Quartz
Goemann K, Vasyukova O & Kamenetsky V

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