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All abstracts by Avner Vengosh in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Water Quality and Legacy Lithium Mining in North Carolina: Insights on the Impacts of Future Lithium Mining
Williams G, Wang Z, Hill R & Vengosh A

(2023) Fingerprints and Fluxes of Lead (Pb) from Coal Fly Ash Disposal in China, India, and the United States
Wang Z, Dai S, Das D, Cowan E, Dietrich M, Schlesinger W, Zhou M, Seramur K, Wu Q & Vengosh A

(2023) Trace Metals, Radionuclides, and Strontium Isotopes Variations of Global Phosphate Rocks and Fertilizers: Implications for Tracing Environmental Impacts
Vengosh A, Wang Z, Williams G, Hill R, Dwyer G, Duckworth O, Gatiboni L, Schnug E, Sun Y, Bol R, El-Hasan T, Haneklaus S, Bahadir AM, Singh A & Shrivastava A

(2022) Strontium Isotope Geochemistry as a Potential Tracer for Contaminants Derived from Lithium Mine Wastes
Williams G, Hill R, Wang Z, Whittaker M, Stringfellow W & Vengosh A

(2022) Legacy of Coal Ash Contamination in Lake Sediments Revealed by Trace Elements and Strontium Isotope Ratios
Wang Z, Cowan E, Seramur K, Dwyer G, Wilson J, Karcher R & Vengosh A

(2022) Strontium Isotopes and Metal(loid)s Variations in Global Phosphate Ores
Vengosh A, Wang Z, Williams G, Hill R, Dwyer G, Duckworth O, Gatiboni L, Schnug E, Sun Y, Bol R, El-Hasan T, Haneklaus S, Bahadir AM, Singh A & Shrivastava A

(2022) Characterizing Oxidative Conditions of Contaminated Aquifers in the Mekong River Delta of Vietnam
Wulsin G, Coyte RM, Vengosh A & Darrah T

(2020) Salinization and Freshening Processes as Additional Factors for Mobilization of Geogenic Contaminants: Evidence from Boron Isotopes Systematics in Groundwater from Northwestern India
Coyte R, Das D, Bala R, Jain R & Vengosh A

(2020) Isotope Effects of Radiation on Fossil Organic Matter
Naumenko-D├Ęzes M, Kloppmann W, Blessing M, Bondu R, Gaucher E & Vengosh A

(2020) Hazardous Trace Elements and Naturally Occurring Radionuclides in Coal and Coal Combustion Residuals from India
Wang Z, Das D & Vengosh A

(2019) Understanding Mechanisms of Quality Degradation as an Essential Tool for Remediation and Management in Northwestern India
Coyte R & Vengosh A

(2018) Arsenic Occurrence and Human Exposure in the Main Ethiopian Rift
Godebo T, Vengosh A & Jeuland M

(2018) Urbanization and Water Quality Trade-Offs: A Geochemical Case Study from Jaipur, India
Coyte R, Furst K, Mitch W & Vengosh A

(2018) Geochemical and Isotopic Evidence for Geogenic Molybdenum in Southeastern Wisconsin
Harkness J, Darrah T & Vengosh A

(2017) Tracing the Sources of Salinity and Water Quality in Groundwater from Rajasthan
Coyte R & Vengosh A

(2017) Boron in Groundwater of the Atlantic Coastal Plain, USA: A Mechanism for Elevated B and 11B Enrichment
Vinson D, Dwyer G & Vengosh A

(2017) The Distribution of Naturally Occurring Hexavalent Chromium in Groundwater from the Piedmont Aquifers of Eastern United States
Vengosh A, Coyte R, Karr J, Harkness JS, Kondash AJ, Ruhl LS & Dwyer GS

(2016) Geochemical Evidence for Fugitive Gas Contamination and Associted Water Quality Changes in Nearby Drinking-Water Wells
Darrah T, Jackson R, Muehlenbachs K, Poreda R, Warner N & Vengosh A

(2016) Study of Salinization and Pollution of the Coastal Aquifer of Chott Meriem, Sahel of Sousse, Tunisia
Ben Hamouda MF, Kondash AJ, Trabelsi B, Harkness J, Lauer N & Vengosh A

(2016) Lithium Isotope Fingerprints of Fossil Fuel Resources and Associated Wastewater
Harkness J, Dwyer G, Millot R, Ruhl L, Hower J, Warner N & Vengosh A

(2015) Study of Salinization and Pollution of the Coastal Aquifer of Chott Meriem, Sahel of Sousse, Tunisia
Ben Hamouda MF, Kondash AJ, Harkness J, Lauer N & Vengosh A

(2015) Radium Isotopes in Coal Combustion Residuals
Lauer N, Hower J, Hsu-Kim H & Vengosh A

(2015) Geochemical Characterization of West Virginia Groundwater in an Area Impacted by Hydraulic Fracturing
Harkness J, Warner N, Kern E, Darrah T, Jackson R & Vengosh A

(2015) The Geochemistry and Isotopic Composition of Produced Waters from Gas Fields in Sichuan Basin, China
Ni Y, Lauer N, Li W & Vengosh A

(2015) Tiny Tracers Tell Old Tales: Noble Gases Delineate the Source and Transport Mechanisnm of Hydrocarbons in Shallow Aquifers
Darrah T, Jackson R, Poreda R, Warner N & Vengosh A

(2014) The Isotopic Imprints of Effluents from an Oil Sand Tailing Pond in Alberta, Canada
Harkness J, Warner N, Ulrich A, Millot R, Kloppmann W, Ahad J, Savard M & Vengosh A

(2014) The Geochemical and Isotopic Fingerprints of Fossil Fuels Associated Contaminants
Vengosh A, Warner NR, Ruhl L, Harkness J, Millot R & Kloppmann W

(2014) The Source and Migration of Natural Gas in Shallow Aquifers: Insights Provided by the Integration of Noble Gas and Hydrocarbon Isotopes
Darrah T, Jackson R, Vengosh A, Warner N & Poreda R

(2014) New Proxies to Trace the Environmental Impact of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids
Warner N, Darrah T, Jackson R, Millot R, Kloppmann W & Vengosh A

(2014) Groundwater Extraction for Coalbed Methane Production: Influence on the Subsurface Geochemical Environment
McIntosh J, Vinson D, Ritter D & Vengosh A

(2012) Exploring Water Quality and Flows Paths Using Boron Isotope Data
Slade A, Warner NR, Vengosh A & Whitehead BP

(2012) Shale Gas and its Environmental Footprint
Jackson RB, Vengosh A, Warner NR & Osborn SG

(2012) Isotopic and Geochemical Evidence for the Natural Migration of Marcellus-Like Brine to Shallow Drinking Water in Northeastern Pennsylvania
Warner N, Osborn S, Down A, Zhao K, Jackson R & Vengosh A

(2012) Transformations of Mercury, Arsenic and Selenium in River Sediments Contaminated with Coal Ash: Field and Laboratory Studies
Schwartz G, Deonarine A, Ruhl L, Vengosh A, Bartov G, Johnson T & Hsu-Kim H

(2012) Using Noble Geochemistry to Identify the Genetic Fingerprint of Natural and Fugitive Gases in the Marcellus Play of Northern Appalachian Basin
Darrah T, Warner N, Vengosh A, Jackson R & Poreda R

(2011) Testing a Geochemical Tracer Tool in New Zealand Water
Slade A, Warner N, Vengosh A & Whitehead B

(2010) Boron Isotopic Geochemistry of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica
Leslie D, Warner N, Vengosh A, Olesik J, Welch K & Lyons WB

(2010) Boron Isotopic Ratios from the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivian Altiplano as a Paleoenvironmental Indicator
Warner N, Nunnery A, Dwyer G, Baker P, Fritz S & Vengosh A

(2010) Low-Level Arsenic Contamination of Groundwater with Biomarker Monitoring in Union County, NC
Merola RB & Vengosh A

(2010) Riverine Mercury Contamination after the 2008 Coal Ash Spill at the Kingston Fossil Plant, TN
Deonarine A, Hsu-Kim H, Ruhl L & Vengosh A

(2010) Mercury Stable Isotope Tracing of Multiple Mercury Sources in the Tennessee River System
Bartov G, Johnson T, Ruhl L, Vengosh A & Southworth G

(2010) Sr Isotope Constraints on Natural Oxy-Anionic Contaminants in a Basin-Fill Aquifer (Arizona, USA)
Vinson D, McIntosh J & Vengosh A

(2010) Isotopic and Geochemical Tracers for Evaluating the Environmental Impact of the Tennessee Valley Authority Coal Ash Spill in Kingston, TN
Ruhl L, Vengosh A & Dwyer G

(2009) 226Ra/222Rn in Groundwater of the Mountain Aquifer and Ein-Fashcha Spring: West Bank
Dieck R, Marie A, Vengosh A & Hassan J

(2009) Water Quality and Radium Isotope Results from the Souss-Massa Basin, Morocco
Tagma T, Bouchaou L, Warner N, Vison D, Hsissou Y, Boutaleb S, Dywer G, Lgourna Z, Ettayfi N & Vengosh A

(2009) The Origin of Fossil Groundwater from the Nubian Sandstone Aquifers in the Middle East: A Multi-Isotope (Ra, B, Sr, S, O, H) Investigation
Vengosh A, Dwyer G, Rimawi O, Al-Zoubi A, Marie A & Ganor J

(2009) Coupled Use of Sr and Ra Isotopes to Assess Ra Mobility and Water-Rock Interaction in Sandstone Aquifers
Vinson D, Lundy J, Dwyer G & Vengosh A

(2005) The Relationships between Groundwater Discharge and the Lower Jordan River
Farber E, Vengosh A, Gavrieli I, Marei A, Bullen T, Mayer B, Holtzman R, Segal M & Shavit U

(2003) Geochemical and Isotopic (Sr, B, O, H) Characterization of Groundwater from the Lower Cretaceous Sandstone Aquifer in the Negev and Arava Valley, Israel
Henig S, Vengosh A, Ganor J & Bullen T

(2003) Identification of Sources of Nitrate in the Coastal Aquifer of Israel: New Insights from Nitrogen and Oxygen Isotope Measurements
Roded D, Vengosh A & Mayer B

(2002) Sources and Processes of Nitrogen along the Lower Jordan River
Segal-Rozenhaimer M, Shaviv A, Vengosh A, Gavrieli I, Mayer B & Shavit U

(2002) An Enigmatic Salinity Source in the Mediterranean Coastal Aquifer and Gaza Strip: Utilization of Isotopic (B, Sr, O) Constraints for Searching the Sources of Groundwater Contamination
Vengosh A, Marei A, Guerrot C, Pankratov I & Kloppmann W

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