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All abstracts by Johan Villeneuve in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Hiroshima Spherules as an Analog of Early Solar System Condensates
Asset N, Chaussidon M, Villeneuve J, Wannier M & Robert F

(2023) Reassessment of the Age of the Solar System and the Chronology of Chondrule Formation
Piralla M, Villeneuve J, Schnuriger N, Bekaert DV & Marrocchi Y

(2023) New C and S Metallic Reference Materials for SIMS Analysis
Dalou C, Villeneuve J, Tissandier L, Riguet L & Paris G

(2023) The High-Temperature Origin of Hydrogen in Enstatite Chondrite Chondrules and Implications for the Origin of Terrestrial Water
Thomassin D, Piani L, Villeneuve J, Bouden N, Caumon M-C & Marrocchi Y

(2023) Using Li Concentration and Isotopic Composition to Unravel the Link between Type I and II Chondrule Olivine
Neukampf J, Marrocchi Y, Villeneuve J & Roskosz M

(2021) Triple Oxygen Isotope Measurements by Multi-Collector Large-Geometry Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
Peres P, Bouden N, Villeneuve J, Marrocchi Y, Deloule E, F├╝ri E, Gurenko A, Piani L, Thomassot E & Fernandes F

(2021) Rapid Condensation of the First Solar System Solids Inferred from Silicon Isotopes in Amoeboid Olivine Aggregates
Marrocchi Y, Villeneuve J, Jacquet E, Piralla M & Chaussidon M

(2021) Origin of Spinel in CV Chondrules
Schnuriger N, Cartier C, Villeneuve J, Batanova VG, Regnault M & Marrocchi Y

(2021) Silicon Isotopic Compositions of Chondrule Silicates in Carbonaceous Chondrites and the Formation of Primordial Solids in the Accretion Disk
Villeneuve J, Marrocchi Y & Jacquet E

(2021) Germanium and Silicon Isotope Investigations in Main-Group and Eagle Station Pallasites
Luais B, Deng Z, Villeneuve J & Cividini D

(2021) Triple Magnesium Isotope Constraints on the Origin of Chondrules
Chaussidon M, Deng Z, Ebel DS, Villeneuve J, Moureau J & Moynier F

(2020) In situ High Resolution Measurements of Fe Isotope Composition in Micro-Pyrite Using Hyperion Radio Frequency Source on IMS 1280 HR2
Decraene M-N, Marin-Carbonne J, Bouvier A-S, Bouden N, Villeneuve J & Deloule E

(2019) No C Enrichment in the Mantle Source of Carbonatites in Eastern Africa
Casola V, France L, Bouden N, Galy A & Villeneuve J

(2017) U-Pb SIMS Apatite Dating Using a Common Lead Correction (Examples from the Scottish Caledonides)
Jewison E, Deloule E, Villeneuve J, Bellahsen N, Labrousse L, Rosenberg C, Pik R & Chew D

(2014) Quantification and Kinetics of H2 Generation during Hydrothermal Serpentinization Experiments
Fauguerolles C, Castelain T, Villeneuve J & Pichavant M

(2009) Constraints on 26Al and Mg Isotopic Distribution in the Early Solar System from High Precision 26Al-26Mg Systematics
Villeneuve J, Chaussidon M & Guy L

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