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All abstracts by Masao Ban in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Magma Feeding System of the Latest Magmatic Unit of Azuma Volcano, NE Japan
Ban M, Kanno S, Sato M & Imura T

(2020) Pre-Eruptive Magmatic Processes of Zao Volcano: Timescales of Multiple Magma Mixings Revealed by Orthopyroxene Phenocrysts
Sato M & Ban M

(2020) The Temporal Variation of Magma Plumbing System of the Kattadake Pyroclastic Rocks in the Zao Volcano, Northeastern Japan
Takebe M, Nishi Y & Ban M

(2016) Magma Feeding System in the Initiation of Goshikidake Activity (Zao Volcano, Japan)
Nishi Y, Ban M, Oikawa T, Yamasaki S, Sato S, Alvarez-Valero A & Shinjo R

(2016) Genetic Relationship between Tholeiitic and Calc-Alkaline Suite Magmas at Chokai Volcano in the NE Japan Rear-Arc
Takahashi T, Hirahara Y, Kimura J-I, Chang Q, Ban M, Tatsumi Y & Nakano S

(2016) Homogeneous Mantle and Diverse Arc Crust: Significant Role of Mafic Lower Crust for Chemical Diversity of Arc Magmas
Ban M, Kimura J-I, Takahashi T, Uzawa Y, Ohba T, Fujinawa A, Hayashi S, Yoshida T, Miyazaki T, Chan Q, Senda R, Vaglarov B & Tatsumi Y

(2016) Noble Gas Evolution in Submarine Volcanoes: New Forecasting Perspectives
Álvarez-Valero AM, Burgess R, Bárcena MÁ, Fraile-Nuez E, Ban M, Flores JA, Recio C, Ruzie L, Geyer A, Giralt S, Recio G & Jordan R

(2009) Temporal Change of Magma Feeding System beneath the Gassan Volcano, NE Japan
Ban M, Iai Y, Hirotani S, Shuto K & Kagami H

(2008) Calc-Alkalic vs. Tholeiitic Revisited: A Radical View of Andesite Genesis
Tatsumi Y, Takahashi T, Hirahara Y, Miyazaki T, Chang Q, Kimura J-I, Ban M & Sakayori A

(2007) The Origin of Compositional Variation of Mafic Magma and Genesis of Associated Silicic Magma in the Shirataka Volcano, NE Japan: Constraints from Sr Isotopic Compositions of Mafic Inclusions and their Hosts, with Detailed Petrologic Features of the Mafic
Hirotani S, Ban M & Nakagawa M

(2003) Origin of Calc-Alkaline Felsic Magmas in the Middle Part of Northeastern Japan – Petrology of the Takamatsu Volcano -
Ban M, Suga T, Wako A & Hirotani S

(2003) The Characteristics and Petrogenetic Relationship of Mixing End-Member Magmas from Shirataka Volcano, Moriyoshi Volcanic Zone
Hirotani S & Ban M

(2003) The Petrologic Study of Za-To5, Zao Volcano, Northeastern Japan Arc
Sagawa H & Ban M

(2003) Temporal Variation of Petrological Characteristics of Rocks from Gassan Volcano, Northeast Japan Arc
Iai Y & Ban M

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