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All abstracts by Christoph Vogt in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Saprolites on- and Offshore Norway: New Constraints on Formation Processes and Age
Fredin O, Zwingmann H, Knies J, Sørlie R, Grandal EM, Lie J-E, Müller A & Vogt C

(2013) Early Diagenetic Quartz Formation at a Deep Iron Oxidation Front in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific
Meister P, Chapligin B, Picard A, Meyer H, Fischer C, Rettenwander D, Amthauer G, Vogt C & Aiello I

(2012) More Than Just 'Brown Layers': Manganese in Quaternary Arctic Ocean Sediments
Maerz C, Stratmann A, Matthiessen J, Poulton SW, Meinhardt A-K, Eckert S, Schnetger B, Vogt C, Stein R & Brumsack H-J

(2011) Plio-Pleistocene Evolution of Water Mass Exchange and Erosional Input in the Fram Strait
Teschner C, Frank M, Haley BA, Christl M, Vogt C & Knies J

(2009) Discrimination between Monsoon-Driven Eolian, Fluvial and Turbiditic Supply in the Northern Arabian Sea
Wilhelms-Dick D, Hanebuth T, Vogt C, Röhl U, Westerhold T, Lukies V & Kasten S

(2008) Chemistry and Mineralogy of Aeolian and Fluvial Supply in Shallow-Water Sediments off Senegal (NW Africa)
Nizou J, Hanebuth TJ, Bouimetarhan I, Vogt C, Stuut J-B & Zabel M

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