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All abstracts by Frank von der Kammer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Experimental Transformations of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles in Redox-Dynamic Freshwater Sediments
Stetten L, von der Kammer F & Hofmann T

(2017) Transformation of Copper-Based Nano Materials in Soils
Laycock A, Gerstmann B, Tepe N, Kah M, Hofmann T & von der Kammer F

(2017) Improvements in Sample Introduction and Calibration Approaches for Analysis of Engineered Nanomaterials by Single Particle ICP-MS
Tepe N, Laycock A, Hofmann T & von der Kammer F

(2017) TiO2 Nanomaterials Detection in Calcium Rich Matrices by spICPMS. a Matter of Resolution and Treatment
Tharaud M, Gondikas A, Benedetti M, von der Kammer F, Hofmann T & Cornelis G

(2015) Detection of Engineered Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles in Soils
von der Kammer F, Praetorius A, Grundlach-Graham A, Guenther D & Hofmann T

(2014) Hunting Nanoparticles in the Environment: The Case of Nano-TiO2 from Sunscreens
von der kammer F, Gondikas A, Reed R & Hofmann T

(2013) Detection of Engineered Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles in the Environment
von der Kammer F, Neubauer E, Reed R, Ranville J & Hofmann T

(2013) Bioavailability of Metals Associated with Aquatic Natural Organic Matter
Maurice P, Kuhn K, Neubauer L, Hofmann T & von der Kammer F

(2013) Colloid-Associated Iron and Arsenic Transport in Streams
Neubauer E, von der Kammer F, Knorr K-H, Peiffer S, Reichert M, Köhler SJ, Laudon H & Hofmann T

(2012) Metal Speciation and Dynamics of Carrier Phases in a Boreal Forested Catchment Under Transient Chemical Conditions
Neubauer E, Koehler S, v. d. Kammer F, Laudon H & Hofmann T

(2012) Development of Flow-Field Flow Fractionation Based Methods for the Characterization of Engineered Nanoparticles in a Complex Matrix
von der Kammer F, Legros S, Wagner S, Meisterjahn B, Larsen E, Loeschner K, Navratilova J & Hofmann T

(2011) Size Dependent Element Interaction and Speciation in Environmental Nanoparticles
Neubauer E, von der Kammer F, Kraemer SM & Hofmann T

(2011) Development of Methodologies Based on Field-Flow Fractionation for the Characterization of Engineered Nanoparticles in Complex Samples
Meisterjahn B, Legros S, von der Kammer F & Hofmann T

(2010) Testing Nanoparticles for their Environmental Behaviour
von der Kammer F, Ottofuelling S & Hofmann T

(2010) Environmental Nanoparticles: Distribution and Behaviour of Main and Trace Elements at the Nanoscale
von der Kammer F, Hofmann T, Plathe K, Legros S, Neubauer E, Hochella M, Le Coustumer P & Hassellöv M

(2010) The Role Nanoparticulate Oxides as Transporters of Toxic Trace Metals in Riverbed Sediment
Plathe K, von der Kammer F, Hassellöv M, Moore J, Murayama M, Hofmann T & Hochella M

(2009) Nanoparticle Facilitated Transport of Organic Contaminants
Hofmann T & von der Kammer F

(2009) Determining Trace Metal-Nanoparticle Associations in Contaminated Sediment Using Analytical TEM and FFF Coupled to MALLS and HR-ICPMS
Haus K, von der Kammer F, Hassellov M, Moore J & Hochella M

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