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All abstracts by Anna Vymazalová in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Palladium Telurides and their Solubility of Ag, Pb, Sn – An Experimental Study
Vymazalová A, Laufek F, Drábek M, Kristavchuk AV & Chareev DA

(2011) Application of Experimental Mineralogy to the Description of New Platinum-Group Minerals
Vymazalová A, Drábek M & Zaccarini F

(2007) Re-Os Study of the Polish Kupferschiefer: Implications for Source and Timing of Metal Enrichment
Pašava J, Vymazalová A, Qu W & Korzekwa W

(2007) Organometallic Complexes from Ni-Mo-Pge Black Shales in South China – Combination of Bioactivities, Hydrothermal Venting and Phosphate Deposition during Global Cambrian Biological Explosion
Pašava J, Sklodowska A, Vymazalová A, Biernat A, Kribek B & Orberger B

(2006) Origin of MoSC phases in Lower Cambrian black shales from southern China
Orberger B, Vymazalova A, Wagner C, Fialin M, Gallien JP, Wirth R, Pasava J & Montagnac G

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