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All abstracts by Dipanjan Banerjee in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) How do Redox Alterations of Boom Clay Change its Interactions with Selenite?
Hoving A, Behrends T, Bruggeman C, Maes N & Banerjee D

(2016) Cable Bacteria Impact Sediment Iron and Manganese Dynamics in a Seasonally-Hypoxic Marine Lake
Sulu-Gambari F, Seitaj D, Behrends T, Banerjee D, Meysman F & Slomp C

(2015) Interaction of Selenite with Separated Boom Clay Fractions – Adsorption vs. Reduction
Hoving A, Münch M, Bruggeman C, Maes N, Banerjee D & Behrends T

(2012) Tin Sorption to Magnetite Nanoparticles Under Anoxic Conditions
Dulnee S, Banerjee D, Rossberg A & Scheinost A

(2011) Spectroscopic Study of Influence of Silica on the Stability of Actinide(IV) Colloids at Near-Neutral pH
Banerjee D, Weiss S, Zaenker H, Scheinost A & Hennig C

(2011) Sorption and Interfacial Redox of Sn(II) Under Anoxic Conditions: Magnetite vs. Anatase
Dulnee S, Banerjee D, Scheinost A & Rossberg A

(2010) XPS and XAS Investigation of Sb(V) Reduction on Mackinawite: Effect of pH and Surface Loading
Banerjee D, Kirsch R & Scheinost A

(2010) Chemical Bonds and Formation Process of Actinide(IV) Oligomers and Colloids
Hennig C, Takao K, Takao S, Ikeda-Ohno A, Banerjee D, Weiss S, Zaenker H, Kraus W, Emmerling F & Scheinost A

(2009) Spectroscopic Investigations of Uranyl Reduction by Fe-Bearing Clays
Chakraborty S, Boivin FF, Gehin A, Banerjee D, Scheinost AC, Greneche JM, Mullet M, Bardelli F & Charlet L

(2008) X-Ray Photoelectron and Absorption Spectroscopy Investigation of Se(IV) and Sb(V) Reduction by Mackinawite
Banerjee D, Kirsch R & Scheinost A

(2008) Reduction of Antimony by Nanoparticulate Fe3O4 and FeS
Kirsch R, Scheinost A, Rossberg A, Banerjee D & Charlet L

(2007) EXAFS and XPS Study of Arsenate Adsorption on Manganite (p-Mnooh) Surfaces
Banerjee D, Nelson H & Persson P

(2004) A Sedimentary Framework for Arsenic-Contaminated Groundwater in West Bengal
Hudson-Edwards K, Banerjee D, Ravenscroft P, McArthur J, Carter A, Mishra R & Pirohit R

(2004) Interaction of Aqueous Aluminum Species with Pentel Anions
Banerjee D, Rentsch D & Furrer G

(2002) Chemical Reactivity of Aqeous Aluminum Nanoclusters
Banerjee D, Furrer G & Hany R

(2000) XPS Study of Reductive Dissolution of Synthetic Birnessite by Humate
Banerjee D & Nesbitt HW

(2000) Vapour-Liquid Equilibrium Study of Silicon Tetrachloride-CO2 System
Suleimenov OM, Banerjee D & Seward TM

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