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All abstracts by Shigeyuki Wakaki in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Direct Quantification of 90Sr in Biosamples Using Isotope Dilution–Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry Assisted by Quadrupole Energy Filtering
Aoki J, Goto M, Wakaki S, Miyazaki T, Suzuki K & Takagai Y

(2023) Gallium Isotopic Composition of GSJ Rock Reference Samples
Kato C, Aso R, Fukutani S, Nakada R, Nagaishi K, Wakaki S & Fujii T

(2023) The Impact of Antarctic Ice Sheet Expansion (ca. 34 Ma) on Silicate Weathering, Erosion and the Carbon Cycle: Insights from Li and Mg Isotopes
Sproson AD, Yoshimura T, Wakaki S, Aze T, Ishikawa T, Yokoyama Y & Ohkouchi N

(2022) Detecting Low Levels of Radioactive Sr in Environmental Samples Using RPQ-Tims
Wakaki S, Aoki J, Suzuki K, Miyazaki T, Roberts J, Vollstaedt H, Takagai Y, Tollstrup D & Sasaki S

(2022) A Novel Application of Mg and Li Isotopes Reveals a Link between Erosion, Chemical Weathering, and Atmospheric CO2 during the Expansion of Antarctica’s Ice Sheets (ca. 34 Ma)
Sproson AD, Yoshimura T, Aze T, Wakaki S, Ishikawa T, Yokoyama Y & Ohkouchi N

(2021) The Mg and Li Isotopic Compositions of Authigenic and Detrital Sedimentary Phases Record Antarctic Chemical Silicate Weathering Across the EOT
Sproson AD, Yoshimura T, Aze T, Wakaki S, Ishikawa T, Yokoyama Y & Ohkouchi N

(2020) Ba Stable Isotopes and their Relationship with Salinity in the East China Sea
Horikawa K, Tezuka Y, Miyazaki T & Wakaki S

(2020) 87Sr/86Sr Linkage between Geological and Biological Materials
Minami M, Sawada H & Wakaki S

(2020) Intensification of Antarctic Chemical Silicate Weathering during the EOT Revealed by Mg and Li Isotopes
Sproson A, Yoshimura T, Aze T, Yokoyama Y, Ishikawa T, Wakaki S & Ohkouchi N

(2019) Sr Isotope Exchange in Bone Apatite: An 84Sr-Enrichment Experiment
Minami M & Wakaki S

(2019) High Precision Analysis of Radiogenic Sr Isotope Ratios of Modern and Quaternary Oceans
Wakaki S, Yoshimura T, Takayanagi H & Wakaki H

(2018) Precise and Accurate Analysis of Stable Sr Isotope Ratios by DS-Tims and its Application to Paleoenvironmental Studies
Wakaki S, Obata H, Tazoe H & Ishikawa T

(2016) A Quaternary δ88/86Sr Record from Planktonic Foraminifera in Equatrial Pacific Sediment of West Caroline Basin
Yoshimura T, Wakaki S, Kuroda J, Yamazaki T, Takagi H, Kimoto K, Sakuramoto Y, Ishikawa T & Ohkouchi N

(2016) High Temperature Sr Isotope Fractionation during Magmatic Differentiation: The Role of Plagioclase
Wakaki S, Wakasugi Y, Ichino K, Ishikawa T & Tsuboi M

(2015) Magmatic Strontium Stable Isotope Fractionation within a Single Granitic Pluton
Wakasugi Y, Tanioka Y, Wakaki S, Tsuboi M & Ishikawa T

(2015) Isotope Analysis of Ng-Sized Nd by Total Evaporation TIMS and its Application to Foraminifera Samples
Wakaki S, Yoshimura T, Kuroda J, Ohkouchi N & Ishikawa T

(2014) Chronology of Multiple Melting of a Type C CAI from Allende CV3
Kawasaki N, Kato C, Itoh S, Ito M, Wakaki S & Yurimoto H

(2013) Stable Isotopic Fractionation of Sr and Eu Among Igneous Rocks
Wakaki S, Tanimizu M, Ishikawa T & Tanaka T

(2009) Natural Isotopic Variation of Europium Among Geological Samples
Tanaka H, Wakaki S, Tanimizu M & Tanaka T

(2009) Oxygen Isotopic Compositions of a Compound CAI in Allende
Wakaki S, Itoh S, Tanaka T & Yurimoto H

(2009) Radiogenic and Stable Isotope Systematics of Strontium within a Single Granitic Pluton
Kimura Y, Tsuboi M, Wakaki S, Katoh D, Asahara Y & Tanaka T

(2007) Stable Isotope Geochemistry of Nd in Various Terestrial Rocks
Wakaki S & Tanaka T

(2007) Elemental and Isotopic Fractionation in Some Organs of Bamboo
Tanaka T, Wakaki S, Tanimizu M & Asahara Y

(2006) Precise measurement of Sm isotopes by TIMS using double spike technique
Wakaki S & Tanaka T

(2003) Single Mineral Rb-Sr Isochron Dating
Wakaki S & Tanaka T

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