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All abstracts by Richard J. Walker in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Siderophile Anomalies in the Easter Plume: Source or Process?
Finlayson VA, Schilling ME, Tornabene HA, Bermingham KR, Day JMD & Walker RJ

(2021) Global Chemical and Isotope Heterogeneity in the Early Earth's Mantle Revealed by Pilbara Komatiites and Basalts
Puchtel IS, Horan MF, Walker RJ, Nisbet E & Locmelis M

(2021) Tungsten-182 and Neodymium-142 Evidence for an Ancient Kimberlite Source
Nakanishi N, Carlson RW, Horan MF, Giuliani A, Woodhead J, Pearson DG & Walker RJ

(2021) The Search for Preserved Late-Stage Accretionary Components in Terrestrial Materials
Bermingham KR, Walker RJ, Finlayson VA, Tornabene HA, Peters B, Day JMD, Rudnick RL, Nakanishi N, Jackson MG, Pearson DG & Schilling ME

(2019) New Insights to Earth History Provided by Short-Lived Radiogenic Isotope Systems
Walker R & Mundl-Petermeier A

(2019) Ancient Lower Mantle Heterogeneities Revealed by Modern OIB – A Story Told by W and He Isotopes
Mundl-Petermeier A, Walker R, Fischer R & Jackson M

(2019) Siderophile Element Heterogeneity of the Early Mantle: The Western Australia Komatiite Connection
Puchtel IS, Nicklas RW, Slagle J, Locmelis M, Nisbet EG & Walker RJ

(2019) Lithophile-Siderophile Constraints on Hadean Processes Preserved in Hotspot Sources
Peters B, Mundl-Petermeier A, Carlson R, Walker R & Day J

(2019) Extinct Radionuclide Signatures from Juvenile Crustal Blocks within the Slave Craton
Reimink J, Pearson DG, Shirey SB, Carlson RW, Mundl-Petermeier A & Walker RJ

(2016) Investingating Signatures of Late Accretion: The Ruthenium Isotopic Composition of the Earth’s Mantle
Bermingham KR & Walker RJ

(2016) Siderophile Element Constraints on the Deep Earth: What’s Down There and How and When Did It Form?
Walker R

(2015) A Hadean Enriched Mantle Source Revealed by W Isotopes
Touboul M, Puchtel I & Walker R

(2015) Memories of Earth Formation in the Modern Mantle: W Isotopic Composition of Flood Basalt Lavas
Rizo H, Walker R, Carlson R, Mukhopadhyay S, Francis D & Jackson M

(2014) Mantle Composition, Structure and Distribution of Radiogenic Power: Paradigms of the Earth’s Interior
Arevalo Jr. R, McDonough W, Stracke A, Willbold M, Ireland T & Walker R

(2014) Chemical/Isotopic Tracing of Late Stages of Planetary Accretion
Walker R

(2014) Mantle Mixing Processes Revealed from HIMU Basalts
Day J, Cabral R, Jackson M & Walker R

(2014) Geochemical Effects of Alteration and Refertilization in Abyssal Peridotites
Day J, Walker R & Warren J

(2014) Silver in the Terrestrial Mantle
Horan M, Carlson R, Walker R & Jenner F

(2014) Investigating Terrestrial Mantle Evolution Using Ru Isotopes
Bermingham KR, Puchtel IS, O'Driscoll B & Walker RJ

(2014) Constraints on Late Accretion from W, Os, and Nd Isotopes in 2.4 Ga Vetreny Komatiites
Puchtel I, Touboul M & Walker R

(2014) Multiple Early Earth Differentiation Events Revealed by 142Nd, 182W, and HSE Abundances in Isua Samples
Rizo H, Walker RJ, Carlson RW, Horan M, Touboul M, Puchtel IS, Boyet M & Rosing M

(2014) Non-Chondritic 142Nd and Archean 142Nd and 182W Variability Reconciled by Magma Ocean Crystallization and Overturn
Brown S, Elkins-Tanton L & Walker R

(2014) High-Precision Tungsten Isotope Analyses by Multicollection N-TIMS
Trinquier A, Touboul M & Walker RJ

(2014) Early Mantle Heterogeneities Recorded by 2.7 Ga Komatiites
Touboul M, Puchtel IS & Walker RJ

(2014) Large 182W Anomalies in Eoarchean Residual Mantle Rocks from Northern Labrador, Canada
Liu J, Touboul M, Ishikawa A, Walker R & Pearson G

(2013) Effects of Subduction-Related Melt Extraction on Iapetus Ocean Mantle
O'Driscoll B, Walker R, Day J & Daly S

(2013) Early Mantle Composition and Evolution Inferred from 142Nd and 182W Variations in Isua Samples
Rizo H, Touboul M, Carlson RW, Boyet M, Puchtel IS & Walker RJ

(2013) Tungsten Isotope Heterogeneities in Archean Komatiites
Touboul M, Puchtel I & Walker R

(2013) Isotopic and Elemental Evidence of Magma Ocean Processes Recorded in Early Archean Komatiites
Puchtel I, Walker R, Touboul M & Blichert-Toft J

(2013) A Comprehensive Separation Procedure for Precise Determination of Re, Ir, Ru, Pt and Pd in Geological Samples
Chu Z, Walker R, Guo J, Yan Y, Yang Y & Zhang Y

(2013) New Constraints on the Magnitude and Timing of Late Accretion
Walker R, Touboul M, Puchtel I & Liu J

(2013) Formation Mechanisms of Reaction Zones in Mélange Zones: Evidence for Mechanical Mixing
Gorman J, Penniston-Dorland S, Walker R & Marschall H

(2012) Planetary Scale Sr Isotopic Heterogeneity
Moynier F, Day J, Okui W, Yokoyama T, Bouvier A, Walker R & Podosek F

(2012) The Upper Pennsylvanian Hushpuckney Black Shale Member from the Swope Formation in Kansas: Rhenium -Osmium Isotope Systematics, and the Highly Siderophile Elements (HSE)
Pitcher LL, Rasbury ET, Walker RJ & Watney WL

(2012) Combined 182W, 186, 187Os and 142,143Nd Constraints on Terrestrial Differentiation and Mantle Mixing
Walker R, Touboul M & Puchtel I

(2012) Early Earth: An Insight from the Combined Os-Nd-Hf Isotope Systematics of Barberton Komatiites
Puchtel I, Touboul M, Blichert-Toft J & Walker R

(2012) Primordial Mantle Heterogeneities Revealed by Coupled 182W and 186, 187Os Investigations
Touboul M, Liu J, O'Neil J, Puchtel I & Walker R

(2012) Separation of Mo, W and HFSEs from Rock Samples for the Study of Isotope Anomalies in Meteorites
Nagai Y, Yokoyama T & Walker R

(2012) Bendego IC-Iron: HSE and Re-Os
Rios D, Carvalho W, Walker R, Davis D & Zucolotto ME

(2011) Uniform Os Isotopic Composition in Early-Formed Planetesimals
Walker R

(2011) 186Os-187Os and Highly Siderophile Element Abundance Systematics of Earth’s Upper Mantle
Day J, Warren J & Walker R

(2011) Tungsten Isotopic Anomalies in Archean Komatiites
Touboul M, Puchtel IS & Walker RJ

(2011) Evolution of Deep Mantle Sources as Inferred from Os-Nd Isotope Systematics of Archean Komatiites
Puchtel I & Walker R

(2011) Understanding Late Accretion on the Earth, Moon, and Mars
Bottke W, Walker R, Day J, Nesvorny D & Elkins-Tanton L

(2011) Comparative Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf-Os Isotopic Systematics of Xenolithic Peridotites from Yangyuan, North China Craton
Liu J, Carlson R, Rudnick R, Walker R, Wu F & Gao S

(2010) Clues to the Formation of the Terrestrial Planets from Highly Siderophile Elements
Walker R, Puchtel I, Day J, Galenas M & Brandon A

(2010) Highly Siderophile Elements in the Early Earth: A Story Told by Barberton Komatiites
Puchtel I, Walker R, Robin C, Arndt N, Nisbet E, Anhaeusser C & Byerly G

(2010) Highly Siderophile Elements as Tracers of Mantle-Crust Interactions in Subduction Zone Metamorphic Rocks: Evidence from the Franciscan Complex, CA
Penniston-Dorland S, Walker R, Pitcher L & Sorensen S

(2010) The HSE Budget in Early Mars and Genesis of Shergottites
Brandon A, Puchtel I, Day J & Walker R

(2010) 84Sr Anomalies in Meteorites?
Moynier F, Day J, Bouvier A, Podosek F & Walker R

(2010) Melting and Refertilization in Peridotites: What Happens to Os?
Rudnick R & Walker R

(2010) 186Os-187Os Systematics of EM and HIMU Flavours
Day J, Jackson M & Walker R

(2010) 186-Os Systematics of Hawaiian Picrites
Ireland T, Walker R & Brandon A

(2010) Os Isotope Evidence for Diachronous Formation of Lithospheric Mantle beneath the Trans-North China Orogen, North China Craton
Liu J, Rudnick R, Walker R, Gao S, Wu F, Xu W & Xu Y

(2009) Fractionated Highly Siderophile Elements in Fertile Mantle Xenoliths
Palme H, Witt-Eickschen G & Walker R

(2009) Highly Siderophile Elements in the Mantles of the Terrestrial Planets
Walker R, Puchtel I & Day J

(2009) Highly Siderophile Element Evidence from Early Solar System Processes in Ordinary Chondrite Components
Horan M, Alexander C & Walker R

(2009) Recycled Lower Continental Crust: Re-Os Isotopic Evidence from Peridotite Xenoliths Entrained by Mesozoic High-Mg Diorites in the Eastern North China Craton
Xu W-L, Gao S, Yang D-B, Yuan H-L, Rudnick RL & Walker RJ

(2009) The Role of Volatiles during Asteroidal Differentiation
Day J, Walker R, Sunshine J, Ash R, Rumble D, Liu Y, McDonough B & Taylor L

(2009) Highly Siderophile Elements in the Earth’s Mantle: Message from the Archean Komatiite Zoo
Puchtel IS & Walker RJ

(2009) Re-Os Geochemistry of Fe-Rich Peridotites and Pyroxenites from Horní Bory, Czech Republic
Ackerman L, Walker R & Puchtel I

(2008) 187Re-187Os Isotopic and Highly Siderophile Element (HSE) Systematics of Pallasites
Lee SR, Walker RJ, McCoy TJ & McDonough WF

(2008) Highly Siderophile Elements and 187Os/188Os in the Parental Melts of Hawaiian Picrites
Ireland TJ & Walker R

(2008) Light Mo Isotopic Signatures in Chesapeake Bay Sediments
Scheiderich K, Dolor M, Helz G, Walker R & Kaufman AJ

(2008) Constraining Deep Mantle Contributions to Canary Island Lavas
Day J, Walker R, Hilton D, Carracedo J-C & Hanski E

(2008) Re-Os Isotope and HSE Systematics of 3.5 Ga Barberton Komatiites
Puchtel I & Walker R

(2008) Osmium Partitioning Behavior between Metal and Silicate Melt at High Pressure and Temperature: A New Experimental Approach
Yokoyama T, Walker D & Walker R

(2008) Chemical and Chronologic Complexity in the Oceanic Mantle: Evidence from the Taitao Ophiolite
Walker R, Schulte R, Schilling M, Horan M, Anma R & Farquhar J

(2007) Pt-Re-Os Isotope and HSE Systematics of Belingwe Komatiites
Puchtel I, Brandon A, Walker R & Nisbet E

(2007) Re-Os Depth Profile of the Upper Mantle beneath Central Europe
Ackerman L, Puchtel IS, Walker RJ & Jelínek E

(2007) The 187Os/188Os of the Convecting Upper Mantle
Walker R

(2007) Fractionated HSE in Suboceanic Mantle: Assessing the Influence of Refertilization Processes on Upper Mantle Peridotites
van Acken D, Becker H, Wombacher F, Walker RJ, McDonough WF, Ash RD & Piccoli PM

(2007) Geochemical Tracing of Core-Mantle Interaction: High-Precision W Isotopic Data on Komatiites Using TIMS
Becker H, Brandon A & Walker R

(2007) More on Os Isotope Anomalies in Chondrites: Possible Carriers
Yokoyama T, Rai V, Alexander C & Walker R

(2006) Re-Os evidence for age and origin of peridotites from the Dabie-Sulu UHP belt
Yuan H, Gao S, Rudnick RL, Jin Z & Walker RJ

(2006) The Search for Evidence of Chemical Interaction Between the Core and Mantle
Walker R, Ireland T & Brandon A

(2006) 187Re-187Os isotopic and highly siderophile element systematics of pallasites
Lee SR, Walker R, McCoy T & McDonough W

(2006) Behavior of PGEs and Re in Kilauea Iki lava lake, Hawaii
Helz R, Pitcher L & Walker R

(2005) Lithium Isotopic Fractionation in Pegmatites
Teng F, McDonough W, Rudnick R & Walker R

(2005) Pt-Re-Os Isotope and HSE Systematics of 2.8<!s><$>Ga Komatiites
Puchtel IS, Brandon AD, Humayun M & Walker RJ

(2005) Platinum-Osmium Isotope Evolution of the Earth's Mantle
Brandon A, Walker R, Puchtel I & Humayun M

(2004) Low Abundances of Highly Siderophile Elements in Lunar Mantle Imply Prolonged Late Accretion
Horan M, Walker R, Shearer C & Papike J

(2002) Permian-Triassic Komatiites and their Os Isotopic Characteristics in Northern Vietnam
Hanski E, Walker RJ, Polyakov GV, Glotov AI, Balykin PA & Hoa TT

(2002) Evolution of Osmium Isotopes In Komatiite Sources
Walker R

(2002) Ru and Mo Isotopic Constraints on the Scale of Isotopic Homogeneity in Meteorites and their Parent Bodies
Becker H & Walker R

(2001) The 98Tc-98Ru and 99Tc-99Ru Chronometers: New Results on Iron Meteorites and Terrestrial Ru
Becker H & Walker RJ

(2001) The Fingerprint of the Late Veneer: Evidence from the Highly Siderophile Elements and Osmium Isotopes
Walker RJ, Horan MF & Morgan JW

(2000) Siderophile Elements in Earth's Upper Mantle and Lunar Breccias: Manifestations of the Same Late Influx
Morgan JW, Walker RJ, Brandon AD & Horan MF

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