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All abstracts by Paul Wallace in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Olivine and Pyroxene-Hosted Fluid Inclusions Record High Arc Nitrogen Fluxes and Multiple Slab Sources
Hudak MR, Barry PH, Bekaert DV, Turner SJ, Walowski K, Nielsen SG, Curtice J, Tyne RL, Cahoon E, Wallace P & Muth MJ

(2022) The Effect of Slab-Derived Sulfate on the Sulfur Content and Oxygen Fugacity of Basaltic Magmas in the Southern Cascade Arc
Muth M & Wallace P

(2022) Sulfur_X: A Model of Sulfur Degassing during Magma Ascent
Ding S, Plank TA & Wallace P

(2022) Examining Volatiles and Pre-Eruptive Storage Histories of Nyiragongo’s most Primitive Magmas
Connors L, Sublett M, Wallace P, Sims KW & Bodnar R

(2019) Water Retention in Quartz-Hosted Melt Inclusions
Gaetani G, Pamucku A, Wallace P & Myers M

Rasmussen D, Plank T, Wallace P & Newcombe M

(2018) Presolar Graphite: Insight into Redox Conditions in CO Nova Ejecta
Haenecour P, Howe JY, Zega TJ, Wallace P, Amari S, Floss C, Lodders K, Kaji K, Sunaoshi T & Muto A

(2018) Sulfur Degassing and Magma Oxidation State at Mount St. Helens (WA) and Augustine (AK) Volcanoes
Lerner A, Wallace P, Thornber C, Kelly P, Coombs M & Mandeville C

(2018) The Effect of Slab-Derived Sulfur on the Sulfur Content, Metal Content, and Oxidation State of Primitive Magmas in the Southern Cascades
Muth M, Wallace P & Walowski K

(2018) Depths of Crystallization and Magma Storage beneath Kilauea and Mauna Loa Based on CO2 in Melt Inclusions
Wallace P

(2017) Determining Magma Ascent Rates from Diffusive D/H Fractionation in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions
Gaetani G, Bucholz C, Le Roux V, Klein F, Wallace P, Sims K & Ghiorso M

(2015) Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf Isotopes Reveal the Nature and Evolution of Mantle Upwelling at Ross Island, Antarctica
Phillips E, Sims K, Blichert-Toft J, Kyle P, Gaetani G, Wallace P & Rasmussen D

(2014) Slab Dehydration beneath the Southern Cascade Arc Inferred from B and H Isotopes
Walowski K, Wallace P, Hauri E, Clynne M & Wada I

(2014) Differentiation and Storage of the Huckleberry Ridge Tuff Rhyolite
Myers M, Wallace P & Wilson C

(2014) Magmatic Plumbing of Ross Island, Antarctica Uncovered by Melt Inclusions from CO2-rich Alkalic Magmas
Rasmussen D, Kyle P, Wallace P, Sims K, Phillips E & Gaetani G

(2014) Sulfur and Oxygen Fugacity in Basaltic Arc Magmas
Wallace P

(2013) Examination of Magma Degassing Paths Based on Melt Inclusions
Bodnar R, Gazel E, Esposito R, Moore L, Steele-MacInnis M & Wallace P

(2013) Volatile Content in Melt Inclusions of Vulcanello’s Explosive Activity: Implications for the Last 1000 Years of Activity at Vulcano Island (Aeolian Archipelago, Italy)
Fusillo R, Di Traglia F, Gioncada A, Pistolesi M, Rosi M & Wallace P

(2013) Magma Formation in Hot-Slab Subduction Zones: Insights from Volatile Contents of Melt Inclusions from the Southern Cascade Arc
Walowski K, Wallace P, Clynne M, Wada I & Rasmussen D

(2012) Global Variations in H2O/Ce: Relationships to Arc Magma Geochemistry & Slab Surface Temperatures
Wallace P, Ruscitto D, Cooper L, Plank T, Syracuse E & Manning C

(2012) Magmatic Processes in the Bishop Tuff Magma Based on Trace Elements in Melt Inclusions and Pumice Matrix Glass
Roberge J, Wallace PJ & Kent AJR

(2011) Why do Mafic Arc Magmas Contain 4 wt% Water on Average?
Plank T, Kelley K, Zimmer M, Hauri E & Wallace P

(2010) Geochemical Evidence for Crustal Assimilation at Mid-Ocean Ridges
Wanless D, Perfit M, Ridley WI, Klein E, Wallace P, Valley J & Grimes C

(2009) Volatiles & Melt Inclusions in High-Mg Andesite from Mt. Shasta, CA
Ruscitto D & Wallace P

(2008) Post-Entrapment Li Isotope Fractionation in Melt Inclusions from Volcán Jorullo, Mexico
Feineman M, Johnson E, Wallace P, Kobayashi K, Moriguti T & Nakamura E

(2008) Assessing Parent Magma Compositions and H2O Contents in the Central Oregon Cascades
Ruscitto D, Wallace P, Kent A & Bindeman I

(2007) Ascent, Degassing, Crystallization and Eruption of H2O-Rich Mafic Arc Magma: A Melt Inclusion Perspective
Wallace P, Johnson E, Vigouroux N & Delgado Granados H

(2007) Slab Dehydration beneath Central Mexico Inferred from Melt Inclusions and Geodynamic Modeling
Johnson E, Manea V, Wallace P, Donegan C & Delgado Granados H

(2003) Source Variability and Flux Melting in the Cascadia Subduction Zone
Rowe M, Kent A, Nielsen R & Wallace P

(2002) Vapor Saturation in Felsic Magmas & Vapor-Melt Partitioning of Sulfur
Wallace P

(2002) H2O, S and Cl in Subduction Zone Magmas: Insights from Melt Inclusions in High-Mg Basalts from Central Mexico
Cervantes P & Wallace P

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