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All abstracts by Klaus Wallmann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Reconstruction of the Provenance of Detrital Sediments in the Skagerrak Region by Using Radiogenic Nd-Sr-Hf Isotopes and Clay Mineral Compositions
Lenz N, Spiegel T, Hathorne E, Wallmann K & Frank M

(2023) Variations in Microbial Community Composition in Methane Enriched Sediments Across a Tectonic Transition Offshore Southwestern Taiwan
Chen J-N, Tu T-H, Cheng T-J, Pape T, Wallmann K, Lin S, Wang P-L, Lin L-H & Bohrmann G

(2023) Serpentinite Mud Volcanoes as Natural Laboratory for Mineral Carbonation Reactions
Freitas ML, Geilert S, Heuser A, Wallmann K & Magalhães VH

(2021) Constraining Global Marine Iron Source and Scavenging Fluxes with GEOTRACES Dissolved Iron Measurements in an Ocean Biogeochemical Model
Somes C, Dale A, Wallmann K, Scholz F, Yao W, Oschlies A, Muglia J, Schmittner A & Achterberg EP

(2021) Permian-Triassic Mass Extinction – A Carbon-Driven Climatic and Biogeochemical Collapse
Jurikova H, Gutjahr M, Wallmann K, Flögel S, Liebetrau V, Posenato R, Angiolini L, Garbelli C, Brand U, Wiedenbeck M & Eisenhauer A

(2021) Kinetics of Olivine Weathering in Seawater: An Experimental Study
Fuhr M, Geilert S, Schmidt M & Wallmann K

(2020) Constraining Atmospheric and Sedimentary Iron Sources in a Global Ocean Biogeochemistry Model
Somes C, Dale A & Wallmann K

(2019) Impact of Marine Silicate Weathering on Atmospheric pCO2
Wallmann K

(2019) Quantification of Silicate Alteration Rates Through Porewater Strontium Profiles
Hong W-L, Torres M, Wallmann K & Aivo L

(2019) Review of Silicate Weathering in Anoxic Marine Sediment and its Role in Authigenic Carbonate Burial
Torres M, Hong W, Solomon E, Milliken K, Kim J, Sample J, Teichert B & Wallmann K

(2017) Decoupled δ11B and δ13C during the Late Permian: Implications for Carbon Cycle Perturbations during the Mass Extinction Event
Jurikova H, Gutjahr M, Wallmann K, Liebetrau V, Flögel S, Brand U, Posenato R, Garbelli C, Angiolini L & Eisenhauer A

(2017) δ26Mg Record of Phanerozoic Oceans
Törber P, Farkas J, Rollion-Bard C, Wallmann K, Brand U, Azmy K, Tomasovych A, Lecuyer C, Vigier N, Saulnier S, Komarek M, Magna T, Simecek M, Francova M, Böhm F & Eisenhauer A

(2017) Fracture-Induced Fluid Migration in an Arctic Deep Water Pockmark: Porewater Geochemistry from the MEBO Drilling (MSM57) in Vestnesa Ridge (Svalbard)
Hong W-L, Schmidt C, Yao H, Wallmann K, Rae J, Lepland A, Torres M, Plaza-Faverola A, Latour P, Bunz S & Bohrmann G

(2016) New Estimates of Global Rates of Organic Carbon Mineralization and Preservation in Bioturbated Marine Sediments
Stolpovsky K, Dale AW & Wallmann K

(2016) Organic Carbon Preservation in Sediments on the Peruvian Margin
Dale A, Sommer S & Wallmann K

(2015) Calcium and Strontium Isotope Fractionation during Inorganic Precipitation of Calcium Carbonate
Alkhatib M, Eisenhauer A, Bohm F, Qutob M, Liebetrau V & Wallmann K

(2013) The Phanerozoic δ<sup>88/86</sup>Sr Record of Seawater: New Constraints on Past Changes in Oceanic Carbonate Fluxes
Vollstaedt H, Eisenhauer A, Wallmann K, Böhm F, Fietzke J, Liebetrau V, Krabbenhöft A, Farkaš J, Tomašovŷch A, Raddatz J & Veizer J

(2013) Stable Silicon Isotopes in Porewaters off Peru – Diatom Dissolution Versus Authigenic Clay Mineral Formation
Ehlert C, Doering K, Wallmann K, Grasse P & Frank M

(2013) A Novel Approach for Determining the Rate of Organic Carbon Remineralization in Bioturbated Marine Sediments at the Global Scale
Stolpovsky K, Dale A & Wallmann K

(2012) Marine Carbonate Burial Rates at the Phanerozoic Mass Extinctions
Vollstaedt H, Eisenhauer A, Bohm F, Fietzke J, Wallmann K, Liebetrau V, Farkas J, Tomasovych A & Veizer J

(2012) Spatial and Temporal Trends of Iron and Iron Isotope Cycling in the Peruvian Oxygen Minimum Zone
Scholz F, Hensen C, Severmann S, Noffke A, Haley B, McManus J, Schneider R & Wallmann K

(2012) A Bottom-Up Perspective on N nd P Cycling in Low Oxygen Environments: The Baltic Sea Versus the Peruvian Shelf
Dale A, Bohlen L, Noffke A, Sommer S, Hensen C & Wallmann K

(2012) Submarine Weathering of Detrital Silicates Simulated in the Laboratory
Aloisi G, Albrecht C, Haeckel M, Kutterolf S, Deusner C & Wallmann K

(2009) Silicate Weathering in Anoxic Marine Sediments: Detailed Mineralogical Investigation
Albrecht C, Aloisi G, Haeckel M, Kutterolf S & Wallmann K

(2009) Prediction of Sub-Seafloor Gas Hydrate Inventories by Empirical Relationships
Marquardt M, Hensen C, Henke T, Müller C & Wallmann K

(2009) Lithium Isotopes as a Tracer for Diagenetic Processes in Deep Subsurface Sediments
Scholz F, Hensen C, Meixner A, Reitz A, Haeckel M, Romer RL, De Lange GJ & Wallmann K

(2009) Multi-Isotope Investigation to Identify General Characteristics of Different Cold Vent Systems
Reitz A, Liebetrau V, Scholz F, Hensen C, Wallmann K, Haeckel M & Weise SM

(2008) Numerical Modeling of Ca-Enrichment on Authigenic Carbonate Formation at Mud Volcanoes: A Case Study off Costa Rica
Karaca D, Hensen C & Wallmann K

(2008) Indications for Convective Flow Induced by Focussed Fluid Venting at Bacterial Mats
Haeckel M & Wallmann K

(2007) Origin of Brines in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
Reitz A, Haeckel M, Wallmann K, Hensen C & Heeschen K

(2007) Geochemistry of Cold Vent Fluids at the Central American Convergent Margin
Hensen C, Wallmann K, Schmidt M, Liebetrau V, Fehn U, Garbe-Schönberg D & Brückmann W

(2007) Silicate Weathering in Anoxic Marine Sediments
Wallmann K, Aloisi G, Haeckel M, Éisenhauer A, Tishchenko P & Pavlova G

(2007) Effects of Calcium Fluxes on Authigenic Carbonate Formation at Mud Volcanoes off Costa Rica
Karaca D, Hensen C & Wallmann K

(2006) Carbon cycling at cold seeps: biogeochemical processes and benthic methane fluxes
Aloisi G, Wallmann K, Boulooubassi I, Pancost R & Luff R

(2006) A possible long-term CO2 sink through submarine weathering of detrital silicates
Aloisi G, Wallmann K, Tischenko P, Haeckel M, Pavlova G, Greinert J & Eisenhauer A

(2006) Paleoclimates, Ocean Depth, and the Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Seawater
Kasting J, Howard T, Wallmann K, Veizer J, Shields G & Jaffres J

(2005) Cenozoic Carbon Cycling and Climate Change
Wallmann K

(2005) A Possible CO<->2<$> Sink Through Submarine Weathering of Detrital Silicate Minerals
Aloisi G, Wallmann K, Drews M, Bohrmann G, Greinert J & Eisenhauer A

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