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All abstracts by Jian Wang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Sericite 40Ar/39Ar Dating of the Tianjingshan Orogenic Gold Deposit, Central China: Implications for Regional Gold Metallogeny of the Qinzhou Bay–Hangzhou Bay Metallogenic Belt
Wang J, Zhong W-M & Wang J-S

(2019) Magmatic Changes in Central Panama as an Indicator of Subduction Dynamics and Breakup of Farallon Plate
Wang J, Buchs D, Kerr A, Coombs H, Miranda R, Coronado M, Rios X, Chichaco E & Redwood S

(2019) Late Cretaceous Emergence of the Caribbean Oceanic Plateau and Panama Volcanic Arc and Palaeogeographic Implications
Buchs DM, Brims JC, Wang J, Kerr AC, Kukoč D, Baumgartner PO, Spezzaferri S, Tapia A, Rodríguez G, Miranda R, Irving D & Coronado M

(2018) Pore Fluid Evolution, Distribution and Water-Rock Interactions of Carbonate Cements in Red-Bed Sandstone Reservoirs in the Dongying Depression, China
Wang J, Cao Y & Liu K

(2016) Multiphase Chemical Oxidation of Atmospheric Organic Aerosol
Knopf D, Slade J, Arangio A, Shiraiwa M, Forrester S, Li J, Wang J, Su H & Poschl U

(2014) Evolution of Near Field Biomass Burning Aerosols
Lewis E, Sedlacek A, Kleinman L, Arnott P, Adachi K, Buseck P, Onasch T, Pikridas M, Shilling J, Springston S, Wang J & Yokelson B

(2012) The Role of Metal Redox Coupling Processes in Carbon Cycling and Stabilization
Sparks D, Chen C, Lazareva O, LeMonte J, Dynes J, Wang J & Regier T

(2009) 2D, 3D, and in situ STXM in Geomicrobiology
Obst M, Wang J, Karunakaran C, Benzerara K, Dynes JJ, Lawrence JR, Swerhone GDW & Hitchcock AP

(2009) The Effects of Organics Properties on Aerosol Indirect Effects
Wang J, Lee Y-N, Daum P, Jayne J & Alexander L

(2009) Aerosol Chemical Composition and Source Characterization during 2008 VOCALS REX
Lee Y-N, Sprinston S, Jayne J, Wang J, Hubbe J, Senum G, Brioude J, Alexander L, Kleinman L & Daum P

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