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All abstracts by Huiming Bao in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Sulfate Triple Oxygen Isotopes Witnessed Oceanic Oxygenation 570 Million Years ago
Wang H, Peng Y, Li C, Cao X, Cheng M & Bao H

(2023) Double-Substitution of 34S and 18O – A Tracer for Sulfate Sources
Surma J, Ueno Y, Katsuta T, Nakagawa M, Crockford PW, Bao H & Yoshida N

(2021) Small Triple Oxygen Isotope Variations in Sulfate: Mechanisms and Applications
Cao X & Bao H

(2020) Timing the Greening of the Land
Peng Y, Bao H, Guan C, Gong S, Kirsimäe K, Wei Z & Somelar P

(2020) The Duration of Marinoan 17O Depletion Episode
Bao H & Peng Y

(2020) Mass-Independent Fractionation of Triple Oxygen Isotopes Induced by Hyperfine Effect: The Role of (O2)2 Dimerization
Yan H, Peng Y & Bao H

(2020) Closed-System Oxygen Isotope Exchange in a Paleoproterozoic Evaporite Sequence
Ma H, Peng Y, Motlep R, Kirsimae K, Romashkin A, Lepland A & Bao H

(2018) Geochemical Kinetics: A Net Reaction Rate vs. Forward and Backward Reaction Rates
Bao H & Cao X

(2018) Equilibrium Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotope Fractionation between Water Ice and Vapor
Cao X, Bao H, Liu Y, Wang J, Hayles J, Peng Y & Santra B

(2018) Two-Billion-Year-Old-Evaporites Capture Earth’s Great Oxidation
Blättler C, Claire M, Prave A, Kirsimäe K, Higgins J, Medvedev P, Romashkin A, Rychanchik D, Zerkle A, Paiste K, Kreitsmann T, Millar I, Hayles J, Bao H, Turchyn A, Warke M & Lepland A

(2018) Triple Sulfur Isotope Relationship during Sulfate Reduction via Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane
Peng Y, Gong S, Bao H, Feng D, Cao X, Crockford P, Roberts H & Chen D

(2018) Triple Sulfur Isotope Fractionations during Sulfate Reduction in Modern Marine Sediments: New Interpretation on Sulfur Cycles
Gong S, Feng D, Peng Y, Bao H & Cao X

(2018) The Geologic Record of 17O and 18O in Chert
Liljestrand F, Peng Y, Bao H, Macdonald F, Knoll A, Cohen P, Tosca N & Johnston D

(2017) Indigenous Ghost Apatite in Lunar Melt Inclusions
Zhu D, Xu Y, Bao H, Liu Y, Liu J & Li X

(2016) Svalbard Marinoan and Sturtian Glacial Suites Marked by Contrasting Sulfate Multi-Isotope Compositions
Bao H, Fairchild I & Wynn P

(2016) Carbonate-Associated Sulfate Provide the Geological Record of Sulfate-Driven Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane
Feng D, Peng Y, Bao H, Peckmann J & Chen D

(2016) The Utility of Three-Isotope Method
Cao X & Bao H

(2016) Triple Oxygen Isotope Geochemistry
Bao H, Cao X & Hayles J

(2016) A Mineral-Interface Nucleation and Separation (MINS) Model for Liquid Immiscibility in Silicate Melts
Zhu D, Bao H & Liu Y

(2015) Splashed Hadean Seawater Hypothesis
Genda H, Ueno Y, Foriel J, Usui T, Ueta S, Bao H & Sun T

(2014) Origin of Pyrite Nodules at the Top of the Nantuo Diamictites, Southern China
Liu C, Bao H & Peng Y

(2014) A Period of Inverse Dole Effect after Marinoan Deglaciation
Cao X & Bao H

(2014) Mass Dependency of Isotope Fractionation of Gases Under Thermal Gradient
Sun T, Niles P, Bao H & Socki R

(2013) Exhalation and Inhalation of Cera Lattice Oxygen: A Triple Oxygen Isotope Persective
Hayles J & Bao H

(2013) Direct Atmospheric O3 and O2 Signatures from the Deep Past and their First-Order Pattern
Bao H

(2008) Extraordinary Neoproterozoic Conditions Implicated by Sulfate of Extraordinary Oxygen Isotopic Compositions
Bao H, Fairchild I, Spoetl C & Wynn P

(2007) Negative Sulfate 17O Anomalies as Positive Evidence for "Snowball Earth" Hypothesis
Bao H

(2005) Oxygen-17 Anomaly in Terrestrial Minerals: An Update
Bao H

(2003) Increasing Sulfate Oxygen-17 Anomaly with Depth in Hyperarid Regolith Profiles
Bao H

(2001) Basal Miocene Volcanic Ashes in Mid-North America: An Isotopic Mystery
Bao H, Thiemens MH, Loope DB & Yuan X-L

(2001) Tracing the Atmospheric Source of Desert Nitrates Using ?17O
Michalski GM, Holve M, Feldmeier J, Bao H, Bockheim JG, Reheis M & Thiemens MH

(2000) Multiple-Isotope Insights into the Earth's Earliest Sulfur Cycle
Farquhar J, Bao H & Thiemens MH

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