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All abstracts by Zhengrong Wang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Tracing the Source and Transport of Hg during Pedogenesis in Strongly Weathered Tropical Soil Using Hg Isotopes
Gao X, Yuan W, Chen J, Huang F, Wang Z, Gong Y, Zhang Y, Liu Y, Zhang T & Zheng W

(2020) Varied Mg Isotope Responses to Distinct Climate Conditions during Granite Weathering
Gao T, Wang Z & Liu C

(2020) Ca-Carbonate Nucleation in Aqueous Solution and its Implication for Biomineralization
Wang Z, Katz A, Zhu C & Zhao L

(2020) Experimental Investigation of Cu-Fe-Zn Isotope Behavior during Primary Phase Dissolution in Basalt and Andesite
Lv Y, Liu S-A, Wang Z & Li D

(2018) Deciphering the Geochemistry of Lithospheric Mantle in the Melt Source of the Payenia Volcanic Province, Argentina
Chilson-Parks B, Saal A, Wang Z, Calabozo F, Mallick S & Frey F

(2018) Nucleation of Ca and Mg Carbonates from Aqueous Solution
Long Z, Katz A, Zhu C, Zhao L & Wang Z

(2018) Geochemistry of the Basal Ediacaran Tereeken Cap-Doloston of the Quruqtagh Group in Eastern Tianshan, Northwestern China
Wan R, Zhu J, Ke S, Xiao S, Li S & Wang Z

(2017) Isotopic Fractionation of Zinc between Calcite and Solution: Implication for Baishuitai Travertine Formation in SW China
Wang Z, Wang Z & Chen J

(2014) Mg Isotope Fractionation during Nucleation, Growth and Aging of Nesquehonite
Zhu C, Wang Z & Zhao L

(2013) Experimental Study of the Reaction Kinetics between CO2-Bearing Solution and Olivine
Qiu L, Wang Z, Zhang S, Karato S-I, Ague J, Oristaglio M, Bolton E & Bercovici D

(2013) A Lithospheric Mantle Source for Etna Magmatism
Young HP, Wang Z & Brandon M

(2013) Lithium and Oxygen Isotope Compositions of Basaltic Glasses from Ridge Axes and Off-Axis Seamounts in the Northern EPR (10-15ºN)
Tian L, Shirey S, Wang Z & Castillo P

(2013) Sr and Mg Isotopes of Marinoan Cap Dolostones: Implication for Glacial Lake Harland?
Liu C, Macdonald F, Wang Z & Raub T

(2013) Novel Calcite-Aragonite Sea Transition in the Terminal Proterozoic
Wang Z, Ries J & Liu C

(2013) Oligocene – Early Miocene North Pacific Temperatures Based in Clumped Isotopes in Kamchatka Bivalves
Zhang YG, Affek H, Oleinik A, Wang Z & Hu P

(2012) Mg Isotope Variation in a Ferromanganese Crust from Line Seamount in the Central Pacific Ocean
Fu Y & Wang Z

(2012) Mg Isotope Fractionation between Aragonite and Fluid
Wang Z, Zhang S, Saenger C & Hu P

(2012) Clumped and Magnesium Isotopes in Corals: A Comparison with Traditional Paleothermometers
Saenger C, Thiagarajan N, Felis T, Lough J, Holcomb M, Gaetani G, Cohen A, Affek H & Wang Z

(2012) Experimental Study of the Kinetics of CO2-sequestration by Olivines and Hawaiian Picrites
Qiu L, Wang Z, Karato S-I, Ague J, Oristaglio M, Bolton E & Bercovici D

(2012) Sr Isotope Study of Marinoan Cap Carbonates from Southwestern Mongolia
Liu C, Macdonald F & Wang Z

(2011) The Effect of Diffusion on P-T Conditions Inferred by Cation-Exchange Thermobarometry
Andrews A, Wang Z, Bolton E & Eckert J

(2010) Oxygen Isotope Constraints on the Origin of High-Cr Garnets from Kimberlites
Wang Z, Skinner B & Shimizu N

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