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All abstracts by Yumiko Watanabe in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) (Bio)geochemical Cycles of S, C, Fe, and O on the Hotter Archean Earth
Ohmoto H, Graham U, Watanabe Y, Brainard J, Chorney A, Hamasaki H, Tsukamoto Y & Liu Z-K

(2018) Causes of Sulfur Isotope Fractionation during Thermochemical Sulfate Reduction by Organic Matter
Chorney A, Watanabe Y, Ohmoto H, Hamasaki H & Graham U

(2017) Microbial Community Associated with 2.7 Ga Submarine Hydrothermal Activities: Geochemical and STEM Studies on Kerogen from Canadian Greenstone Belts
Kunitake Y, Kakegawa T & Watanabe Y

(2017) Formation of Organic Matter and Iron Oxides by Aerobic Fe-Oxidizing Bacteria in a Deep Ocean 3.46 Ga ago
Watanabe Y, Graham U & Ohmoto H

(2017) Abiotic Synthesis of Organic Matter and Fe-Oxides in Archean Submarine Hydrothermal Plumes
Ohmoto H, Graham U & Watanabe Y

(2016) Geomicrobiology of a Stratified, Acidic Pit Lake in the Iberian Pyrite Belt
Grettenberger C, McCauley Rench R, Mills D, Gruen D, Carney C, Brainard J, Hamasaki H, Watanabe Y, Ohmoto H & Macalady J

(2013) Anomalous Isotope Fractionation of Sulfur (AIF-S) during Thermochemical Sulfate Reduction by Solid Organic Matter
Chorney A, Watanabe Y & Ohmoto H

(2013) Applications of Neutron Beam Analysis to Study the Origins of Carboneceous Matter in Terrestrial and Planetary Rocks: A New Approach
Watanabe Y, Furukawa Y, Kakegawa T & Ohmoto H

(2013) Relationship between Modern Speleothem Formation and Surface Weather in an Asian Tropical Cave
Hasegawa W, Watanabe Y, Matsuoka H, Ohsawa S, Brahmantyo B, Maryunani KA & Tagami T

(2012) Evidence for the O2 and CO2 Rich Archean Atmosphere
Ohmoto H, Watanabe Y, Yamaguchi K, Hamasaki H, Brainard J & Chorney A

(2012) Anomalous Fractionations of Sulfur Isotopes during High Temperature Reactions between Solid Organic C- and Oxidized S Compounds
Watanabe Y, Hamasaki H, Chorney A & Ohmoto H

(2011) Development of the Modern-Style Geochemical Cycle of Uranium by 3.5 Ga: A Solution to the “Lead Paradox”
Ohmoto H, Watanabe Y, Yamaguchi K, Bevacqua D, Johnson I & Rushton T

(2010) Geochemical Cycles of Fe, Mo, U, Cu, Cr, REEs, and S during the Period 3.5 – 3.2 Ga ago
Ohmoto H, Bevacqua D, Johnson I & Watanabe Y

(2010) Evidence for the Presence of Cyanobacteria and Thermophylic Methanogens in a 3.46 Ga Sea, Western Australia
Watanabe Y, Hoashi M & Ohmoto H

(2009) Earth’s Oldest (~3.4 Ga) Lateritic Paleosol in the Pilbara Craton, Western Australia
Johnson I, Watanabe Y, Stewart B & Ohmoto H

(2009) Primary Hematite Formation in an Oxygenated Deep Sea 3.46 Billion Years ago
Hoashi M, Bevacqua D, Otake T, Watanabe Y, Hickman A, Utsunomiya S & Ohmoto H

(2009) Precipitation Variation for the Last 140 Years Recorded in Stable Isotope Ratios from Indonesian Stalagmite
Watanabe Y, Matsuoka H, Sakai S, Yamada M, Ohsawa S, Kiguchi M, Satomura T, Nakai S, Brahamantyo B, Maryunani K, Tagami T, Takemura K & Yoden S

(2009) Why Anomalous S Isotope Signatures Disappeared at ~2.4 Ga Ago?
Watanabe Y & Ohmoto H

(2009) REE+Y Geochemistry of the 3.46 Ga Marble Bar Chert Recovered by the Archean Biosphere Drilling Project (ABDP)
Yamaguchi K, Kato Y, Nakamura K, Suzuki K, Watanabe Y, Nedachi M & Ohmoto H

(2008) Anomalous S Isotope Fractionations during Reactions with an Organic Surface: I. Theoretical Investigations
Otake T, Lasaga A, Watanabe Y & Ohmoto H

(2008) Anomalous S Isotope Fractionations during Reactions with an Organic Surface: II. Investigations on Natural and Experimental Systems
Watanabe Y, Otake T, Lasaga A & Ohmoto H

(2008) Origins of Hematite, Magnetite and Siderite in Banded Iron Formations
Ohmoto H, Hoashi M, Otake T, Bevacqua D & Watanabe Y

(2008) Stable Isotopic Variations of a Stalagmite from Indonesia and their Comparison of Meteorological Data
Watanabe Y, Matsuoka H, Sakai S, Yamada M, Ohsawa S, Kiguchi M, Satomura T, Nakai S, Brahmantyo B & Maryunani KA

(2007) Formation of Probable Lateritic Soils ~3.43 Ga in the Pilbara Craton, Western Australia
Ohmoto H, Watanabe Y, Allwood A, Burch I, Knauth P, Yamaguchi K, Johnson I & Altinok E

(2007) Linking the MIF-S Record of Sedimentary Rocks to Biological Evolution
Watanabe Y & Ohmoto H

(2005) The Absence of Mass Independent Fractionation of Sulfur Isotopes in Archean Sedimentary Rocks: An Insignificant Phenomenon?
Ohmoto H, Watanabe Y & Ikemi H

(2004) Evidence of a high-O2, high-CO2 and Low-Ch4 Archean Atmosphere in the 3.46 Ga Marble Bar Chert, Western Australia
Ohmoto H, Nedachi M, Kato Y, Bevaqua D & Watanabe Y

(2004) “Detrital” Pyrite Pebbles from Witwatersrand, South Africa: Evidence for an Oxygenated Archean Atmosphere?
Watanabe Y, Otake T, Altermann W & Ohmoto H

(2004) D15N Signatures of Late Archean Shales from Two Drilling Cores, Hamersley, Western Australia
Naraoka H, Watanabe Y, Nedachi M & Ohmoto H

(2003) Correlation between Ba and Si/N in the Oceans
Kato Y, Kamata M, Watanabe Y & Saito C

(2003) Microbially Induced Dissolution of Cobalt(III) Oxyhydroxide Under the Oxicanoxic Fluctuation in Subsurface Environment
Nagaoka T & Watanabe Y

(2003) Siderite in Archean Sedimentary Rocks: Evidence for a CO2-rich and CH4-poor Atmosphere
Ohmoto H & Watanabe Y

(2003) Ce Anomalies in the 2.6-2.4 Ga Kalkkloof Paleosol in South Africa: Evidence for the Early Development of an Oxygenated Atmosphere
Watanabe Y, Nagase T & Ohmoto H

(2002) The Early Evolution of the Archean Nitrogen Biogeochemical Cycle
Yamaguchi K, Naraoka H, Watanabe Y & Ohmoto H

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