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All abstracts by Bruce Watson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Yb Partitioning between Olivine and Melt: A Solution to the REE Diffusion in Olivine Problem?
Jollands M & Watson B

(2018) Aluminum in Rutile as a Recorder of Temperature and Pressure
Hoff C & Watson B

(2013) Growth-Rate Induced Disequilibrium of Boron and Divalent Cations in Calcite: An in situ Approach
Gabitov R, Sadekov A, Rollion-Bard C & Watson B

(2013) Diffusive Fractionation of Lithium Isotopes in Polycrystalline Olivine
Homolova V & Watson EB

(2012) Diffusion of Neon in Olivine and Quartz
Cherniak D, Thomas J & Watson EB

(2012) Diffusion in Minerals Relevant to Geochronology
Cherniak D & Watson EB

(2012) Zircon as a Witness to Earth's First 500 Myr: An Experimentalist's View
Watson B, Cherniak D, Trail D & Tailby N

(2012) Carbon Isotope Diffusion in Quartz & Apatite and its Relationship to Biosignatures
Mergelsberg S, Cherniak D & Watson B

(2012) Experimental Investigation of Ti in Garnet at Eclogite Facies Conditions
Ackerson M, Watson B & Spear F

(2012) Major Element Incorporation into Apatite: Implications for Thermometery
Trail D, Hayden L, Watson EB & Tailby N

(2012) Elemental Partitioning and Eu2+/Eu3+ XANES Calibration between Synthetic KREEP Basalt, Apatite, and Whitlockite vs. T and fO2
Tailby N, Trail D & Watson EB

(2011) The Oxidation State of Hadean Melts and Implications for the Composition of Earth’s Early Atmosphere
Trail D, Watson EB & Tailby N

(2011) Phosphate Dissolution/Precipitation Controls on Isotopic Compositions of Continental Assimilants
Barkman J, Bryce J, Watson B, Blichert-Toft J, Baxter E & Bowring S

(2011) Growth Rate Effect on Oxygen Isotope Fractionation between Calcite and Fluid: In situ Data
Gabitov R, Schmitt A, Watson B, Mckeegan K & Harrison TM

(2011) Direct Measurement of Ce3+/Ce4+ and Eu2+/Eu3+ in Hadean Zircons by XANES
Tailby N, Trail D, Cates N, Mojzsis S, Bell E, Harrison TM & Watson EB

(2011) Diffusive Fractionation of Transition Metals in Grain Boundaries
Homolova V, Watson EB & Thomas JB

(2010) Helium Diffusion in Accessory Minerals
Cherniak DJ & Watson EB

(2010) Trace Elements in Quartz: Experimental Constraints on Al, Ti, Fe and P Saturation
Tailby N, Thomas J & Watson B

(2010) Fe-Mg Interdiffusion along Dry Grain Boundaries in Quartzites
Thomas J & Watson B

(2010) Experimentally Determined Interdiffusion Data of Divalent Cations in Carbonates
Mueller T, Watson B & Cherniak D

(2010) Pb-Incorporation into Synthetic Pb-Doped Zircon
Kogawa M, Watson B, Ewing R & Utsunomiya S

(2010) Ce Anomalies in Zircon vs. Oxygen Fugacity and Melt Composition
Trail D, Watson EB & Tailby N

(2009) OH in Zircon
Trail D, Thomas JB & Watson EB

(2008) Two Diffusion Mechanisms for Argon in K-Feldspar?
Kelley SP, Baxter E, Cherniak D, Clay P, Thomas J & Watson B

(2008) Experimental Calibration of Zircon-Quartz Oxygen Isotope Fractionation
Trail D, Bindeman I & Watson EB

(2008) A Conceptual Model of Kinetically Controlled Isotope Fractionation during Diffusion-Controlled Magmatic Mineral Growth
Muller T & Watson B

(2008) The Sometimes Ignoble Behavior of Noble Gases in Minerals
Watson B, Cherniak D & Thomas J

(2007) Argon Diffusion, Solubility and Mineral/Melt Partitioning in Forsterite, Enstatite, Periclase, Quartz and Corundum
Thomas J, Watson B & Cherniak D

(2007) Alpha Thermochronlogy of Calcite
Copeland P, Watson B, Canino M, Cox K & Rasbury T

(2007) Rutile 207Pb-206Pb Ages in the Jack Hills Quartzite, Western Australia
Harrison T, Trail D, Schmitt AK & Watson EB

(2006) A Thermobarometer for Sphene
Hayden L, Watson B & Wark D

(2006) Grain boundary mobility of siderophile elements in MgO
Hayden L & Watson B

(2006) Two Diffusive Pathways for Argon in Quartz and Feldspar
Baxter E, Clay P, Kelley S, Watson B, Cherniak D & Thomas J

(2006) The impact of crystal growth rate on element ratios in aragonite: an experimental approach to understanding vital effects
Gabitov RI, Cohen AL, Gaetani GA, Holcomb M & Watson EB

(2005) Preliminary Experimental Results for <+>18<$>O and <+>13<$>C Uptake in Calcite and at 32℃ and Various Precipitation Rates
Gabitov R & Watson B

(2005) Oxygen Diffusion 'Fast-Paths' in Titanite Single Crystals
Zhang X, Watson B & Cherniak D

(2005) Quartz-H<->2<$>O Dihedral Angles and Crystal Misorientation
Thomas J, Wark D, Watson B & Jiang Z

(2005) Crystallization Temperatures of Hadean Zircons: Plate Tectonics at 4.35<!s><$>Ga?
Watson B & Harrison M

(2002) Interfacial Phenomena Possibly Affecting Trace-Element and Isotope Ratios in Biogenic Carbonates
Watson B

(2002) Diffusive Reequilibration of CaO in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions
Gaetani G, Cherniak D & Watson B

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