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All abstracts by Bodo Weber in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Whole-Rock Geochemistry, Sr-Nd-Hf Isotope Compositions, and Geochronology of Mesozoic Metamorphic Rocks of the Alisitos-Vizcaíno Terrane, Baja California Peninsula, Mexico: Continental Growth by Island Arc Accretion
Contreras-López M, Delgado-Argote LA, Weber B, Torres-Carrillo XG, Frei D & Gómez-Alvarez DK

(2021) Geochemical, Geochronological, and Isotopic Constraints on High-Grade Gneisses from the Mérida Andes, Venezuela: Implications for the Ediacaran–Cambrian Tectonic Setting of Northwestern Gondwana
Tazzo-Rangel MD, Weber B, González-Guzmán R & Frei D

(2021) Calymmian and Tonian Basement in the Chiapas Massif Complex, Southern Mexico: Implications on Oaxaquia-Amazonia-Baltica Connections within Rodinia
Valencia Morales YT, Weber B, Tazzo-Rangel MD, González-Guzmán R & Frei D

(2021) Long-Lived Magmatism of the Peninsular Ranges Batholith: An Example of Continental Growth at Subduction Zones
Contreras-López M, Delgado-Argote LA, Weber B, Torres-Carrillo XG, Frei D & Gómez-Alvarez DK

(2021) Petrogenesis of Late Paleozoic high-Ba–Sr Intrusions in the Southern Chiapas Massif, Mexico
González-Guzmán R, Weber B, Tazzo-Rangel MD, Cisneros de León A, Valencia VA & Frei D

(2021) The Central Iapetus Magmatic Province in Mexico: Novel Dating Approaches Reveal Early Ediacaran Mafic Magmatism Coeval with Dyke Swarms in Baltica and Laurentia
Weber B, Schmitt A, Cisneros de León A & González-Guzmán R

(2020) Permo-Triassic Metamorphism in the Mérida Andes, Venezuela: New Insights from Geochronology, O-Isotopes, and Geothermobarometry
Tazzo-Rangel MD, Weber B, Schmitt AK, González-Guzmán R & Hecht L

(2015) The Destruction and Growth of Lower Continental Crust along a Paleozoic Active Margin: An Example from Chiapas, Mexico
Weber B, González R, Cisneros A, Manjarrez R & Martens U

(2014) Petrogenesis of Basement Rocks in the Southern Chiapas Massif: Implications on the Tectonic Evolution of the Maya Block
González-Guzmán R, Weber B, Manjarrez-Juárez R, Hecht L & Solari L

(2014) Tracing Metal and Metalloid Sources Using Lead Isotopes: An Example from the San Antonio-El Triunfo Mining District, Baja California Sur, México
Gutierrez-Caminero L, Weber B, Wurl J & Carrera-Muñoz M

(2011) Evolution of the Lower Crust from S Mexico: Constraints from Lu-Hf Isotopes and U-Pb Ages in Zircon
Weber B, Scherer E, Mezger K & Ruiz J

(2007) Detrital Zircon Ages of Metamorphic and Sedimentary Rocks from the Maya Block (Middle America)
Weber B, Valencia V & Martens U

(2002) Island Arc Origin of the El Arco Porphyry Copper Deposit, Baja California: Evidence from 40Ar-39Ar Dating and Radiogenic Isotopes
Weber B, LÛpez-MartÌnez M & Forsythe L

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