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All abstracts by Karrrie A. Weber in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Geogenic Aqueous Uranium in an Alluvial Aquifer
Nolan J, Pan D, Healy O, Stange M & Weber K

(2014) Correlation between Nitrate and Naturally Occurring Uranium Contamination in Two Major US Aquifers: Potential for Nitrate Driven U Contamination of Groundwater
Nolan J, Healy O, Spanbauer T, Heithoff A, Pan D, Snow D & Weber K

(2014) Characterization of the Acidophilic, Iron Reducer, Geobacter sp. FeAm09
Healy O, Souchek J, Heithoff A, LaMere B, Pan D, Hollis G, Yang W, Silver W & Weber K

(2014) Viral Influence on Subsurface Biogeochemcial Cycling and Heavy Metal Transport
Weber K, Pan D, Tan Z, Wang D, Williams K, Robbins M, Snow D, Kananizadeh N & Li Y

(2010) Geological Evidence of Microbial Dissolution of Iron Carbonate
Kettler R, Loope D & Weber K

(2010) Biosignatures within Iron-Rich Concretions Originating in a Sandstone Paleoaquifer: Evidence of Microbial Oxidative Dissolution of Fe(II)-Carbonates
Weber KA, Spanbauer TL, Kettler RM, Loope D, Wacey D & Kilburn MR

(2010) Microbially-Mediated Iron Biogeochemistry
Weber KA

(2005) Green Rust Formation Under Anaerobic Nitrate-Dependent Fe(II) Oxiding Conditions
Weber K, Thieme J, Larese-Casanova P, Scherer M, Achenbach L & Coates J

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