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All abstracts by James Webster in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Lithium and Copper Partitioning and Mobility Recorded by Plagioclase at Augustine Volcano, AK, USA
Iveson AA, Rowe M, Neukampf J, Ellis BS, Webster J, Humphreys MCS, Mangler MF & Neill OK

(2021) The Magmatic Plumbing Systems of the Campi Flegrei and Ischia Volcanoes (Southern Italy) from Chlorine Constraints
Balcone-Boissard H, Boudon G, Orsi G, Webster J, Civetta L, D'Antonio M & Zdanowicz G

(2014) Interpreting Volatiles in Augustine Volcano Magmas Using Apatite, Melt Inclusions, and Experiments
Webster J & Piccoli P

(2014) Fluid Alteration Processes and Base Metal Sulphides at Spirit Lake Pluton, Mt. St. Helens, WA
Iveson A, Webster J & Rowe M

(2012) Solubilities of H-O-C-S-Cl Volatiles in Fluids and Silicate Melts and their Control on Magmatic Processes
Webster J, Goldoff B, Sintoni F & De Vivo B

(2012) The Effects of Dissolved Chloride on the Fe3+/Sigma Fe of Rhyodacitic Melt
Bell A, Webster J & Dyar MD

(2011) Chloride Degassing and its Effects on the Evolution of Magmatic Redox State
Bell A, Simon A & Webster J

(2007) Experimental Constraints on Fluorine and Chlorine Partitioning in the Pseudosystem Apatite-Silicate Melt-Fluid(s) and Applications to Magmatic Degassing
Webster J

(2005) Consequences of Exsolution of H<->2<$>O-, CO<->2<$>-, SO<->2<$>-, Cl-Bearing Volatile Phases on the Physical and Chemical Properties of Magma
Webster J

(2005) Mass Transport in S- and Cl-Bearing Magmatic-Hydrothermal Fluids
Webster J, Sintoni MF & De Vivo B

(2005) Depth of Andesitic Magma Storage beneath Mt. Mazama from Melt Inclusions and Experimental Petrology
Mandeville C, Webster J, Tappen C, Rutherford M, Hauri E & Bacon C

(2004) Origin and Evolution of Extremely F-Rich Hydrous Melt Fractions and Hydrothermal Fluids during Differentiation of Highly Evolved Tingranite Magmas
Thomas R, Förster H, Rickers K & Webster J

(2004) Partitioning of Chlorine and Fluorine in the System Apatite—silicate Melt—aqueous Fluid
Mathez E & Webster J

(2002) The Exsolution of Magmatic Brine
Webster J

(2002) Advantages and Limitations of Quantifying Melt Inclusion Chemistry by LA-ICPMS, EMP and SIMS
Pettke T, Webster J, Halter W, Heinrich C, Aigner-Torres M & De Vivo B

(2001) Chlorine Partitioning between Apatite, Basalt Melt, and Aqueous Volatile Phase(s) and Chlorine Solubility in Water-Poor Aluminosilicate Melts at 200 MPa: Application to Layered Mafic Intrusions
Webster JD & Mathez EA

(2001) Strong Enrichment of H2O, B, F, P, Rb, and Cs in Pegmatite-Forming Melts
Thomas R, Heinrich W & Webster JD

(2000) Factors Influencing the Precipitation of Sulphate-Rich Iron Oxides, and their Ability to Adsorb Trace Metals
Swedlund P, Webster J, Lane V, Saul D & Howarth R

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