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All abstracts by Dominique Weis in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Deep Mantle Chemical Heterogeneities: New Insight from the Measurement of the 138La-138Ce and 146,147Sm-142,143Nd Systematics in Hawaiian Basalts
Boyet M, Doucelance R, Seghi J, Auclair D, Williamson NMB & Weis D

(2023) How Clean is our City? Let our Biomonitors (Honey, Salmon, ...) Tell us
Weis D, Hoppstock-Mattson B & Chase JE

(2022) The Deep Mantle and Ocean Island Basalts: Views from Two Major Mantle EM-I Plumes – Kerguelen and Hawai'i
Weis D

(2022) Geochemistry of Northwest Hawaiian Ridge Basalts: Insight in the Evolution of the Hawaiian Mantle Plume
Formenti S, Weis D, Garcia MO & Harrison LN

(2022) How Atypical is Kauaʻi’s Loa-Kea Geochemical Trend?
Williamson NMB, Weis D, Scoates JS & Garcia MO

(2022) Renewed Volcanism at the Hawaiian-Emperor Bend at ~31 Ma
Harrison LN, Weis D, Scoates JS, O'Connor JM, Regelous M, Baco A & Roark EB

(2022) Connecting Flood Basalts and Intrusions in Oceanic Plateaus from the Kerguelen Archipelago
Scoates JS & Weis D

(2022) Zircon Diversity in the Skaergaard Intrusion and the Late-Stage Evolution of Mafic Intrusions in Sub-Volcanic Magma Plumbing Systems
Moerhuis N, Scoates JS, Weis D, Scoates RFJ & Tegner C

(2022) Matrix Effects in MC-ICP-MS: An Isotopic Case Study for Pb
Frères E, Weis D & Gordon K

(2022) A Tale of Two Cities: Comparison of Metals and Pb Isotopes in Honey from Vancouver, Canada, and Brussels, Belgium, during the COVID-19 Lockdown
Hoppstock-Mattson B, Maton J, Weis D, Smith KE & Mattielli N

(2022) How do you Like Your Fish? Methods Development for the Analysis of Lead Isotopes and Trace Metal Concentrations in Pacific Salmon
Chase JE, Hoppstock-Mattson B & Weis D

(2021) Honey let me Tell you About This City! Honey as a Biomonitor for Lead Distribution in Urban Environments
Smith KE & Weis D

(2020) Hawaiian Post-Shield Basalts Through Time
Scoates JS, Harrison LN & Weis D

(2020) Volcanic Evolution of the Kauaʻi Shield, Northern Hawaiian Islands
Williamson N, Weis D & Scoates J

(2020) Loa-Kea Hawai‘i Geochemical Trends: Recent Findings and Future Directions
Weis D, Williamson N, Harrison L & Bilenker L

(2020) Whole-Rock Fe Isotope Compositions as a Tool for Exploring the Origin and Alteration of Hawaiian Shield-Stage Lavas
Bilenker L, Weis D, Williamson N & Gordon K

(2020) A Geochemical Comparison of the Galápagos and Hawai‘i Plumes
Harpp K & Weis D

(2020) Identifying Long-Distance Transport of Archaeological Obsidian Across the Ancient North American Landscape
McMillan R, Weis D, Amini M & Rathbone A

(2020) Honeybees and Citizen Scientists: Two Communities Collaboratively Expanding the Use of Honey for Pb Biomonitoring in Urban Centres
Smith K, Weis D, Chauvel C, Berg C & Segal Y

(2020) A Systematic Characterisation of Concentration Mismatch Effects in MC-ICP-MS
Frères E & Weis D

(2020) Mantle Depleted Components Through Time and Space: Single or Multiple Compositions?
Harrison LN & Weis D

(2020) Exploring a Diagenetic Overprint of Glacial-Interglacial Variations in Foraminiferal Nd Isotopic Composition
Patton G, Francois R & Weis D

(2020) An Experimental Investigation of the Acquisition of Nd by Authigenic Phases in Marine Sediment
Francois R, Patton G, Weis D, Hathorne E, Gutjahr M & Frank M

(2020) Feldspars in the Skaergaard Intrusion: Ternary Relationships, Zoning & Pb Isotope Geochemistry
Cho JO, Scoates JS, Weis D & Amini M

(2019) Origin of Enriched Hawaiian Mantle Signatures: Insight from the Thallium Isotopic Compositions of Shield Lavas
Williamson NMB, Weis D & Prytulak J

(2019) Establishing Efficacy of Honey as an Urban Biomonitor for Heavy Metal Distribution
Smith K, Weis D & Li M

(2019) The Different Stories Told by Hawaiian Shield, Post-Shield, and Rejuvenated Lavas
Weis D, Williamson NMB & Harrison LN

(2019) Assessing Sources and Fate of Heavy Metals in the Northeast Pacific Ocean
Li M, Weis D, Smith K, Smith W, Hunt B, Pakhomov E & Sunderland E

(2019) MAGNET in Hawaii: The Future of Active Teaching and Learning in Geochemistry is in the Field
Scoates J, Bilenker L, King E, Li M, Low K, Hanano D, Weis D, Gilley B, Sherman SB & Jolley A

(2018) The Control of Pyrrhotite on the Fe Isotope Composition of Magmatic Systems: Implications for the Formation of Magmatic Ni-Cu Deposits and Layered Intrusions
Bilenker L, Weis D & Scoates J

(2018) Self-Induced Matrix Effects in MC-ICP-MS
Frères E, Bilenker L, King E, Fourny A, Patton G, Weis D, Zhao Y, Freedman P & Gordon K

(2018) Assessing Lead Contamination Sources of Northeast Pacific Ocean
Li M, Weis D, Hunt B, Smith W & Pakhomov E

(2018) Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation in a Seasonally Anoxic Fjord
King E, Amini M, Weis D, Francois R & Crowe S

(2018) What Makes Hawai‘i a Unique Mantle Plume?
Weis D, Harrison LN & Williamson NMB

(2017) Molybdenum Stable Isotopic Variations Indicate Mo Attenuation in Sulfidic Mine Waste Rock
Skierszkan E, Stockwell J, Dockrey J, Weis D, Beckie R & Mayer U

(2016) Assessing Reworking and Stratigraphic Provenance of Bones from Scladina Cave, Belgium
McMillan R, Amini M & Weis D

(2016) Molybdenum Stable Isotope Variations Associated with Redox Gradients in Drainage from Mo-Rich Mine Tailings
Skierszkan EK, Stockwell JS, Dockrey JW, Weis D, Beckie RD & Mayer KU

(2016) Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation in Saanich Inlet, British Columbia
Amini M, Weis D, Soon M & Francois R

(2016) Along-Arc Geochemical Variations in Northern Cascade Intermediate Lavas: Crustal Processes, Slab Melting, or Mantle Heterogeneity?
Martindale M, Weis D & Mullen E

(2016) A Finer Structure of the Hawaiian Mantle Plume
Weis D, Harrison L, Garcia MO & Rhodes JM

(2016) Hf-Nd-Sr Isotopes of Northwest Hawaiian Ridge Lavas
Harrison L, Weis D & Garcia M

(2016) Effect of Oxide Formation on the Accuracy of Nd Isotopic Ratios Measurements in MC-ICP-MS
Frères E, Weis D, Newman K, Amini M & Gordon K

(2015) Zn and Fe Isotopes: Sensitive Tracers of Partial Melting and Redox Conditions
Doucet LS, Mattilli N, Ionov DA, Weis D, Debouge W & Golovin AV

(2014) Trace Element Characterisation of USGS Reference Materials by HR-ICP-MS and Q-ICP-MS
Schudel G, Weis D, Lai V & Gordon K

(2014) Mussel Shells as Potential Hydrothermal Biomonitor
Amini M, Jacob DE, Koschinsky A & Weis D

(2014) Geochemical Constraints on the Origin of Evolved Magmas in the Northern Cascades
Martindale M, Mullen E & Weis D

(2014) Mantle Heterogeneity and Slab Inputs in the Cascade Arc Investigated with New High Precision Isotopic Data
Mullen E & Weis D

(2014) Sr-Nd-Hf-Pb Isotopic Composition of Primitive Lavas from the Lassen Region of the Cascade Arc: Insights into Variation between the Northern and Southern Cascades
Marsh N, Mullen E & Weis D

(2014) Trace Element Mobility in Metamict and Altered Zircon from Late-Stage Granophyres in the Stillwater Complex
Ver Hoeve T, Wall C, Amini M, Weis D & Scoates J

(2014) Investigating Mine-Drainage Geochemistry Using Stable Isotopes of Molybdenum and Zinc
Skierszkan E, Amini M, Weis D, Beckie R & Mayer U

(2014) The Northwestern Hawaiian Ridge: Geochemical Variations over 40 Myr
Harrison L, Weis D, Tree J & Garcia M

(2014) Experimental Investigation of Si Isotope Fractionation during Dissolution of River Suspended Particulate Matter into Seawater
Estrade N, Phung A, Weis D, François R & Jeandel C

(2014) Role of the Deep Mantle in Generating EM-I in Ocean Island Basalts
Weis D & Scoates J

(2014) Accurate and Precise Isotopic Compositions of Ultramafic and Mafic Rocks: Reference Materials and Application to the Kiglapait Intrusion
Fourny A, Weis D & Scoates J

(2014) Mercury Isotope Compositions in North American Forest Soils and Litters
Zheng W, Bergquist B, Weis D & Obrist D

(2013) “Tuning the Torch” of the Nu Plasma II-Es MC-ICP-MS
Weis D, Gordon K, Xing L, Burrows A, Cohen R & Freedman P

(2013) Si Isotope and Ge/Si Ratios Record Successive Cycles of Dissolution/Precipitation of Pedogenic Clay Minerals
Cornelis J-T, Weis D, Barling J, Lavkulich L & Delvaux B

(2013) Mantle Compositional Gradients in a Hot Subduction Setting, the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt, Northern Cascade Arc
Mullen E & Weis D

(2013) Interlaboratory Calibration of Zn Elemental and Isotopic Compositions for Organic and Inorganic Reference Materials
Mattielli N, Shiel A, Gordon K, Petit J, Weis D & Couder E

(2012) The Neoproterozoic Franklin Large Igneous Province, Geochemical and Isotopic Evidence for Changing Sources, and Linkages between Intrusive and Extrusive Components
Bedard J, Dell'Oro T, Weis D, Scoates J, Williamson N, Cousens B, Naslund H, Ben H, Hryciuk M, Boswell W & Charlie B

(2012) Picrite-Driven Cratonization: A Perspective from the NeoArchean Ungava Craton
Milidragovic D, Francis D & Weis D

(2012) What do Post-Shield and Rejuvenated Lavas Tell us About the Source of the Hawaiian Mantle Plume?
Weis D, Hanano D, Garcia M & Geist D

(2012) Li Isotopes of Hawaiian Lavas: Kea vs Loa Source Variation
Harrison L, Weis D, Garcia M, Barnes E & Hanano D

(2012) Isotopic Variability of the Ninetyeast Ridge – Implications for its Mantle Sources
Nobre Silva I, Weis D, Scoates J, Pringle M & Frey F

(2012) Sr-Nd-Hf-Pb Isotopic Constraints on the Origin of Alkalic Basalts in the Northern Cascade Arc
Mullen E, Carpentier M & Weis D

(2011) Agricultural Impact on P and Metal Availability in Stream Sediments
Hund SV, Shiel AE, Brown S, Lavkulich LM & Weis D

(2011) Trace Metal Concentrations and Pb Isotopes of Sediments from Barkley Sound, British Columbia
Ikehata M, Shiel AE & Weis D

(2011) Pb Sources of Bivalves from Western Canada, Mexico and Hawaii
Shiel AE, Byrne AC & Weis D

(2011) Diverse Mantle Sources for Ninetyeast Ridge Volcanoes
Meleney P, Frey F, Pringle M, O'Brien E, Huang S, Nobre Silva I & Weis D

(2011) An Isotopic Perspective on Mass Bias and Matrix Effects in MC-ICP-MS
Barling J & Weis D

(2011) Li Isotope Compositions of Hawaiian Post-Shield Lavas
Barnes E, Weis D & Hanano D

(2011) ULVZ as Repository for the Enriched Component in the Hawaiian Source
Weis D, Garcia MO, Rhodes JM, Jellinek M & Scoates J

(2011) Pb-Sr-Nd Systematics of the Early Mauna Kea Shield Phase and Insight into the Pacific Deep Mantle
Nobre Silva I, Weis D & Scoates J

(2011) Metasomatism beneath the Kerguelen Plateau Associated with Heterogeneous Mantle Plume
Debaille V, Hublet G, Mattielli N & Weis D

(2010) Chemical and Isotopic Constraints on Sedimentary Input into the Northern Cascades Arc System
Carpentier M, Weis D & Chauvel C

(2010) Hf Isotopes in Zircon: Implications for Magma Evolution at Long Valley
Simon JI, DePaolo DJ, Weis D, Renne P & Mundil R

(2010) Pb, Cd and Zn Isotopes as Source Tracers in Pacific/Atlantic Bivalves
Shiel AE, Weis D & Orians KJ

(2010) Constraining Coastal Pollution Using Stable Isotope Systematics
Torchinsky A, Shiel AE, Price M & Weis D

(2010) Mass Dependent Fractionation of Pb and Tl Isotopes in an Inductively Coupled Argon Plasma
Barling J & Weis D

(2010) Submarine Tholeiitic Volcanism (ca. 3.6 to 4.9 Ma) West of Ka‘ena Ridge, Hawaiian Islands: Implications of Low Magma Productivity in the Evolution of the Hawaiian Plume
Greene A, Weis D, Garcia M, Kuga M, Ito G & Robinson J

(2010) Hawaiian Plume Source: Isotopic Constraints from Mauna Loa
Weis D, Rhodes JM, Garcia MO & Norman M

(2008) Crustal Recycling vs. Arc Maturity, Mesozoic Quesnel Terrane Intrusive Rocks, Canadian Cordillera
Breitsprecher K, Weis D & Scoates J

(2008) Geochemistry and Geochronology of the Ninetyeast Ridge, Indian Ocean: New Constraints on Paleotectonics and Hotspot Dynamics
Pringle M, Mervine E, Frey F, Nobre-Silva I, Weis D, Owens H & Gauntlett E

(2008) Sourcing Metals in Bivalves Using Combined Pb, Zn and Cd Isotopic Compositions
Shiel AE, Orians KJ, Cossa D & Weis D

(2008) Chemical Composition of Tropospheric Particulate Matter in West Africa: Natural and Pollution Source Assessment
Flament P, Deboudt K, Aimoz L, Cachier H, Châtenet B & Weis D

(2008) Platinum Group Element Geochemistry of Large Igneous Provinces
Scoates J, Greene A & Weis D

(2008) Argide Interference Reduction for Fe Isotopic Analysis by MC-ICP-MS
Aimoz L, Barling J, Deboudt K, Flament P & Weis D

(2008) Oxygen Isotope Analysis of Silicates Using Continuous Flow Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry
Kingston AW, Weis D & Francois R

(2008) Zn Isotopes as Tracers of Atmospheric Emissions from a Pb-Zn Smelter
Mattielli N, Flament P, Deboudt K, Petit JCJ, Perdrix E, Sivry Y & Weis D

(2008) Lithium Isotope and Trace Element Whole Rock Signatures of Lithium-Cesium-Tantalum-Type Pegmatites
Barnes E, Weis D & Groat L

(2008) A Common Matrix Method for Precise and Accurate Isotope Ratio Measurement by MC-ICP-MS
Barling J & Weis D

(2008) High-Precision Isotopic Compositions of Basalts from the Last Phase of the Hawai’i Scientific Drilling Project
Nobre Silva I, Weis D & Scoates J

(2008) Wrangellia Flood Basalts in Alaska: A Record of Plume-Lithosphere Interaction in a Late Triassic Accreted Oceanic Plateau
Greene A, Scoates J & Weis D

(2008) Ti-in-Quartz Thermometry of Hydrothermal Veins in Ocean Crust
Barker A, Coogan L, Gillis K & Weis D

(2008) Geochemical, Geological and Geophysical Inferences for the Origin of the South Kauai Swell
Swinnard L, Garcia M, Weis D, Flinders A, Ito G, Appelgate B, Bianco T, Taylor B, Blay C & Yamasaki S

(2007) Anthropogenic Contamination of Bivalves Revealed by Cd Isotopes
Shiel AE, Orians KJ, Cossa D & Weis D

(2007) The Effect of Sample Matrix on the Precision and Accuracy of Radiogenic Isotope Ratio Measurements by MC-ICP-MS
Barling J, Nobre Silva I & Weis D

(2007) Ninetyeast Ridge, Indian Ocean: Constraining its Origin and Relation with the Kerguelen, Amsterdam and St. Paul Hotspots
Nobre Silva I, Weis D, Swinnard L & Scoates J

(2007) The Structure of the Hawaiian Plume Conduit from High-Precision Isotopic Studies of Mauna Loa Lavas
Weis D, Rhodes M & Garcia M

(2007) Geochemistry of Post-Shield Lavas from Paired Loa- and Kea-Trend Hawaiian Volcanoes
Hanano D, Weis D, Aciego S, Scoates JS & DePaolo DJ

(2007) Sr Isotope Constraints on Extent and Character of Fluid Flow in EPR Crust
Barker A, Coogan L, Gillis K & Weis D

(2006) Geochemical constraints on the ~120 myr history of the Kerguelen plume; new insights from high-precision Pb isotopes
Weis D

(2006) New Insights on the Origin of the Ninetyeast Ridge and its Connection to the Kerguelen Hot Spot
Nobre Silva I, Swinnard L & Weis D

(2006) Zn-Cu Isotopic Study and Speciation of Airborne Metal Particles Within a 5-km Zone of a Lead/Zinc Smelter
Mattielli N, Rimetz J, Petit J, Perdrix E, Deboudt K, Flament P & Weis D

(2005) Exsolution Origin for Zircon Rims Around Hemo-Ilmenite in Magmatic Fe-Ti Oxide Deposits
Morisset C, Scoates JS & Weis D

(2005) Siderophile Element Geochemistry of Restitic and Cumulate Xenoliths from the Southeast Province of the Kerguelen Archipelago
Pretorius W, Scoates J, Weis D & Mattielli N

(2005) Small-Scale Heterogeneities in the Enriched Component of the Kerguelen Mantle Plume: Pb-Hf-Sr-Nd Isotopic Constraints from the Kerguelen Baie Charrier Section
Hanano D, Weis D, Scoates J & Giret A

(2005) Principle Component Analysis of Cenozoic Kerguelen Plume Basalts
Henriques F, Weis D & Scoates J

(2005) Petrogenetic Similarities of East Molokai and Younger Kea-Trend Hawaiian Volcanoes as They Migrate Away from the Hotspot
Xu G, Frey F, Clague D, Weis D & Beeson M

(2005) High-Precision Sr, Nd, Pb and Hf Isotopic Characterization of USGS Reference Materials by MC-ICPMS and TIMS
Kieffer B, Weis D, Maerschalk C, Barling J, Dietrich-Sainsaulieu E, Williams G, Hanano D, Mahoney JB, Friedman R & Pretorius W

(2005) Trace Element and Hf-Nd Isotopic Profiling of Crustal Contamination Across the Marginal Zone of the Muskox Intrusion, Nunavut
Mackie R, Scoates J, Weis D, Maerschalk C & Peck D

(2005) Pb Isotopic Variability in Leached and Non-Leached Magnetic Fractions of Plagioclase from the Laramie Anorthosite Complex, Wyoming
Williams G, Scoates J & Weis D

(2005) The Val Gabbro Plutonic Suite, Kerguelen Archipelago: Evolution of a Volcanic Feeder System in an Oceanic Island
Scoates J, Weis D, Franssens M, Mattielli N, Annell H, Frey F, Nicolaysen K & Giret A

(2005) Isotopic Study of Mauna Loa‚s Submarine Southwest Rift Mile High Section: Hawaiian Mantle Plume Structure
Weis D, Rhodes JM, Garcia MO & Submarine Mauna Loa Science Team 

(2004) High-Precision Pb Isotope Systematics of Basalts from the Kerguelen Archipelago: New Insights on the Kerguelen Plume Components
Weis D, de Jong J & Maerschalk C

(2003) Kerguelen Hotspot Since 130 Ma: The View from Hf Isotopes
Ingle S, Weis D, Doucet S & Mattielli N

(2003) Kerguelen Plume: A 120 Myr Record of Volcanism
Frey F, Weis D & Coffin M

(2003) A Near-Primitive Mantle Source for the Ontong Java Plateau (OJP)? Insights from Nd-Sr-Pb-Hf Isotope Study of ODP Leg 192 Lavas
Tejada M, Mahoney J, Castillo P, Ingle S, Sheth H & Weis D

(2002) Hf-Nd-Sr Isotope Relationships in Spinel and Garnet Facies Peridotite Xenoliths: Inferences for the Age and Evolution of the Lithospheric Mantle
Ionov D & Weis D

(2002) High-MgO Basalts and Picrites from the Kerguelen Archipelago: Inferences for the Composition of the Kerguelen Mantle Plume
Doucet S, Scoates JS, Weis D & Giret A

(2002) Sediment Subduction and Magma Genesis in the Central Aleutian Arc
Nicolaysen K, Weis D, Scoates JS & Myers JD

(2000) The Kerguelen Plume Source Characterized by Hf Isotopes
Mattielli N, Weis D, Blichert-toft J & Frey FA

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