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All abstracts by Frank Wenzhöfer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Sedimentation Processes of Hadal Environments: A Comparison between Kermadec and Atacama Trenches
Oguri K, Turnewitsch R, Rowden A, Zabel M, Masque P, Stewart HA, Wenzhöfer F & Glud RN

(2021) Anaerobic Carbon Mineralization in Hadal Sediments
Thamdrup B, Schauberger C, Wenzhöfer F & Glud RN

(2021) High Meiofauna Standing Stock in Hadal Trenches and Linkage to Food Availability
Shimabukuro M, Glud RN, Leduc D, Wenzhöfer F, Rowden A & Zeppilli D

(2021) Drivers of Community Succession Across Geochemical Zones in Hadal Sediments
Schauberger C, Seki D, Hausmann B, Trouche B, Arnaud-Haond S, Maignien L, Wenzhöfer F, Glud RN & Thamdrup B

(2021) Baseline Variability of Benthic Activity in the Clarion Clipperton Fracture Zone as the Basis to Assess Environmental Impacts of Deep-Sea Mining
Janssen F, Boetius A, Haeckel M, Molari M, Wenzhöfer F & Yapan BC

(2021) Biomass and Activity of Microbial Assemblages Associated with Polymetallic Nodules and Implications for the Carbon Cycle
Molari M, Yapan BC, Otte JM, Janssen F, Wenzhöfer F, Haeckel M & Boetius A

(2021) Benthic Microbial Diversity and Connectivity in Potential Polymetallic Nodule Mining Areas
Yapan BC, Molari M, Otte JM, Janssen F, Wenzhöfer F, Haeckel M & Boetius A

(2021) Spatial Distribution of Metal-Cycling Microbial Communities along Geochemical Gradients in Sediments of Polymetallic Nodule Fields, Eastern Pacific Ocean
Otte JM, Wenzhöfer F & Volz J

(2020) Elemental and Mineralogical Compositions of Sediments in the Atacama Trench
Luo M, Chen Y, Chen D, Wenzhöfer F & Glud R

(2020) Active Metal-Cycling Microbial Communities of Polymetallic Nodules from the Eastern Pacific Ocean
Otte JM, Yapan BC, Volz J, Jannsen F, Molari M & Wenzhöfer F

(2017) Intensified Microbial Activity of Sediments in Hadal Trenches
Glud RN, Wenzhöfer F, Middelboe M, Turnewitsch R & Kitazato H

(2017) Effects of Experimental Polymetallic Nodule Mining on Deep-Sea Microbial Communities and Functions (DISCOL Experimental Area, Tropical SE Pacific)
Janssen F, Vonnahme T, Molari M, Wenzhöfer F, Haeckel M & Boetius A

(2017) Mining-Induced Loss of Seafloor Integrity Compromises Ecosystem Functioning
Haeckel M, Vonnahme T, De Stigter H, Janssen F, Wenzhöfer F, Marcon Y, Purser A, Haffert L, Köser K, Greinert J & Boetius A

(2016) Remineralization Rates and Benthic Communities Under Contrasting Sea-Ice Conditions in the Deep Arctic Ocean
Hoffmann R, Braeckman U, Schewe I, Krumpen T & Wenzhöfer F

(2014) Factors Controlling the Efficiency of Microbial Methane Oxidation at Cold Seeps
Boetius A, Felden J, Ramette A, Ruff E & Wenzhöfer F

(2014) Impact of Submarine Groundwater Discharge on Biogeochemical Processes and Benthic Fluxes in Coastal Sands
Donis D, Janssen F, Wenzhöfer F, Dellwig O, Escher P & Böttcher M

(2013) Algal Mats of the North Pole: How Sea Ice Melt can Cause Anoxic Spots on the Arctic Deep-Sea Floor
Boetius A & Wenzhöfer F

(2011) Changes in Microbial Community Structure Associated with Dynamics in Oxygen Supply at the Crimean Shelf of the Black Sea
Jessen G, Lichtschlag A, Donis D, Wenzhöfer F, Schubert CJ, Ramette A & Boetius A

(2011) Oxygen Optodes as Fast Sensors for Eddy Correlation Measurements in Aquatic Systems
Chipman L, Huettel M, Berg P, Meyer V, Klimant I, Glud R & Wenzhöfer F

(2010) Novel, Mat-Forming Thiomargarita spp. Thrive on a Sulfidic Fluid Outflow at the Amon Mud Volcano (Eastern Mediterranean)
Girnth A-C, Grünke S, Lichtschlag A, Felden J, Knittel K, Wenzhöfer F, de Beer D & Boetius A

(2009) From Whale to Chemosynthesis: Energy and Carbon Fluxes at a Deep-Sea Whale Fall
Treude T, Smith C, Wenzhoefer F, Carney E, Bernardino A, Hannides A, Krüger M & Boetius A

(2007) Spatio-Temporal Variability in Diffuse Hydrothermal Vent Fluids – Implications on Biogeochemical Processes
Wenzhoefer F, Roey H & Felden J

(2007) Methane Fluxes and Turnover in Permanent Anoxia: In situ Studies of the Dvurechenskii Mud Volcano (Black Sea)
Lichtschlag A, Felden J, Wenzhöfer F, Mohr T, Feseker T, Boetius A & deBeer D

(2007) Microbial Activity Associated with Asphalt Volcanism at the Campeche Knolls, Gulf of Mexico
Wegener G, Bowles M, Felden J, Wenzhöfer F, Schubotz F, Hinrichs KU, Zabel M, Bohrmann G & Boetius A

(2007) Methane, Sulfide and Oxygen Fluxes at Methane and Brine Seeps of the Nile Deep Sea Fan (Eastern Mediterranean)
Felden J, Lichtschlag A, Grünke S, Wenzhöfer F, deBeer D & Boetius A

(2007) Extreme Oligotrophy in Subsurface Sediments of the South Pacific Gyre: Evidence from Low Oxygen Fluxes
Fischer J, Ferdelman T, D'Hondt S, Wenzhöfer F & KNOX-02RR Shipboard Scientific Party

(2000) Modeling of Subsurface Calcite Dissolution Regarding Respiration and Re-oxidation Processes in the Equatorial Upwelling off Gabon
Pfeifer K, Wenzhöfer F, Hensen C, Strotmann B, Adler M & Schulz HD

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