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All abstracts by Arthur F. White in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Critical Zone Weathering Hotspots
Buss H, Moore O, Chapela Lara M, Schulz M & White A

(2013) Relating Grain-Scale Weathering Observations to Catchment-Scale Critical Zone Morphology
Buss HL, Moore OW, Chapela Lara M, Schulz M & White AF

(2012) Can Experimental Dissolution Studies Reproduce Natural Weathering Rates?
White A, Vivit D & Schulz M

(2012) The Unsaturated (Vadose) Zone-The Where of Weathering
Stonestrom D, Schulz M & White A

(2012) Probing the Deep Critical Zone beneath the Luquillo Experimental Forest, Puerto Rico
Buss H, Brantley S, Scatena F, Schulz M, White A, Blum A & Jiminez R

(2012) Marine Terrace Soils along the West Coast of North America: A Weathering Archive?
Schulz M, Lawrence C, Stonestrom D, Bullen T, Harden J, White A, Fitzpatrick J & Masiello C

(2012) A Sr Isotope Survey of a Marine Terrace Chronosequence: Equilibrium Interrupted
Fitzpatrick J, Schulz M, Bain D, Bullen T & White A

(2011) Long-Term Versus Short-Term Weathering Fluxes in Contrasting Lithologies at the Luquillo Critical Zone Observatory, Puerto Rico
Buss H, White A, Blum A, Schulz M & Vivit D

(2010) Mineral Nutrient Profiles on Differing Lithologies at Three Tropical Critical Zone Sites
Buss H, Dessert C, Gaillardet J, White A, Vivit D & Blum A

(2010) Evidence of Iron Isotope Fractionation due to Biologic Lifting in a Soil Chronosequence
Schulz M, Bullen T, White A & Fitzpatrick J

(2010) Biotic/Abiotic Controls on Silica Cycling in a Grassland Soil Chronosequence
White A, Schulz M, Vivit D & Evett R

(2009) Why Weathering Rates Differ between the Laboratory and the Field
Maher K, Steefel C & White A

(2009) Kinetics of Kaolinite Precipitation at the Laboratory and Field Scale
Yang L, Steefel C, Maher K & White A

(2009) U-Series Constraints for the Rate of Bedrock-Saprolite Transformation in the Rio Icacos Watershed, Puerto Rico
Blaes E, Chabaux F, Pelt E, Dosseto A, Buss H, White A & Brantley S

(2009) Climatic Controls of Regolith Weathering and Mass Flux in Granitic Terrain – A Synthesis of Critical Zone Exploration Network Data
Rasmussen C, Williams JZ, Brantley S, Richter D, White A & April R

(2009) From Field to Lab: Glass Dissolution Rates and Sub-Micron Topography
Fischer C, White A & Luttge A

(2009) Lab vs Field Granite Weathering: A 12 Year Experiment
White A, Vivit D, Schulz M, Fitzpatrick J & Bullen T

(2009) P and Fe Cycling in Deep Saprolite, Luquillo Mountains, Puerto Rico
Buss HL, Mathur R, White AF & Brantley SL

(2008) Approaches to Estimating Chemical Weathering Rates in Soils
White A & Brantley S

(2008) Rate of Spheroidal Weathering Determined by U-Series Nuclides (Rio Icacos Basin, Puerto Rico)
Chabaux F, Blaes E, Pelt E, Dosseto A, Buss H, White A & Brantley S

(2008) Chemical Interactions in Rainfall/Shallow Soil Pore Water in Coastal Watersheds
White A, Bullen T, Vivit D & Schulz M

(2008) Mineral Weathering in a Deep Volcaniclastic Saprolite, Luquillo Mountains, Puerto Rico
Buss H, White A, Vivit D, Blum A, Dessert C & Gaillardet J

(2007) Using Reactive Transport Models and Chronosequence Data to Elucidate Differences between Laboratory and Field Mineral Dissolution Rates
Moore J, Lichtner P, White A & Brantley S

(2007) Control of Chemical Weathering Rates by Secondary Mineral Precipitation: A Reactive Transport Approach for Understanding Soil Genesis
Maher K, Steefel C, Stonestrom D & White A

(2007) What the Evolution of Soil Profiles Tell Us About Weathering Rates
White A, Schulz M, Blum A & Vivit D

(2006) Deciphering Chemical Fluxes and Reaction Rates from Regolith Weathering Profiles
White AF, Schulz MS, Vivit DV, Stonestrom DA & Blum AE

(2006) Weathering from the soil profile to the watershed: what controls the weathering advance rate?
Brantley S, Fletcher RC, Buss H, Moore J, Hausrath E, Stichler A, Lebedeva M & White AF

(2006) Distinguishing Between Lithogenic and Biogenic Processes in Soil Weathering Environments
White A, Schulz M, Vivit D, Bullen TD & Aggarwal J

(2005) Extrinisic Versus Intrinisic Controls on Rates of SIlicate Weathering and CO<->2<$> Drawdown
White A

(2005) Weathering and Uptake of Silicon in the Santa Cruz Terraces: New Evidence from Silicon Isotopes
Aggarwal J, White A & Bullen T

(2005) Reactive Transport Modeling of Reaction Fronts
Moore J, Lichtner P, White A & Brantley S

(2005) Distinguishing between Lithogenic and Biologic Processes in Soils
White A, Schulz M & Vivit D

(2004) WSSC: An Initiative to Study Earth’s Weathering Engine
Brantley S, Chadwick O, Derry L, Kump L & White A

(2004) Initial Results Describing the Scales of Contempory and Geologic Weathering on Marine Terraces, Santa Cruz, California, USA
White A, Schulz M, Vivit D, Bullen T & Blum A

(2003) Weathering and the Biosphere
White A

(2002) Iron Isotope Fractionation: Does Equilibrium or Disequilibrium Rule?
Bullen T, White A, Mandernack K & Witte K

(2002) Hydrologic and Thermodynamic Controls on Chemical Weathering
White A, Stonestrom D & Schulz M

(2002) SHRIMP RG Measurements of 87Sr/86Sr in Granitoid Calcites; Implications for Calcite Petrogenesis
Schulz M, White A, Bacon C, Weber P & Bullen T

(2001) An Integrated Approach to Determining Silicate Mineral Weathering Rates Based on Regolith Solute and Solid-State Weathering Gradients: Application to Biotite Weathering in Saprolites
White AF

(2000) A Model Describing Differential Rates of Feldspar Weathering in Granitic Regoliths
White A, Bullen T, Schulz M, Blum A, Huntington T & Peters N

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