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All abstracts by Elisabeth Widom in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Linking Sulfur Degassing and Magmatic Redox at Socorro and San Benedicto Islands, Mexico
Lippitt R, Kelley K, Andrys J, Carey S, Widom E & Siebe C

(2022) Unravelling the Evolution of the Late Holocene Monogenetic Volcano Cluster, Zacapu Basin, Mexico: Crystal Fractionation, Crustal Assimilation, or Mantle Source Heterogeneity?
Reyes Guzman N, Widom E, Siebe C, Larrea P & Kuentz D

(2022) Olivine Ca as Proxy to Mantle Wedge Depletion in the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt
Straub SM, Batanova VG, Sobolev AV, Gómez-Tuena A, Espinasa-Perena R, Fleming WL, Bindeman IN, Stuart F & Widom E

(2021) Origin and Mantle Source Characteristics of Quaternary Volcanism in the Central Highlands of Madagascar
Rasoazanamparany C, Widom E, Kuentz D, Raharimahefa T, Rakotondravelo KM & Rakotondrazafy AFM

(2021) Paricutin Volcano (Michoacán, Mexico): Petrogenesis and Magma Dynamics of a Nine-Year Historical Monogenetic Eruption
Larrea P, Widom E, Siebe C, Albert H, Ubide T, Costa F, Colás V, Salinas S & Kuentz D

(2021) Multi-Isotope Systematics of the AD ~500-700 El Astillero and El Pedregal Monogenetic Cluster (Michoacán, Mexico)
Larrea P, Widom E, Siebe C, Kuentz D & Salinas S

(2020) El Astillero and El Pedregal Monogenetic Volcanoes (Michoacán, Mexico): A Multi-Isotopic Study of the Eruptive Sequence
Larrea P, Widom E, Siebe C, Parra D & Salinas S

(2019) Tracing Sources of Atmospheric Particulate Matter in the Rust Belt: A Combined Os and Pb Isotope Approach
Kousehlar M, Widom E & Kuentz D

(2018) Origin of Compositional Diversity at Volcán Pelado, a Medium-Sized Shield in the Central Part of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt
Lorenzo-Merino A, Guilbaud M-N, Larrea P & Widom E

(2018) Air Quality Assessment in Middletown, Ohio – Lichen Biomonitoring of Steel Production
Kousehlar M & Widom E

(2018) Barium Isotopes Evidence of Recycled Metasomatized Mantle Wedge in the Mantle Source of Azores OIB
Yu H-M, Nan X-Y, Widom E, Kuentz D & Huang F

(2016) Iron Isotope Contraints on Mantle Lithological Heterogeneity beneath the Azores
Williams H, Turner S, Humayun M, Widom E & Millet M-A

(2015) Osmium Isotope Systematics in the Chyulu Hills Volcanic Province, Southern Kenya
Widom E & Kuentz D

(2015) Parícutin Volcano: A Multi- Isotopic Study of the Eruptive Sequence
Larrea P, Widom E, Siebe C, Salinas S & Guilbaud MN

(2013) Mantle Source Characteristics and Petrogenesis in the Lunar Crater Volcanic Field
Rasoazanamparany C, Widom E, Cortes J, Smith E, Valentine G, Kuentz D & Johnsen R

(2013) New Sr-Nd-Pb Isotopic Data on Graciosa Island Lavas (Azores)
Larrea P, Widom E, Galé C, Ubide T, Lago M & França Z

(2012) Uranium Isotopic Variations as a Tracer of Environmental Contamination in Sediment Cores
Tortorello R, Widom E & Renwick W

(2012) Petrogenesis of Recent Trachytic Eruptions from Sete Cidades Volcano, Sao Miguel, Azores (Portugal)
Conte E, Widom E & Franca Z

(2012) The Petrogenesis of Monogenetic Volcanoes Inferred from Lunar Crater Volcanic Field, Central Nevada
Rasoazanamparany C, Widom E, Valentine GA, Smith EI, Cortes JA, Kuentz D & Johnsen R

(2012) Street Sediment and Lichen as Proxies to Constrain Source of Urban Lead Pollution Using Lead Isotopes
LeGalley E, Widom E, Krekeler MPS & Kuentz DC

(2012) Evolution of Silicic Magmas and the Origin of the Daly Gap at Santa Barbara Volcano, Terceira, Azores
Daly G, Widom E & Franca Z

(2010) Tracing Sources of Uranium Contamination Using Minor Isotopes
Widom E & Kuentz D

(2010) Evolution of Recent Trachytes from Sete Cidades Volcano, São Miguel, Azores
Conte E & Widom E

(2010) Magmatic Evolution of the Santa Barbara G Trachyte, Terceira, Azores
Daly G, Widom E & Fanca Z

(2010) Isotope Systematics of Ocean Island Basalts in the Central Group Islands of the Azores Archipelago
Yu H & Widom E

(2010) Os Isotope Systematics of Jorullo Lavas, Mexico: Petrogenetic Implications
Rasoazanamparany C, Widom E, Siebe C, Guilbaud MN, Salinas S & Valdez G

(2009) Deciphering Processes and Timescales of Silicic Magma Evolution: U-Series Disequilibria Studies of Fogo and Furnas Volcanoes, São Miguel, Azores
Widom E, Watanabe S, Snyder D & Rowland-Smith A

(2007) Isotopic Tracers of Lithospheric Recycling
Widom E

(2005) Time Scales of Chemically Zoned Magma Chamber Formation: U-Series Disequilibria in the Fogo Trachyte Deposits, São Miguel, Azores
Snyder D, Widom E, Pietruszka A & Carlson R

(2005) Origin of Yunnan Potassic Rocks: Re-Os Isotope Evidence
Meng Q, Widom E, Mo X, Yu X & Zhao Z

(2005) The Evolution of Chemically Zoned Trachyte Deposits: Fogo Volcano, São Miguel, Azores
Watanabe S, Widom E, Wallenstein N & Snyder D

(2005) Source of Fluorine and Petrogenesis of the Rio Grande Rift Type Barite-Fluorite-Galena Deposits
Partey F, Lev S, Casey R, Widom E, Lueth V & Rakovan J

(2003) Evolution of a Chemically Zoned Magma Chamber: The 1707 Eruption of Fuji Volcano, Japan
Watanabe S & Widom E

(2002) Time Scales of Formation of Zoned Magma Chambers: U-Series Disequilibria in the Fogo Trachytes
Snyder DC, Widom E & Pietruszka AJ

(2001) The Role of Open-System Processes in the Formation of Chemically Zoned Magma Chambers: Interpretation of Sr-Nd-Pb Isotope Data from the Fogo a Trachyte Deposit, Sao Miguel Azores
Snyder DC & Widom E

(2001) Metasomatic Processes in the Kamchatka Sub-Arc Mantle Wedge: Evidence from Re-Os Isotope Studies of Mantle Xenoliths, Nb-Enriched Arc Basalts, and Adakites
Widom E, Kepezhinskas P & Defant M

(2001) Origin of the Serpent Mound Cryptoexplosion Structure, South-Central Ohio: XRD and Re-Os Isotope Evidence
Gaddis SJ, Angerman CE, Widom E & Hughes J

(2000) Os Isotope Systematics in Java and Flores, Indonesia
Widom E

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