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All abstracts by Uwe Wiechert in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) High-Precision Analysis of 34S/32S with ConFlow-Elemental Analyzer-Irms
Schmid FE, Becker H & Wiechert U

(2018) A Lithium Isotope Gradient on the Tibetan Plateau – Source Effect or Weathering Regime Change?
Weynell M, Wiechert U & Schuessler JA

(2018) Sulfur as a Tracer for Peridotite-Fluid-Microbe Interaction in the Oceanic Lithosphere
Schwarzenbach E, Liebmann J, Früh-Green G, Boschi C, Rouméjon S, Strauss H & Wiechert U

(2017) Influence of Water-Rock Interaction on the Sulfur Geochemistry at the Atlantis Massif, MAR 30°N
Liebmann J, Schwarzenbach EM, Früh-Green G, Strauss H, Wiechert U & John T

(2017) Sulfur Isotopic Composition of Pyroxenites from the Earth’s Mantle
Schmid FE, Iden E, Becker H & Wiechert U

(2015) Magnesium Isotope Fractionation in Basins of the Bangong Lake System, Western Tibetan Plateau
Wiechert U, Wilckens F, Weynell M & Schuessler J

(2015) Lithium Isotope Ratios of Waters and Sediments of Lake Bangong, Western Tibetan Plateau
Weynell M, Wiechert U & Schuessler JA

(2013) Isotopic Constraints for Sources and Sinks of NOx in the City of Berlin
Friebel M & Wiechert U

(2013) Lithium Isotope Variation in Waters and Sediments from Lake Donggi Cona and its Catchment, China
Weynell M, Wiechert U & Schüssler JA

(2013) Lithium Isotope Variation in Rivers and Lakes on the Tibetan Plateau
Wiechert U, Weynell M, Barvencik S & Schuessler J

(2012) Primary Origin vs. Redistribution of Trace Elements by Fluid Flow in Slope Facies Ediacaran Carbonate Rocks from the Yangtze Platform (South China)
Becker H, Baero W, Quiring M, Hammerschmidt K, Wiechert U & Hippler D

(2011) Lithium and Its Isotopes in Central European Rivers
Wiechert U, Ullmann C, Uhlig D, Pfahl T, Ricking M & Becker H

(2011) Lithium Isotope Fractionation in Pegmatites – Function of Bond Length
Novák M, Magna T, Cempírek J, Janoušek V, Ullmann C & Wiechert U

(2011) Controls on Isotope and Trace Element Systematics of Slope Facies Ediacaran carbonates, Yangtze Platform (South China)
Baero W, Becker H & Wiechert U

(2009) Fingerprinting Sources of Granitic Rocks with Li Isotopes
Kohút M, Magna T, Janoušek V, Oberli F & Wiechert U

(2009) Stable Isotope Variations in a Modern North Sea Oyster Shell Reflect Annual Environmental Changes
Ullmann C, Wiechert U & Korte C

(2009) Authigenic Zircons and Monazites in Ediacaran Sediments of the Yangtze Platform (South China)
Baero W, Becker H & Wiechert U

(2009) Trace Element Abundances in Sulfide and Phosphide Bearing Inclusions in Iron Meteorites
Meyer C, Wombacher F, Becker H & Wiechert U

(2009) On the Origin of Li Isotope Signatures in Magmatic Rocks from the Central Bohemian Plutonic Complex
Janoušek V, Magna T, Holub FV, Oberli F & Wiechert U

(2008) Precise and Accurate Lead Isotopic Analysis of Fast Transient Signals by Laser-Ablation MC-ICP-MS
Pettke T, Oberli F, Audetat A, Wiechert U, Harris C & Heinrich C

(2007) Isotopic Evidence for Mid-Archean Anoxia
Farquhar J, Peters M, Johnston D, Strauss H, Masterson A, Wiechert U & Kaufman J

(2007) Multiple Sulphur Isotopes Reflecting Compositional Changes in Earth's Early Atmosphere
Strauss H, Peters M, Farquhar J, Johnston D, Wiechert U & Stögbauer A

(2006) Non-chondritic Magnesium and the origins of the inner terrestrial planets
Wiechert U & Halliday A

(2005) Dating Mantle Samples: Examples from the Re-Os System in Eclogites and Diamonds
Shirey S, Schmitz M, Westerlund K, Richardson S, Wiechert U, Pearson G, Carlson R & Harris J

(2005) Magnesium Isotope Composition of Chondrites, Achondrites and the Earth-Moon System
Wiechert U & Halliday AN

(2004) Coupled Li-He Isotope Systematics in Icelandic Basalt Glasses
Magna T, Harrison D, Wiechert U & Halliday A

(2004) Mg Isotopic Compositions of Pacific and Arctic Seawater
Yuan H, Wiechert U & Halliday A

(2004) Magnesium Isotope Composition of Chondrules and CAIs in Allende
Wiechert U, Halliday A & Yuan H

(2004) Tellurium Isotopes in Archean Sulfides
Fehr M, Rehkämper M, Wiechert U, Halliday A, Ono S & Rumble iii D

(2003) Can Accurate Pb Isotopic Compositions be Determined on Single Fluid Inclusions?
Pettke T, Wiechert U, Audétat A, Günther D & Heinrich C

(2003) Simultaneous Magnesium Isotope and Aluminium Abundance Measurements Using Laser Ablation Multiple-Collector ICPMS
Wiechert U, Oberli F & Halliday A

(2003) Lithium Isotope Composition of Arc Volcanics from the Mt. Shasta Region, N California
Magna T, Wiechert U, Grove T & Halliday A

(2002) Oxygen Isotopic Heterogeneity Among Eucrites
Wiechert U, Halliday AN, Palme H & Rumbel Iii D

(2002) Lithium Isotopes and Crust-Mantle Interaction
Magna T, Wiechert U & Halliday AN

(2000) MC-ICPMS – The Good, the Small and the Massive
Halliday A, Rehkämper M, Schönbächler M, Oberli F, Freedman P, Frank M, Müller W, Teutsch N, Baur H & Wiechert U

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