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All abstracts by Erich Wieland in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Effect of Redox Conditions on Sulfur, Selenium and Iodine Binding in AFm Phases
Nedyalkova L, Lothenbach B, Tits J, Wieland E & Mäder U

(2017) Interaction of Fe(II) with Cement Phases in Anoxic Conditions
Mancini A, Wieland E & Lothenbach B

(2017) Effect of Redox Conditions on Sulfur and Selenium Binding in AFm Phases
Nedyalkova L, Lothenbach B, Tits J, Wieland E & Mäder U

(2015) Redox Transformations and the Disposal of Radioactive Waste: Influence on Se Immobilization
Wieland E, Rojo H, Scheinost A, Lothenbach B & Tits J

(2014) Retention of Selenium by Cementitious Materials Under Reducing Radioactive Waste Repository Conditions
Rojo H, Tits J, Scheinost A & Wieland E

(2013) Micro-X-Ray-Diffraction Investigations of an Altered Cement-Clay Interface
Dähn R, Schaub P, Popov D, Pattison P, Jenni A, Mäder U & Wieland E

(2013) Source and Speciation of <sup>14</sup>C in a Cement-Based Repository for Radioactive Waste
Wieland E, Schenzel J & Schlotterbeck G

(2012) Immobilisation of Hexavalent Actinides in Cementitious Materials: Evidence for Structural Incorporation in Calcium-Silicate-Hydrates
Tits J, Mace N, Stumpf T, Walther C & Wieland E

(2008) U(VI) Uptake by Calcium Silicate Hydrates
Tits J, Macé N, Geipel G, Eilzer M & Wieland E

(2007) Soft X-Ray Scanning Transmission Spectromicroscopy of Cementitious Materials
Dähn R, Vespa M, Shuh DK, Tyliszczak T & Wieland E

(2007) Aqueous- Solid Solution Model of Strontium Uptake in C-S-H Phases
Kulik D, Tits J & Wieland E

(2004) Metal Speciation in Heterogeneous Waste Repository Materials Using micro-Xrf and micro-XAS
Scheidegger A, Grolimund D, Vespa M, Harfouche M, Wieland E, Dähn R & Cui D

(2004) U(VI) Uptake by Co-precipitation and Adsorption Processes in Cementitious Systems
Fujita T, Tits J, Harfouche M, Sugiyama D, Tsukamoto M & Wieland E

(2004) EXAFS Study of Ni Uptake by Hardened Cement Paste
Vespa M, Wieland E, Dähn R, Grolimund D & Scheidegger A

(2004) Wet Chemistry and TRLFS Studies of Eu(III) and Cm(III) Uptake by Cementitious Materials
Wieland E, Stumpf T, Tits J & Fanghänel T

(2003) Combined Wet Chemistry and EXAFS Studies on the Radionuclide Immobilisation by Cement and Calcium Silicate Hydrates
Wieland E, Bonhoure I, Fujita T, Tits J & Scheidegger A

(2003) The Immobilisation of Eu(III) and Cm(III) by Calcium Silicate Hydrates
Tits J, Stumpf T, Wieland E & Fanghänel T

(2002) Radionuclides Immobilization by Cement and Cement Phases Studied by EXAFS
Bonhoure I, Wieland E, Scheidegger A & Tits J

(2002) The Uptake of Sr(II) by Calcium Silicate Hydrates: Adsorption Versus Co-precipitation
Tits J, Wieland E, Dobler J-P & Kunz D

(2000) The Interaction of 152Eu and 228Th with Calcite Under Alkaline Conditions
Tits J, Wieland E, Bradbury MH & Dobler J

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